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Patient opinions about the Clinic
07.03.2017 cristian, Romania
The Patient Said

All went well / staff very polite /I would definitely recommend it. Operation took 6 hours about just like they said it will/ felt a little pain 2 hours later but I used painkillers they provide and no more pain. About the money paid I can say this is a good value for money spent/ definitely recommend it/ Thank you so much.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
04.03.2017 paul, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Had a hair transplant I had 3500 grafts the operation went really well I am very pleased with the results so far the staff were very friendly and helpful I would recommend Clinicana excellent value for money
I chose Clinicana because got recommended by a friend and they had the best reviews I would recommend this clinic to a friend first impression the staff were very friendly and helpful in the clinic and the hotel to thanks you Clinicana for my new hair keep you updated

Patient opinions about the Clinic
04.03.2017 rayan, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Treatment went very well in Clinicana
Anesthetic jags were quite painful for around 5 minutes but after that everything went accordingly
Ms. Mira was a first class host
thank you to all the Clinicana team and I look forward to seeing the results in the coming months


Patient opinions about the Clinic
04.03.2017 stefan, Germany
The Patient Said

Yesterday I had my operation in the morning they explained to me about the medication and some instructions then they took a pictures before to follow up my case then I gone to room to have the operation. And takes couple of hours and the staff very friendly and I’m so happy with Clinicana and I will tell everyone about Clinicana I had a break with good food and I’m so happy with it.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
02.03.2017 Muhammad, United States
The Patient Said

I was very nervous before the procedure and I had many questions in my mind so I sent a text messages on WhatsApp to Clinicana center asking about hair transplant, I must say that I am very pleased with the staff and information I received. Doctors were very fast replying my questions. Communication was great. Throughout the surgery doctors were helpful and kept asking if I was feeling OK. I truly recommend Clinicana in Turkey.
Price is very reasonable as well. No complains at all.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
02.03.2017 Asim, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

“I was respected and treated with a fantastic degree of professionalism in Clinicana Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul Turkey, finally I found after long researching about the best hair Transplant Center in Istanbul turkey, actually I preferred to do the operation in Turkey because I heard about it which Is the number one in this field . The staff gave me continuity care from the offset from my initial consultation through to my post-op care. Highly recommended Clinicana based on my initial experience/
Professionalism and dignity were shown to me throughout all aspects of care and I was given a thorough explanation at every stage of the process. All members of staff were courteous and attentive to my needs.”

Patient opinions about the Clinic
02.03.2017 Aushwin, Nepal
The Patient Said

My treatment began with the usual procedure
Dr had a look talked to me about how the process was going to proceed and drew the hairline sketch

After that the nurses took over with the Dr dropping in a couple of times to see how things were going
Whole process took about 6 hrs. with small breaks in between
The anesthesia jabs pinch but it’s delivered quick
To end they had a system in which they worked and it seemed they knew what they were doing
The clinic had lots of patients many locals but some foreigners too
It’s clean and looks modern
Language barriers could be an issue at times
My only complaint is the nurses need to quit chatting and mucking around once the Dr and senior management leave for the day and get the job done first.
Overall 4 outta 5

Patient opinions about the Clinic
01.03.2017 Ashley, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

After searching for a hair transplant in Istanbul turkey a couple of years finally I found the courage to go have one with most professional clinic
Clinicana has got the most reviews on the internet
So I got in touch with them via WhatsApp and it’s so easy to contact them,
They answered all of my questions and the services wonderful in Clinicana.
They pick you up from the airport take you to your hotel which was very nice
When I arrived on the day for treatment they greeted me and made me feel very comfortable.
The operation itself was about 6 hours long
I had 4500 grafts implanted and all this was pain free.
I would high recommend Clinicana as the best hair Transplant Center in turkey Istanbul, and they answered all your questions and the services and venue are very good indeed”.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
01.03.2017 Tarek, United Arab Emirates
The Patient Said

had a problem with my hair and I heard from a friend about Clinicana as the most popular hair transplant center in Turkey-Istanbul and I took the decision to travel to do my Hair Transplant in Istanbul.
Hair transplant operation takes about 6 hours but very much worth it.
Simply you can say very professional team since my first email to them until the last minute of my travel after the operation.
Excellent arrangements and very nice and clean clinic. I feel very good and optimistic.
I would advise every one with same hair loss problem to immediately contact with Clinicana center in Istanbul. “

Patient opinions about the Clinic
01.03.2017 Arben, Finland
The Patient Said

Hair transplant procedure was amazing,
It was painful a little bit, but it’s OK, I am happy that I have my hair transplant operation at Clinicana.
Istanbul is a very nice city, you can have an Istanbul city sightseeing with a bus and enjoy the culture of Turkey in the same visit.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
01.03.2017 Richard, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Hair transplant highly recommended 10/10
I heard very good reviews about Clinicana so chose to come here 10 out of 10 for everything

Patient opinions about the Clinic
28.02.2017 Kassem, Lebanon
The Patient Said

Best regards from Lebanon to the most successful Hair Transplant clinic! Just made my operation yesterday 27.02.2017, love the whole crew, very professional waiting for the amazing results to show up. A very special thanks to MR. Attar! Hind for keeping me in touch and setting everything up & of course for the team who made the operation for me! I am very happy that I had my hair transplant in Turkey with those guys... Feels satisfying already thank you so much