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FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

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FUE hair transplant in Turkey

The FUE hair transplant method is currently considered one of the most prominent techniques in hair implant; and our Clinicana Hair Transplant Centre in Istanbul is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, and provides to our patients the latest methods and techniques that modern science has reached in this field.

Turkey has become one of the leading countries in the field of FUE hair transplants, due to the skills of its doctors and the use of the latest technology of hair transplant in the world, which gives guaranteed results. In addition, the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is very cheap compared with the quality of the provided services and the cost of a hair transplantation in other countries.

The FUE technique

The FUE method is based on the extraction of hair follicles from areas called the donor areas, which are resistant to the factors that cause hair loss, and the transfer to areas of light hair or baldness –reception areas- by using special tools in a way that leaves no lines or scars. In the old methods used before, where hair transplantation involves removal of a part of the scalp followed by bandages and surgical threads, it was usual to leave painful scars.

On the contrary, the FUE technique is considered painless, and the complete healing takes place only between 7-8 days after the hair transplantation.

Consultation and preparation before the surgery

Clinicana has many experts and specialists in the field of FUE hair transplantation. Our team is ready to provide medical advice for your case at any time around the clock. You only need to send us online the pictures about your condition. Our medical team will then evaluate the situation and will give you an assessment, concluding if a drug treatment is possible or a hair transplantation is necessary.

If you finally decide to perform a micro FUE hair transplant at our clinic in Turkey, you will be received at the Istanbul airport and directed to your hotel. A pre-operation interview will then be undertaken in order to examine your situation closely and learn more about your medical history.

Blood tests are then performed a day before the operation. All the steps of the process are explained in detail to the patient, which will be informed about the hair transplant process before starting the surgery. The procedure is also preceded by some preparations where the patient's hair is shaved and the clothes are changed for sterile ones.

Hair transplantation process

The FUE hair transplant in Turkey is carried out in the following stages:

Extracting the grafts

At this stage, the follicles will be extracted from the backside of the head (called the donor area). The advantage of this area is that it is not affected by the hormone responsible for hair loss in the rest of the head. Now, let’s see some technical considerations when using the FUE technique. 

The excision stage begins with using local anesthesia in the posterior region of the head, which is the hair bank; the procedure continues for 5 minutes and there is only a slight pain due to the use of needles. This process is performed with an extractor that produces micro holes (0.7-0.8 mm), which is the main advantage of the FUE method, as it produces very small and invisible holes. These quickly heal the next day without leaving any disturbing effect.

At this stage, the patient is laying on the face on a special bed to perform the hair transplant, but without feeling any pain. This stage takes 2 - 2.5 hours, depending on the number of grafts to be picked up. After the extraction, the area is sterilized and covered.

The number of follicles that can be obtained is proportional to the intensity of the hair bank (donor area). The more plentiful the donor area is, the bigger the number of follicles extracted is. At the end of this stage we obtain the bulbs required for the hair transplantation process and it´s determined if they are single, double or triple; then the follicles are placed in a nutritious solution to keep them in the appropriate environment until they are implanted.

Drawing the first hair line

Determining the front line of the hair is one of the most important stages in a hair transplantation. The natural line of the hair begins right after the last muscle layer in the forehead, that can be seen when eyebrows are raised. The patient is asked to raise the forehead upwards so that his natural line is shown.

The front line formed by the muscle layers in the forehead tend to gradually rise up with the age: this should be taken into consideration while choosing the new front line of the hair in order to get a natural look. Our medical staff know this and will pursue the best results to satisfy our patients' wish of getting a natural and healthy hair.

After the front line is drawn, the areas where the hair will be abundant are chosen in order to give you a natural appearance and to restore the hair density of the target areas. Once all the steps have been taken, the patient must consent to start the surgery and will receive a local anesthesia in the area, which takes a maximum of 2-5 minutes. It´s important to remark that the patient will never feel pain.


Opening the channels

We start the to open the microscopic channels where the follicles or hair implants are placed; this stage takes between 40-90 minutes, in which the patient is lying on his back. To open the channels two techniques can be used: the Perkutan method, and the Microfibromatology method.

The choice will depend on the condition of the baldness, and also on the size of the grafts and their length. Our clinical staff will choose the most appropriate way to give you the desired results, and sometimes even both methods are merged to open the micro-channels in order to give the patient the best possible result.


What are the advantages of the Perkutan method?

The Perkutan method –also called percutaneous method- is a modern technique through which channels that will include hair follicles are opened in the receiving area using a micro needle made of titanium in order to allow a good implantation of the extracted bulbs, also controlling the depth and direction of the follicles in order to give the hair grafts the best natural look possible. 

In Clinicana we are always keen to use the latest technology and equipment available to achieve the best results for our patients.

Things to be considered when opening the channels

There are two important factors to consider during the opening of the microscopic channels: one is the angle of the front line of the hair, and the other is the bend angle of the follicle. Both are vital as any defect in one of these angles produces a not natural appearance. It´s at this stage when the role of experience becomes more important than ever.

At Clinicana our skilled medical staff always open the micro-channels taking into account the direction of growth of your hair to give you the best and more natural results. The channels are therefore opened from left to right and given a certain degree of inclination to match the normal growth of your hair.

Once the angle is identified and the opening of the first channel takes place in the left section of the baldness area, then the channels are opened following the hair line. In the absence of expertise to open the channels, the results would not be natural and the hair would grow in different directions, making clear to everyone that a –bad- hair transplant has been done. And that´s something that nobody wants.

Does the patient feel pain?

It´s important to remark that the patient doesn´t feel any pain at this stage. On the contrary, during all these steps and stages of the surgery you can relax, listen to your favourite music, read a book or even watch a movie.

Planting the grafts

This is the last stage of the hair transplant process with the FUE technique, and it takes place while the patient is lying on his back. This stage takes usually between 2 and 3.5 hours, depending on the number of follicles to be implanted. Here once again the expertise of our team is vital for the best result in the shortest time possible.

To give you the best natural appearance is not recommended to implant bulbs with 2-3 hairs in the front line, as they would give the patient an abnormal appearance and make clear that a hair transplantation has been performed. After the front line is finished, the double and triple follicles are placed in the upper and posterior regions of the head to give a higher density in these areas.

After implanting all the follicles, a thorough examination and inspection of the entire area is carried out from the front line to the back: this process takes only about 15 minutes, after which the head is washed and cleaned with sterile water to remove the effects of the operation, and the donor area in the back is covered with a sterile gauze while the implanted area will remain without any coverage, so that the hair implants are not affected.

After finishing the hair transplantation, some vital signs of the patients like the blood pressure are checked, and if everything is OK the patient can then directly return to the hotel and rest from the operation.


Objectives of the hair transplant

What are the goals of the first transplant session?

There are many important goals to be accomplished in the first hair transplant, including the following:

  • Find or strengthen the front line to form a permanent frame for the person's face.
  • Secure the coverage of areas of weakness or baldness of the scalp through hair transplantation, at least up to the point of separation located at the top of the head.
  • Give sufficient density in the first hair transplantation session, so that the results are natural and lasting.

In the first hair transplantation process, each scalp area requiring cover must be implanted so that the hair restoration process can happen as quick as possible. A hair transplantation should not be done in several sessions, as additional sessions may be necessary in the future just to add density or in anticipation of future hair loss. Therefore, everything can be accomplished during a single hair transplant session.

Subsequent hair transplant sessions

Usually 10 to 12 months are needed to see the full results of a hair transplantation. If you want to perform a second hair transplant, you should decide only after the growth of the hair resulting from the first grafting process is complete. Only after the hair reaches the proper length, the patient and the doctor can evaluate the overall situation and decide about placing additional grafts.

At Clinicana we use the latest technology to achieve the best results for our patients. If you are looking for a FUE hair transplant in Turkey, our Istanbul clinic and medical staff is your best option if you want the best results at the best price.