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Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant is considered one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world.  It ranks second in terms of the number of operations for men and has recently been associated with the phrase Hair Transplant and Turkey.  Turkey is one of the leading countries in the field of cosmetic surgery in general and hair transplant in particular.  The Washington Post reported in its September 4, 2015 issue: “Turkey is the leading country in the world for hair transplant surgical operations”.

The reason for the large turnout of Hair Transplants in Turkey is because it is a final and permanent solution to hair loss which also allows for the restoration of lost beauty.  It promotes confidence as well as the placement of Turkey as the ‘go to’ place for hair transplants as a result of the large number of doctors and hair transplant experts in the country who use the latest technologies and science in this domain.

There is no doubt that when making a decision to have a Hair Transplant in Turkey a lot of questions and inquiries come to mind.  We are Clinicana Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul, Turkey.  Through our communication with clients from around the world we have been able to compile these questions and provide the appropriate response through our experience in the field of Hair Transplant which spans a time period of more than 14 years. 

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As in the various medical specialties, the diagnosis of the right problem leads one to the right treatment.  If the diagnosis is wrong, the treatment will never be beneficial.  On the contrary, it may be harmful. 

To obtain the excellent results you want in terms of your having nice healthy hair a skilled doctor should evaluate the hair loss condition.  This doctor must be fully aware of all of your health concerns as well as any pre-existing medical conditions that you have.

In fact, to proceed with Hair Transplant Surgery is not the preferred option in some cases where some treatments or medications can be used in place of a hair transplant. In these cases, we may obtain results that may be better than a Hair Transplant.  In order to adequately assess these cases a precise and realistic assessment must be performed by an expert doctor. 

When evaluating the situation there are several factors that must be taken into account before making a final decision.  For example, age is an issue regarding Hair loss and genetic factors are also important factors to be considered during an evaluation.  For example in the case where the patient doesn’t have large empty areas of hair it is not recommended to have a hair transplant procedure.  The client can use medication to strengthen the hair.  If the treatment does not work and there is continued hair loss it is better to delay the Hair Transplant procedure until the Hair Loss stops in order to avoid hair shock.


Although the procedure of Hair Transplant is considered a simple procedure, its results are very important and it has a great impact on people’s lives due to the importance of this step in an individual’s life.  It is important to know the best time to conduct the procedure of Hair Transplant in Turkey, and perhaps the best person to determine this is an expert or professional doctor.  The doctor will assess the patient’s condition and seek to give him the best options.

Determining the best time to make a Hair transplant in Istanbul depends on several factors:

  1. Client’s condition and age:  Hair loss usually starts at the age of twenty and gradually continues until it stabilizes at the age of forty where it often ends with partial or total baldness.  Hair loss may begin at an early age, which sometimes causes young people a major crisis that affects their self-confidence and their relationship to the surrounding environment.  Doctors recommend not having a hair transplant at a young age because of fear regarding continuous hair loss after a hair transplant which will result in an abnormal appearance where the cultivated areas appear as ‘islands’ within an empty area of hair.
    In addition, when choosing the appropriate time for a hair transplant, the patient’s medical status, psychological condition, readiness to undergo surgery and safety must be evaluated for diseases or health problems that may affect the outcome of the hair transplant procedure.
  2. Percentage of spaces (bald areas): is one of the factors determining the time allocated towards the hair transplant. In the absence of sufficiently empty areas, hair transplant surgery is not recommended.
  3. The genetic history and the form of baldness in relatives: Most hair loss cases are a result of genetic factors and thus we can follow the pattern or form of baldness in relatives to predict the final form of the patient’s hair loss. We will then know when the hair loss will stop and thus determine the appropriate time for the procedure.
  4. Success rate and coverage: The success of hair transplant surgery and the cultivated area is related to the bank reserve of hair follicles and the evaluation by the doctor.


In fact, many criteria must be considered when choosing the best hair transplant center in Turkey.

  1. The hair transplant procedure should be performed in a hospital equipped with all medical instruments and equipment, taking into account the conditions of sterility and hygiene as well as proper licenses from the Turkish Ministry of Health. One must make sure the clinic has qualified doctors and nurses to practice the profession legally and that the clinic is ready at any time for any emergency.  Although the hair transplant process is considered a relatively simple procedure it must be performed under medical supervision to avoid any contamination or errors.
  2. The best hair transplant clinic in Turkey should have a location relatively close to all vital facilities and tourist areas and be connected to the rest of the city by a network of transport modes such as the metro, trams and other forms of public transport thereby making it easy for the patient to travel to and from the hospital. It should give the patient the opportunity to explore Istanbul’s historic sights easily when visiting the city in order to have a hair transplant procedure in Istanbul. 
  3. The best hair transplant center in Istanbul must be characterized by professional honesty which includes not manipulating images of previous hair transplant results. It must show images as they are without any modification to them after the approval of patients and be coupled with the presence of videos showing the results after the growth of hair, which gives greater credibility to the hair transplant center.  This provides the patient with psychological comfort when seeing the quality and medical care associated with previous operations.
  4. To check the level of medical care offered by the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, patients’ impression and evaluation should be seen on neutral platforms that are not regulated by the same clinic that performed the operation in order to ensure transparency.  Patients’ opinions can be viewed on Youtube channels or social media sites.  Otherwise prospective client’s can speak with previous hair transplant clients directly so that the quality of medical care provided can be ascertained


The great demand for having a hair transplant in Turkey has meant that medical staff has excellent experience in this field.  However, everyone wants to have the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey.  Here we must ask:

What criteria should be available regarding the best hair transplant in Turkey?

  1. The best hair transplant doctor in Turkey must have a license to practice the profession from the Turkish Ministry of Health and practice his work legally. This gives him confidence and credibility. 
  2. The doctor’s experience is based on the number of years he has worked in the field of hair transplant in addition to the number of operations conducted during his career. Doctor’s also cross reference the results of hair transplant operations with patients’ satisfaction. 
  3. When talking about the best doctor of hair transplant in Turkey, we must take into consideration the evaluation of patients and clients who have already had hair transplant procedures and compare this with their satisfaction and acceptance of the results.
  4. Finally, the best hair transplant doctors should be in line with the latest technological developments in the field of hair transplant. In other words, they should be aware of the latest treatments and medications.  They must be able to apply and benefit from these scientific developments and this, in turn, will be reflected on the quality of medical services provided.  


We have already mentioned that Turkey is considered the leading country in the world in the field of hair transplant according to an article in the Washington Post (2015).

“Turkey is the leading country in the world for hair transplant surgical operations with an average hair transplant cost of $1,700 to $2,000 while the same operation costs $25,000 in the United States or Britain.”

But, upon seeing hair transplant offers, we find that there is a significant variation in offered prices as some centers have prices which may be less than the cost of travel and stay in Turkey during the period of the process.  But, what is the secret behind low prices?  Is this a good thing or not?

In fact you must be careful with hair transplant procedures which are offered at very cheap prices.  Cost reduction is often accompanied by low medical quality (if it is available), lack of medical supervision or supervision by unqualified persons or no medical care or aftercare. 

  • In fact, to get excellent and impressive hair transplant results, high medical standards should be applied. In the absence of these standards, it is impossible to obtain the desired results.  On the contrary, the results may be severe and disturbing.
  • The failure of a hair transplant may put the patient in a difficult situation because in this case the donor area has been exhausted of hair and the remaining follicles will not be sufficient to repair the failed attempt.
  • This is why you have to think twice before seeking low prices; here you have to choose between cheap prices with bad quality and horrible results, and medical quality and excellent results with a more reasonable price.
  • To verify this you can see the failed attempts of the hair transplant operations gone wrong on the internet and you can listen to the advice of those who have suffered as a result of this tragedy.
  • The fact is that the hair bank, which is extracted from the hair follicles and transplanted in the bald areas called donor areas, has a limited number of bulbs and cannot exceed 8,000 bulbs. That is why the repair of failed attempts is difficult.  When losing the transplanted follicles in failed operations, there will not be enough bulbs left over to repair damaged areas. 
  • A hair transplant procedure is a once-in-a-lifetime process and its results will stay with you for the rest of your life so you should think about the procedure carefully and look for a hair transplant center which offers you the best medical quality in conjunction with the results you want.


At first, it is useful to remember that a hair transplant is done by extracting follicles from the donor area (hair bank) and transplanting them in bald areas to grow new hair.  It should be noted that this hair bank has a specific capacity, which is a specific number of follicles that vary from one person to another.  The number of hair follicles that can be extracted from the donor area without damaging or leaving scars or spaces during one’s lifetime is between 4,000 – 8,000 bulbs.  This number is related to several factors:

  1. The size of the hair bank or the abundance of hair in the hair bank: the abundance of hair in the hair bank varies from one person to another, so the number of follicles that can be picked varies accordingly. 
  2. Ease of root extraction
  3. Skin tissue
  4. The shape of the follicles: the hair follicle is usually straight, but it may be wrinkled in some people, which may make it difficult to extract.  This reduces the number of extracted follicles.

Plastic surgery doctors recommend dividing the hair transplant into two sessions; transplanting hair in the first session and then doing an intensive session after one year. 

It is wrong to transplant a large number of follicles in one session as this may cause hair shock and death of the follicles.

The oppressive extraction of follicles may cause sabotage of the donor area and the emergence of spaces, so the number of extracted follicles is a matter not subject to increase and exaggeration.  You must pay attention to the promotional commercials that talk about planting huge numbers of follicles thereby creating an ‘attractive’ advertisement for potential customers.

The solution, in this case, is to get a thorough objective evaluation by a skilled doctor and not pay attention to promotional advertisements that give false promises.


  • The above is similar when considering the Choi pen method or what is called a DHI hair transplant. It is in fact an FUE hair transplant but Choi pens are used to transplant the extracted follicles and as such we cannot consider it a new technique.
  • As we have stated, the basis for all techniques of hair extraction is the FUE Microextraction As previously mentioned the difference between hair extraction methods is based on the number and type of tools used.  When considering the Sapphire technique it is essentially a FUE Hair Transplant with a slight adjustment of the tool used when opening the microscopic channels.  However, we cannot consider it a new technique. 

    Despite the proliferation of advertisements promoting new techniques for hair transplant such as Sapphire technology or Choi pens, all methods of hair transplantation are multi-faceted and bear some similarities to the FUE hair transplant method, etc.  As far as the aforementioned methods are concerned the differences between them are based on the tools used, which are dependent on the patient’s medical condition and the nature of the patient’s hair.  Medical staff will determine the best or most appropriate technique for each patient keeping in mind that there is no single technique suitable for all cases of baldness.  Each case should be independently assessed in order to determine what the most suitable technique is.  Here the role of experienced medical staff is to make sure that the patient is not manipulated into purchasing products or services that are of no use to the patient.

  • Always remember that it is wrong to generalize regarding the reasons behind hair loss. Each case should be assessed individually and evaluated by a doctor who is an expert in hair transplant procedures in order to determine the best tools and techniques that should be used so as to remedy your hair loss condition.


In fact, the Sapphire method is not a new technique, but rather a FUE Hair Transplant technique with a difference regarding how the channels are opened.  In this method, the metal head is replaced in the micrometer (which is used to open the channels) with a head made of sapphire stone.  The sapphire stone is a stone consisting of aluminum oxide and other metals such as chrome, iron, and titanium. 

This method is characterized by allowing for a dense hair transplant.  It allows for small openings that fit the size of the follicles in addition to a speedy recovery as the openings have small dimensions.  Recovery time is often within 10 days.  A hair transplant using the sapphire method is just a normal FUE hair transplant with a slight change in the channel opening stage.


The stage of opening micro channels is one of the most important stages of a hair transplant procedure, as it requires experience and precision to determine the direction of hair growth in order to give a ‘natural’ look regarding implanted hair. 

There are currently several methods used to open microscopic channels: Perkutan, Sapphire and Choi Ppens.

  • Channels are opened in Perkutan technology by a thin-headed tool resembling a needle, which does not leave visible scars.
  • The Sapphire technique, a tool with a gemstone head, called the Sapphire or saffron is used. This method allows for greater density when performing a hair transplant.
  • With Choi pens, the opening of channels and capillaries are merged together at one stage where the channel is opened and the follicles are implanted using a Choi pen.

 The method that will be used in opening the channels will be determined after the patient’s examination in order to obtain the highest density and the most normal appearance of the implanted hair, as each case requires a different method when implanting hair. 


In fact, Choi pens hair transplant is not a new technique.  It is about 8 years old and it has been highlighted recently. 

The basic principle in this method is to shorten the stage associated with opening the channels and implanting the follicles.  This is done in one step by way of the implanting pen where the follicles are loaded in the pen and then injected directly into the scalp. 

Hair transplant by Choi pens is considered suitable when implanting a limited number of follicles (from 1500 to 2000), as in the case with hair intensification without shaving or when implanting hair into the front hairline.  It is also considered suitable when doing a hair transplant without shaving which is a favorite in hair transplants for women.

The conclusion is that the Choi pens method is suitable in some cases but not all.  In this case the role of the doctor is vital and he will decide who is a suitable candidate for this method of hair transplant.  However, this method has recently been highlighted and marketed as a new method suitable for all situations and of course, the objectives are to save the client time and money where possible.


We often hear of laser hair transplant.  However, is there really such a thing as laser hair transplant?

In fact, there is a technique used to treat hair loss using a laser but not a hair transplant.  It is called the laser hair loss treatment technique.  In this method a laser is used to treat hair loss as laser beams stimulate capillaries and help them to grow.  In other words, this method may be useful if the hair follicles are weak but still alive.  In the case of the death of follicles, this method loses its effectiveness.


Stem cell therapy is one of the most promising medical branches, most of which are under research.  The principle of this technique is the use of stem cells (undifferentiated cells that have the ability to evolve into different types of cells within the body).  In other words, these cells can be shaped as needed in the place where you delineate treatment.  They can be used to generate new follicles.  Although stem cell therapy is a promising technique, it is still being studied in laboratories and needs a few years to see the light of day.  In addition it is very expensive.  In 2017 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning about stem cell treatments.  This warning recommends that anyone who thinks of stem cell therapies to choose treatments approved by the FDA or studied under new applied research.


We mentioned earlier that the cost of hair transplants in Turkey ranges from $1,500 to $2,500.  According to the Washington Post this is equivalent to 8,000 – 13,500 Turkish Lira, 5,600 – 9,300 Saudi Riyals, 5,500 – 9,000 Qatari Riyals and 450 – 750 Kuwaiti Dinars.  This price is very affordable when compared with hair transplant costs in the rest of the world including Europe.  For example, the price of a hair transplant in the U.S.A may be $30,000.

It is worth mentioning that the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey includes a package or a suite of services including the following:

  1. The hair transplant operation with the latest technology and under the supervision of highly experienced medical staff
  2. Transportation to and from the airport, clinic and hotel
  3. It also includes a night stay in a luxury hotel in the center of Istanbul
  4. A medical bag containing the necessary medications after the operation
  5. Medical follow-up after the hair transplant procedure



Head hair transplant is considered the final solution regarding the problem of hair loss as the implanted hair is real hair and grows like the original hair.  Since it is real hair, it can be cut and styled.  Hair transplant techniques have developed since the last century to the present day and passed through many variations.  They have experienced a quantum leap through these years.

  1. Previously the FUT method was the dominant method, and despite its nagging nature that leaves a scar on the head, it was the only solution for people with baldness.
  2. With the development of scientific and technological progress, the FUE micro extraction technique appeared which was a quantum leap in the world of hair transplant where the negative effects of the old methods were eliminated and replaced with a method that does not leave scars.  It also has a shorter recovery period and is associated with successful and excellent results.  

Hair transplant consists of several stages arranged as follows:

  • Extracting the grafts: In this stage, follicles will be extracted from the donor area, which is resistant to the hormone that causes hair loss (Dihydrotestosterone) by means of a tool called a micrometer.  This is known as the FUE Microextraction Method.  These bulbs will be planted in the bald areas.
  • Opening the channels: This stage is the most important step in the process of a hair transplant because it requires experience and accuracy in order to determine the angle of opening and the depth of the channel as well as the distribution of hair in order to obtain a natural look regarding implanted hair
  • Perkutan technique: The channels are opened in this way by a tool with a delicate head similar to a needle so as not to leave scars or cracks visible as in the old methods, which were based on the use of thin metal blades.
  • Sapphire technique: the stone of the Sapphire, a solid stone, replaces the thin metalhead in this technique. A more intense hair transplant and a shorter recovery period (10 days) characterize this method.

    3.Planting the grafts:  This final stage comes after extracting the follicles and opening the channels where the bulbs are planted in the open channels either manually by implanters in the form of pens so that the bulb will settle after a period and grown to give new hair. 


Beards are one of the signs of manhood and closely associated with masculinity.  In addition to becoming a fashion statement, beards are also considered religiously important in many cultures. These reasons cause people with spots in their beards or a complete absence of beard hair either for genetic reasons or otherwise to have beard and mustache transplants in Turkey so as to have a complete, stylish manly appearance.

Beard transplant stages are very similar to head hair transplant stages.  Initially, the follicles are extracted from the donor area (hair bank) and then the channels are opened in the chin area.  Then the extracted follicles are implanted into the channels. 

As for the number of hair follicles required for the operation of chin and beard transplants, the figures are as follows:

  • If the chin area of the beard is free of hair, requirements include implanting 4,000 to 5,000 follicles.
  • In the case of required hair intensification in general, requirements include implanting 3,500 follicles.
  • If the goal is to fill some spaces in the chin and beard, it is necessary to implant 1,000 – 2,000 follicles.


The eyebrows are one of the distinguishing beauty signs on the face of people and in the case of any issue with them such as a lack of density or hair or the emergence of some empty spots, which may give an abnormal appearance, the solution, in this case, is the process of eyebrow hair transplant in Turkey.  This is a final solution to the problems associated with a lack of eyebrow hair, which may be genetic in origin or because of accidents, injuries or burns. 

The number of follicles required to obtain the desired shape varies, and in general, 50 – 400 bulbs are required for each eyebrow.


Hair is the most important aspect of women’s beauty and is closely related to femininity.  Moreover, many poets have written about the beauty of women’s hair as it is the foundation of beauty for women.

For these reasons, it is not surprising if we say that hair loss in women causes great psychological shock.  There are different causes of hair loss in women, ranging from genetic reasons and hormonal issues to stress, psychological factors, etc. 

The result may be sparse, thin or lightly covered hair on the scalp or the emergence of areas completely free of hair.

The process of female hair transplant in Turkey is considered an appropriate solution for many of the cases that do not respond to current treatments available. 

If the number of grafts to be implanted is less than 2,000 and the transplant process requires implants more at the front of the hair line then a complete head shave is not required.  If we need intensification in general, we can use the technique of Choi pens without the need for a full head shave. 

It should be noted that it is not possible to perform a female hair transplant in all cases.  You should first see the doctor and then make a decision.


To get the best hair transplant result you want and to restore your hair and confidence there are some tips and steps that must be applied or procedures that you must commit to.


  • To get the best results regarding hair transplants in Turkey, you should choose the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. To do that you have to search carefully, follow the procedures of others who have had what they consider to be successful hair transplants and ask clients about their previous experiences in order to obtain the answer.
  • A real and accurate assessment of the condition is one of the most important reasons for the success of the process, where the medical staff provides a proper assessment of the situation and does not give false promises or offer pipe dreams, which may cause great disappointment after the operation.
  • The successful and experienced medical staff is the cornerstone of a successful hair transplant, so you should look for a hospital with experienced medical staff.

During the operation:

  • The selection of the right center equipped with the latest technology and medical equipment as well as expert staff ensures the success of the hair transplant process and ensures that everything runs smoothly and professionally.
  • In addition, accurate evaluation and direct examination in the hospital before the operation takes place and listening to the client’s needs in consultation with doctors in areas of hair coverage and front line coverage is necessary. It is necessary to obtain comprehensive information about the patient’s medical history before the operation and explain the stages of the process beforehand.  All these undertakings support the success of the process and help to achieve the desired result.

After the operation:

  • Regarding whatever goes well during the hair transplant process, we cannot say that the process has been successful because the next stage of the operation will determine its success or not. It is the care and adherence to medical instructions after a hair transplant that ensures this. 
  • Hair transplant patients are asked to avoid smoking and alcohol in the week following the process of the hair transplant.
  • It is also necessary to maintain the intake of prescribed drugs after the operation to avoid the side effects and infections that may occur.
  • Do not take any medicines or undergo any treatments without consulting medical professionals.
  • You should periodically send photos every month to follow up with medical staff and be evaluated continuously.


Many hair transplant centers modify photos of patients using Photoshop to show excellent hair transplant results with the hopes of bringing in more customers, so be sure that the results are real.  You have to search for customers’ evaluations and listen to their opinions on several neutral platforms that are not associated with the clinic and view unbiased videos in order to make sure that what you seen has not been modified or manipulated in any way.


When the client searches for the best hair transplant center in Istanbul, there are some standards and specifications that must be considered and ones that should be available in the center.

  1. The hospital should be located in a safe area with good security so as to prevent any theft or abuse that the client may face during his visit to Istanbul.
  2. Hospital evaluation and reputation: the evaluation of the hospital is recognized through some data, for example, you can see the clients’ testimonials regarding the hospital by visiting its website. Otherwise, you can see previous clients’ comments on social media sites, which often give a good idea regarding the clinic’s reputation.
  3. Experience of the doctor and his staff: Regarding a hair transplant, the success of the procedure requires the expertise of a skilled and experienced doctor as well as the presence of experienced medical staff as a hair transplant procedure depends a lot on experience and skill more so than the method or technique.

You must look for a suitable place to have the operation conducted not just a place that will have cheaper prices as this procedure is usually done once in a lifetime.  In the case of any medical errors resulting from low quality or poor medical care in exchange for a price reduction, you may be subject to irreparable damage.


Privacy policies and respect for patient confidentiality are fundamental to medical work.  We at Clinicana Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul, Turkey are committed to these principles as all patients’ files, photos or recordings are strictly confidential and not shared with anyone.  The customers themselves have preapproved all photos and videos posted or released online or elsewhere.  


The average cost of a hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey is $2,000.  This cost varies from one center to another.  It is true that some centers have prices that do not exceed half of this value.  This decrease in price is often accompanied by low medical quality.  When making a hair transplant decision, you should focus on the quality of the medical service before focusing on the price.  It should be noted that some centers have a very cheap price in order to attract customers and then impose the purchase of products that may equal the price of the hair transplant itself.


These days we are witnessing rapid developments in all fields of science and medicine.  Surprising modern scientific discoveries and new inventions enable us to do what was previously impossible.  This is what we see in the medical field, especially in the field of hair transplant.  Research and studies are currently giving hope to many people who want to find a solution to the problem of hair loss and this is why the best hair transplant hospital in Turkey and the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey must be aware of the latest medical and scientific developments.  Patients and customers must be provided with these details as the ability to adapt to new techniques that will improve the results of hair transplant are vital.  Here it should be noted that research is still in the experimental stage.  Currently the technique adopted primarily for hair transplant is the extraction technique, FUE.  There are no other radically different approaches but there are some modifications regarding the tools used.

The focus is on stem cell research, which may be a radical solution to the problem of hair loss.


To answer these questions, we need to shed some light on the hair transplant process.  The hair transplant process is based in general on two factors:

  1. The area and size of the bald area. What is the number of follicles needed to cover them in general?
  2. The hair bank area, density, size and how many bulbs can be taken without exhausting the donor areas or showing spaces

If the hair bank contains a number of follicles sufficient to cover all bald areas in this case, one session will be enough.

In the case where the bald area (empty area) is very large compared to the number of bulbs available in the donor area, the hair transplant must be divided into two sessions.  In the first session, the density of the front and top areas is concentrated and after one year the second session (intensification session) is held where the remaining part is covered.


The success of the hair transplant cannot be judged as soon as the procedure is completed.  The next stage of the process is very important in order to get the desired results and the appropriate care in this period plays an important role in the growth of well-implanted hair follicles.  Do customers often wonder about the medications they should take after the hair transplant procedure?

Initially, no medication should be taken in the period following the hair transplant without consulting the doctor who performed the procedure.

In terms of dietary supplements and vitamins, there is no doubt that some preparations support hair growth and strength but they are not necessary.  Sufficient nutrients can be obtained through healthy eating habits.  Consuming meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and cheeses or foods rich in vitamins and minerals is necessary in order for healthy hair to grow.

We must not forget nuts and grains, such as almonds and walnuts, which contain biotin, which enters the structure of hair and helps to build it.

For the rest of the drugs used to treat hair loss such as Kalminoxidil and Finasteride, consult your doctor who will give you his opinion before taking any of them.  Minoxidil sprays should be avoided in the immediate postoperative period as they can cause hemorrhage or injury to new bulbs.


Usually the time required is two days.  In the case of client arrival to Istanbul on a Wednesday morning, he will be picked up from the airport and taken to the hotel.  Then he will come to the center of the city in order to undergo the necessary preliminary sampling analysis.  Then the client can tour the city if he wishes and learn about the many tourist attractions in Istanbul.  The next day the hair transplant will be conducted.  After the operation, the client must return to the hotel and rest.  The following day the client will come to the clinic for an inspection and so that clinicians can remove the bandages.  The client can then leave Istanbul Friday afternoon.


In fact, it depends on the hair loss and bald areas.

Sometimes the empty areas are too small to allow hair to thicken and the hair density in these areas is very similar to that before hair loss.

If the bald areas are as large as someone who is typically completely bald, in this case, it is impossible to obtain density similar to natural hair for two reasons:

  1. Insufficient hair bank size

It is impossible to implant the follicles with the same density as natural hair (200 – 300 bulbs/cm2), as current technology does not allow for this.