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The sapphire technique

The sapphire technique is the latest innovation in the FUE method for hair transplant. It uses sapphire blades during the opening of the channels for the extracted bulbs, and as the name suggests itself, these blades are totally made of sapphire. Therefore, they are much more durable and do not loose sharpness with time: this is one among the advantages they have compared with the traditional steel blades.

What is exactly this technique about?

As you probably know, the FUE method is considered one of the latest, most modern and most widely used hair transplant techniques to ensure a natural result in cases of baldness and alopecia problems. Within this context, the use of sapphire blades is not a new technique, but rather an innovation that improves the FUE method using blades made of this precious stone.

During the FUE hair transplant, the bulbs are extracted from the donor area one by one using a micro punch of between 0.6 and 0.8 mm of diameter. After the extraction of the follicular units, the grafts are implanted in the previously created micro-channels through incisions made with a sharpened blade.

These incisions play a big role because the angle, the orientation and the density of the new implanted follicles has to be the same as the rest of your hair in order to give it a natural look and perform a successful intervention.

During the step of opening these micro-channels, usually steel blades are used to open the U-shaped channels. U-shaped opening creates wider channels that cause more bleeding and less density; however, using the sapphire blades the channels that are opened are V-shaped: as a result, the sapphire allows the opening of channels closer to each other, and therefore we can obtain a higher density but also a better healing after the surgery.

What are the advantages of using this method in a hair transplant?

The use of the sapphire technique is the most popular nowadays in hair transplants because of many reasons, including less crust formations and better healing, and because it produces no visible scars and the result is much better, obtaining a higher density in the implanted area. Here are some of the main reasons that explain the popularity of this method.

Better density

During the opening of the micro-channels, sapphire blades allow to obtain a larger area for hair transplantation by creating smaller incisions and V-shaped, which are more precise, resulting in a higher hair density and a much more natural result.

Less risk of trauma

The main benefit of this technique is that during the process of opening the micro-channels the risk of trauma, scalp tissue damage and other possible complications is reduced due to the sapphire blade qualities.

Faster cicatrization of tissues

The use of sapphire allows a faster healing of the scalp. Sapphire blades create much smaller openings compared to steel blades during the hair implantation process. With these small incisions, tissue healing time will be faster and patients will be able to resume their normal life earlier.

Less risk of complications after the surgery

Sapphire Blades have a smooth surface with antibacterial properties and incredible precision, thus offering greater durability. Therefore the risk of complications or failure in the tissues is highly reduced.

Better quality in the implanted grafts

This advanced method allows the opening of micro channels with the same length as the hair follicles. As a result, there is no chance that the grafts will be moved or that their orientation will be changed after the hair transplant procedure.

Does Clinicana use the sapphire technique?

We at Clinicana are proud of being the best and most modern clinic for hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey, and we always use the latest and the most modern techniques, including the sapphire technique. If you have any question about this method or you wish to have a free consultation to assess your hair loss problems, please contact us and we will do our best to help you and offer you a solution, free of charge and with no obligation.