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Patient opinions about the Clinic
30.03.2018 London , 43 Years London , United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Decided to have a hair transplant at this particular clinic after a friend of mine recommendation, as he had one himself. Straightforward booking and direct contact throughout via chosen method of communication, mine was whatsapp. It’s basically as described on the site including pick up, hotel, procedure etc. Nil complaints and so far so good now can’t wait to see the results.

Extremely competitively priced an outstanding and straightforward service. Would certainly recommend to anyone.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
27.03.2018 Olson Aguirre, 30 Years London, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I choose Clinicana based on the patient reviews, research and the ease of communicating with the case manager. I had an enjoyable experience with the overall staff.

I had 3100 grafts extracted from my donor area. The overall operation went well. The anesthesia helped numb the donor and recipient area not causing much discomfort.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
16.03.2018 Jack doherty, 28 Years London, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

My experience with clinicana has been outstanding from the moment I got of the plane. They make you feel at home very welcoming,

my operation on Thursday went very well they make you feel very relaxed about the operation the staff are very good at explaining everything you need to do after the operation from taking medication to using the shampoo. Clinicana got recommended to me by a Friend and told me they exact what I’m saying now they are the best at what they do. Thank you clinicana can’t wait to start see the results

I had a fue hair transplant and had 3500 grafts I would recommend clinicana to any one don’t think about it book it they are the best

Patient opinions about the Clinic
15.03.2018 CreCo914, 35 Years Roeselare, Belgium
The Patient Said

It was an pleasant experience regarding my hair transplant,right now I have to wait for the results and hope will be the best!

I have chose Clinicana because for me inspire the more trust and also for the good reviews,communication is perfect,team is very friendly and polite,the clinic it's very modern,hotel is okay and transfer it was plesat.

Treatment contains a few pils for about 10 days,antibiotics,aspirin and a few others,in my case was necessary about 3700 grafts and the intervention was a little bit painful but okay.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
14.03.2018 Kashif, 30 Years Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia
The Patient Said

i found initialy clinicana the most expensive in Turkey but their services will justify their trend .I am thankful to all the staff for their hospatality especially Wiram and Mulham. Dr.Rawad was with me time by time during operation that give me confidence. Stay blessed clinicana team waiting for results...

I choose clinicana on basis of review and youtube videos.Everything was perfectly arranged. Transfers hotel are perfect.

I got 3800 grats .Only felt pain in start while getting local anesthesia rest everything was ok. As compared with services the value is perfect.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
07.03.2018 Pedro Duarte Goncalves, 29 Years Portimão , Portugal
The Patient Said

The overall of the treatment was really good, everything as planned, efficiently and professionally done.

Clinicana is a very well equipped place, good professionals and communication. Everything done the best way possible.

The treatment was ok, 3000 grafts were transplanted to the crown area. The surgery wasn’t painful, just need to patient and the technicians will do a great job. I highly recommended CLINICANA for hair transplant. Definitely a trustable place and people.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
07.03.2018 JP, 21 Years Southampton , United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Arrived on a Monday. Met my transfers at the airport who then took me to the hospital straight away to be blood tested. Once completed he then took me to the hotel. Following day I had the surgery which went completely well. Lasted around 4/5 hours. Not too much pain. Once completed they sat me down and explained to me everything about the process of taking care of the hair.

Clinicana were very good in meeting my requests, making me feel safe and at ease. The team couldn’t have made me feel more comfortable while I was there. They arranged everything for me. I stayed at Naz Hotel were they were just as great. Again, any questions/requests I had were dealt with. They supplied transfers every day with in 5mins of asking for one. Also supplied a breakfast package to my room on the day of operation. Overall a great experience and highly recommend Clinicana!

I had between 2,700-2900 grafts placed in the transplanted area. Pain not too bad just the anaesthetic at the beginning hurt a bit. Other than that not too much. Definitely good value for money! With everything included like the hotel you can’t complain!

Patient opinions about the Clinic
01.03.2018 Michael Whitice, 31 Years Miami, United States
The Patient Said

I had an excellent experience with Clinicana. They were professional, informative and have genuine care for thier patients. I highly recommended Clinicana if you have any future needs for hair transplants. They are known to be the best and I agree 100%.

I chose Clinicana with advice from a personal friend of mine who had the procedure with them. As I did my research, my motivation on choosing Turkey as my country of choice for the procedure was soley based on the reputation the country has for hair transplant, which is very high. The communication was professional and clearly described before during and after. I really enjoyed that everything was taken care of me as a 5 Star service. From the pick up at the airport to the reception at the hotel and breakfast served prior to my operation. The hotels provide a free shuttle service to the Clinic, which is wonderful. During the surgery it is clear that Clinicana is extremely experienced with the amount of clientel flowing through the facility daily. After my surgery my representative was helpful and well informed to answer all of my questions.

My treatment consisted of 3,600 graphs used from my donor area. The procedure took a total of six hours with three of those hours of preparation with anesthesia and graph removal. The final three hours include the insertion of the graphs in the required areas. The operation was straightforward and done with ease, in my opinion. I have recommended Clinicana to a personal friend and he will use their services in the future. In terms of value, I believe that with the hotel, vehicle transport, medicine, food (day of operation) and the actual procedure in general, the price is in fantastic for the quality received. I highly recommend the services provided by this facility. Hope my recommendation takes precedence in regards to you decision.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
23.02.2018 Daniel Di Stefano , 31 Years London, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

It was a great experience, very helpful staff, very informative and friendly. Highly recommended to have your treatment here.

I had read a lot of great reviews before hand so I felt comfortable with my choice. Communication was excellent and always readily available. Tranfers were assertive and ready at all times. No complaints at all

I had FUE treatment 3700 Grafts. The operation in general is a little uncomfortable due to the lengthy time and being a fairly large male didn’t help. The anaesthetic was painful but bareable and worth it and only lasts a couple of minutes. Very good value and I would certainly recommend a friend.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
21.02.2018 Khaled, 35 Years Kuwait, Kuwait
The Patient Said

Amazing treatment from the first appoitment with the consultant until after surgery. Everything was taking care of until after the operation.
Simply the best experience with no hesitation.

Fast responses. Offering different languages for most of the people around the world. Great team to deal with simple and fast check up over whatsapp.
Offering Hotel. Transfers and all required medicens with hair suppliment

I had 3800 grafts.
And I advise to follow every single step they Dr or consultant advice to do.
Make sure to eat well and sleep well before the operation and the team will take care of it
Best service offered of the value offered.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
10.02.2018 Belgian - Patient, 34 Years Brussel, Belgium
The Patient Said

My experience strates from the first day we got in contact through the website. Afterward, i had one dedicated peson who followed my case from A to Z. Starting by taking the appointments, then organising my trip, having the operation and finally after operation follow up. This guarantee an accurate follow and very personalised service.
The doctor and the whole team were really professional and provided all the needed information.
One last milestone is very important: final result!! But this requires to wait for one year.

I chose clinicana for their full package service and espacially they propose to persue their implant operation in a very high standard and reputable hospital. The team and the logictics are just great!!! I didn’t feel at anytime alone in a countey that i have never visited.

After my first contacts through whats app, i felt that i’m dealing with sincere people since they refused to sell me a dream. They were factual and told 3700 graphs based on the picture. Finally, after shaving my head they informed that they will be able to increase the graphs to 4000. I advice any person who wants to persue a hair implants to contact clincana and they will be naturally convinced.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
08.02.2018 Lee, 42 Years READING, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

My experience has been excellent. Very professional and informative.

I chose clinicana because I know of very good results. The communications have been fantastic. Clinic team/hotel & transfers I cannot fault. Mira was great through WhatsApp.

Very good value, I would definitely recommend. I had 3500 grafts, quite a long operation but worth it. Clinic nurses/doctors were very good. I can't wait to see the results.