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Keep Your Hair Healthy During Ramadan!

Fasting during the blessed month Ramadan surely gives us many spiritual, emotional and physical benefits. It helps purifying body from bad chemicals and food additives in our meals and drinks day by day, which of course will improve your hair and skin.

This year, Ramadan has come during the hottest summer months. While temperatures get higher in July and august as well as the long days of fast, it is important to keep your hair hydrated.

Clinicana Hair Center Istanbul present you important care tips to keep a healthy hair during Ramadan and to celebrate Eid al-Fitr at your best

Maintain your body water levels:

Re-compensate lost water during fasting hours with herbal teas, these drinks will preserve your fluid levels and refresh your body. Avoid sweet or caffeinated drinks that causes dehydration and other problems like migraine! You can try coconut water if possible. It hydrates body better than normal water and it is rich with minerals and electrolytes. Mostly, professional athletes use it as a natural alternative to re-compensate lost ions.

Eat well and right:

It is expected to over-eat during Iftar because of the long fasting hours, but consuming salty and fried food does not just make you lose more fluids, but also does not give you the nutrients your body needs. In case you followed the Clinicana Hair Center instructions, you will notice that hair needs a good balance of Omega 3, essential fatty acids and vitamins to stay strong and glimmering. Breaking fast with dates and cup of lukewarm water mixed with lemon and ginger cleans your organs from harmful elements. Do not forget fruits and vegetables with good amounts of seeds and proteins. Watermelon has 90% water, so it is a good fluid supply.

Take care of your hair:

Hot temperatures, fasting and harsh humidity in the Middle East countries are bad for your hair, that means you need to give it more care and attention to keep it at its best.

Many shampoo brands present in markets contain sulfur derivatives. These matters pull out natural oils from your hair and dry it, consequently, using free-sulfur cosmetic products is important during Ramadan to preserve your body fluids.

Avoid long periods of sun exposure:

To keep your activity during fasting, we advise you to stay away from sun. Spend your day in a mild-weather place and avoid extreme exercises. Eating fruits during the fast-break is a great idea, it contains enough fluid that will keep you hydrated. Avoid coffee and teas for it causes thirst and drought. To have an energetic boost, drink diluted fruit juices.

One last tip for additional nutrition, massage your hair with coconut oil, it will assure the necessary humidity and nutrition.

Finally, the Clinicana Hair Center Istanbul staff wishes you a blessed Ramadan and accepted fast.