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NL Patient opinions about the Clinic
22.05.2018 Jesse, 45 Years Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Patient Said

Just had the FUE done at Clinicana. Very nice and professional people. They help you with all of the steps. The procedure is done in the Acibadem hospital which gave me a very good feeling about the whole entourage. Now wait for the hairs to grow. Very exciting.

I had the FUE treatment done. Day 1 is for explanation and the doing the actual treatment. It’s not really painful, or maybe just a bit after. It will about 6-7 hours. Day 2 is for taking of the bandage and explaining how to wash the hair. I am happy with their professional and helpful way of working.

RO Patient opinions about the Clinic
04.05.2018 MJ, 39 Years București , Romania
The Patient Said

Hi I just want to share my experience here at Clinicana !! I heard about this clinic through a dermatologist, I booked and I was provided with all the information needed. When I got there everything was absolutely perfect the hotel was lovely and close to the clinic and clinic was very very clean and the staff very helpful and professional
They transplanted 3300 grafts all went well and waiting for my hair to grow now
Good luck and I recommend this clinic

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
02.05.2018 Daniel Walker, 28 Years Milton keynes, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I came across clinicana through a friend of my girlfriends who had recently had an FUE hair transplant done and spoke very highly of the place. I contacted the clinicana team and Mira who was very helpful the whole procedure over WhatsApp messenger. Nervously I booked to have my own and set off to Istanbul with my girlfriend a few weeks later. Once we got here we stayed at the nas city hotel a lovely hotel 2 min drive from the hospital. The next day I had my blood test which was all okay and had my procedure 2 hours later after the clinicana provided me with a lovely lunch free of charge. The operation/ procedure lasted a total of 5 hours. During the experience I only felt slight pain on occasions due to the local anaesthetic you are given. After the procedure I felt a little sleepy and only in slight pain but the pain killers you are given help. The next day I was complete pain free. Overall I would highly recommend anyone thinking of having a transplant done here at clinicana as the cost and care throughout was amazing and you won't be disappointed.

I had a total of 3400 grafts which lasted 5 hours, I consider it very good value considering the price in England.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
21.04.2018 Sardar Adil Rashid Khan, 28 Years London, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I approached Clinicana for my hair transplant as it was recommended by my cousin who had gone through a transplant surgery himself. I was not at all disappointed and found the whole process very easy and the medical staff extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Especially Mira in the team was very helpful and made everything very easy. I had 3150 grafts put in and the doctor gave me a complete overview of the whole process as well as the after care tips.

I had 3150 grafts put in and the doctor gave me a complete overview of the whole process as well as the after care tips.

US Patient opinions about the Clinic
18.04.2018 Michael, 38 Years New York , United States
The Patient Said

Well, Hair transplantation is a major decision to make. After spending a lot of time to have one for my large balding head in New York, I was recommended by someone in the business instead to go and get it done in Turkey at Clinicana. Clinicana are awesome in the full sense of the word. From the very first day you contact them, they will coordinate the entire process smoothly and guide you through every step.

The treatment service is simply first class. Before all others, your overall comfort comes first. Only then the surgery is conducted, once they make sure that everything is ready to go. Generally they are very professional people through and through and I can’t be happier than that. Thank you. Clinicana

FR Patient opinions about the Clinic
17.04.2018 Joseph, 22 Years Nice, France
The Patient Said

The reason I chose clinicana and Turkey was due to the success rate and their reputation on the internet including their affordable prices.

I had FUE surgery including 4000 grafts, the operation ran very smoothly and with minimal discomfort. I would say to a friend that this could change your life! I am excited to see the results in the near future!

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
04.04.2018 Nick, 48 Years Mmchester, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Excellent experience. Team make it very easy for you to get this done. Very helpful all the way through. Really hard workers!! Aftercare is also very good. Taxis to and fro very convenient and all free. Recommend without hesitation!! Alaa and the two girls who did the procedure were excellent!!!

Every body is very helpful. You are shaved and measured up. I found no language issues. You are then fed before procedure starts. Procedure is variable for people I would imagine. Some minor pain depending on thresholds otherwise - it is just a lot ng procedure. All good

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
04.04.2018 Howard, 52 Years Newcastle, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Chosen from internet searches - chosen for reviews and competitive price over European transplants. Clinic clean, team helpful, transfers good, Istanbul and Taksim great for a wander - super cosmopolitan and safe

Had 3100 grafts. Operation ok, quite long and a few uncomfortable needles at the start but other than that straight forward.
Just do it!
Value is good!

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
30.03.2018 London , 43 Years London , United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Decided to have a hair transplant at this particular clinic after a friend of mine recommendation, as he had one himself. Straightforward booking and direct contact throughout via chosen method of communication, mine was whatsapp. It’s basically as described on the site including pick up, hotel, procedure etc. Nil complaints and so far so good now can’t wait to see the results.

Extremely competitively priced an outstanding and straightforward service. Would certainly recommend to anyone.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
27.03.2018 Olson Aguirre, 30 Years London, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I choose Clinicana based on the patient reviews, research and the ease of communicating with the case manager. I had an enjoyable experience with the overall staff.

I had 3100 grafts extracted from my donor area. The overall operation went well. The anesthesia helped numb the donor and recipient area not causing much discomfort.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
16.03.2018 Jack doherty, 28 Years London, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

My experience with clinicana has been outstanding from the moment I got of the plane. They make you feel at home very welcoming,

my operation on Thursday went very well they make you feel very relaxed about the operation the staff are very good at explaining everything you need to do after the operation from taking medication to using the shampoo. Clinicana got recommended to me by a Friend and told me they exact what I’m saying now they are the best at what they do. Thank you clinicana can’t wait to start see the results

I had a fue hair transplant and had 3500 grafts I would recommend clinicana to any one don’t think about it book it they are the best

BE Patient opinions about the Clinic
15.03.2018 CreCo914, 35 Years Roeselare, Belgium
The Patient Said

It was an pleasant experience regarding my hair transplant,right now I have to wait for the results and hope will be the best!

I have chose Clinicana because for me inspire the more trust and also for the good reviews,communication is perfect,team is very friendly and polite,the clinic it's very modern,hotel is okay and transfer it was plesat.

Treatment contains a few pils for about 10 days,antibiotics,aspirin and a few others,in my case was necessary about 3700 grafts and the intervention was a little bit painful but okay.