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Hair transplant in Turkey

Thinking about a hair transplant in Istanbul?
Clinicana is the best hair implant centre in turkey

If you are looking for a hair transplant in Istanbul, at Clinicana we are experts in hair implant in Turkey. Using the most modern processes together with high quality facilities and experienced surgeons, we can provide the best hair transplant in Turkey with optimal results.

We use the most modern procedures and methods, including the FUE technique, extracting follicles from the skin in the donor area to implant them in the bald areas and redefine your hairline. The duration of the operation is just of a few hours, with no risks for your health and under total safety conditions. We always explain to our patients all the steps of the treatment, with no tricks or hidden costs; and after a few months, you will see how hair starts to grow.

FUE is widely used in Turkey because it offers the best results and the most natural look. So, if you wish to see your hair growing back and you are looking for a hair transplant in Istanbul, choose trustworthy professionals. Clinicana Hair Transplant Medical Centre is located in the best hospital in Turkey: contact us for more information, and see why we are different and the best valued hair clinic in Turkey.

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Reviews and Testimonials at Clinicana

Discover below the reviews and testimonials of patients who performed hair implant surgery at Clinicana Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey.
You can also view their photos before and after the hair transplant.

Michael's FUE procedure United Kingdom, England

Date of hair transplants in Turkey: 2018 & 2019.
Evaluation before hair transplant operation: hair loss due to androgenic alopecia, the donor area is good but limited compared to the big baldness, because of that a second hair transplantation has been planed to cover the crown area (Vertex), hair type is thick and a little curly (Norwood scale: stage 6) 
Number of grafts: First session 3900 hair follicles
Technique: Micro FUE
Result: Natural-looking hairline and a good density of hair at the temples and the middle areas, we are waiting for the final result after the second hair implant session (3000 grafts - FUE Sapphire method) to achieve the full coverage at the Vertex

Enzo’s medical treatment Switzerland,

Date of hair transplant in Turkey: Sep 2018
Evaluation before hair transplant operation: Receding hairline, the hair density is weak especially at the temples, the balding areas around the temples slightly join the crown area (The Vertex). Hair loss due to androgenic alopecia (genetic reasons), the hair type is thick and healthy, the donor area (backside of the head has a very good density of hair)
Number of grafts: 4600 hair follicles
Technique: Micro FUE + Sapphire
Result: Lower hairline achieved and a full cover after his hair transplantation in the front, temples, and top of the scalp (the Vertex). All the bald patchy areas covered with hair perfectly

Guner’s hair loss package Greece,

Date of hair transplant in Turkey: 2018
Evaluation before hair transplant operation: Completely bald (full baldness), hair fall due to androgenetic alopecia, the donor area (the backside of the head) is big and full of hair with good density, the donation area can give a big number of grafts to cover the front, middle and the crown areas) (Norwood scale: stage 7) 
Number of grafts: 4700 hair follicles
Technique: Micro FUE
Result: Full cover, a great hair transplantation result achieved

Christian’s consultation & hair restoration Romania,

Date of hair transplant in Turkey: June 2018
Evaluation before hair transplant operation:
Receding hairline, generally around the temples due to genetic male hair fall in the frontal part of the head (Norwood scale: stage 3) the muscles of the forehead don't allow us to make the hairline lower.
Number of grafts:
2700 hair follicles
Sapphire + DHI (direct hair implantation)
A new lower hairline created, very good density achieved at curves and the temples

What our patients say

Hair Transplant Cost at Clinicana Istanbul Turkey
Standard Package $2500

  • The cost of hair transplant includes the following:

  • Maximum FUE micro hair transplant up to 5000 grafts
  • Airport Transfers - Hospital - Hotel
  • 2 nights’ accommodation at Naz City Hotel Taksim (4 stars, breakfast included)
  • Blood Tests
  • After surgery treatments (drugs and hygiene products)
  • Medical report (Hair Transplant Guarantee Certificate)
  • English Translator
  • After surgery follow-up


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One of the best hair implant doctors in Istanbul TurkeyAssoc. Prof. Dr. Soner TatlidedeAssociate Professor of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

One of The Best Hair Transplant Clinics in TurkeyProf. Dr. Soner TatlıdedeProfessor of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

Our Hospital

Clinicana Hair Transplant Medical Centre is located in the modern Acıbadem Hospital in Taksim (Istanbul), where our specialized medical team offers a full range of cosmetic treatments and of course the most cutting-edge available techniques in hair implant, including the FUE method.

All our treatments are supervised by fully qualified doctors with a long expertise (a Professor of Plastic Surgery, dermatologists, infection doctors...) supported by pharmacists and nurses, in order to prescribe the most appropriate treatment for each situation. Our staff is also fluent in several languages to provide you with any kind of help you may need when you come for your hair transplant in Turkey.