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Hair transplant cost in Turkey

Hair transplant package details 2300€

  • Airport, hospital and hotel transfers in Istanbul (flight is not included).
  • Two nights’ accommodation very close to the hospital in Taksim – Istanbul (just 5 minutes walking from the clinic, and 5 minutes from Taksim Square as well). Breakfast, SPA and WIFI are also included.
  • Hair transplant in Acibadem Taksim Hospital (Acibadem is the best medical group in Turkey with 18 hospitals around the country, 7 of them in Istanbul, and with many international medical certificates accredited (JCI-ISO for example).
  • All necessary blood analyses before the operation in the hospital.
  • All necessary medications (pain killers, antibiotics, anti swollen, aspirins) and also shampoo, lotion, a exclusive cotton pillow and a hat to wear after your surgery.
  • Translator during your medical journey (Note: all the doctors speak English very well).
  • Medical report.

The hair transplant cost in Turkey is one of the most frequent doubts when thinking about receiving a treatment to solve your hair problems.

Although Turkey and specially Istanbul are currently known as one of the best destinations in the whole world for medical tourism, especially for its competitive prices, the fact is that not all patients know how much money they can save by choosing this option instead of those available in their countries of origin.

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What is the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey?

The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey in a quality and trustworthy clinic like Clinicana is around 2,200 euros for a hair loss treatment using the FUE technique. The price of the hair transplant in Turkey not only includes the surgery itself, but also several additional services. If we consider that just the treatment cost in Britain may be about 10,000 euros, an intervention in Turkey is comparatively cheaper and much more affordable.

It´s important to underline that the fact that the treatment cost is significantly lower in Turkey doesn´t mean a quality loss. Turkey is a country widely known for its top quality medical services and skilled staff, and the best proof of it is that hundreds of thousands of foreigners and Westerners travel every year to the country to receive treatment for all kinds of diseases.

How can I book an appointment?

You can contact our hospital administration for any question or inquiry you may have, and we´ll be glad to clarify any of your doubts. Also, you can get an online free medical consultation  by clicking the button below, and you will obtain an evaluation of your personal case totally free of charge.

 Schedule an appointment

After receiving your diagnosis, you may decide to perform your hair treatment with us; in that case after arranging the date of the operation, you just need to book your plane ticket at a date and time of your choice. Please take into consideration that our clinic is closed on Saturdays & Sundays.

Once you have bought your plane tickets (the best option is the new Istanbul Airport, which is located in the European side of the city and therefore closer to Taksim) you will have to send us a copy of your flight information, so that we can arrange your welcome at the airport (we are available 7/24) and also the reservation for your hotel and your surgery.

How is your hair transplant performed?

Our medical staff is always working hard to stay updated on the latest researches in the hair transplant field. That´s why we use the FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) in our hair transplant operations, which can broadly be defined as a technique that takes the follicles one by one from the backside of the patient's head and then implants them in the balding areas.

Advantages of using the FUE method

  • Two weeks after the date of the operation, all visible effects will disappear leaving no scars.
  • The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia, so after the procedure is finished, the patient can resume its normal life.
  • No hard surgical instruments are used.
  • The operation does not leave any scars or stitches on the head.
  • Completely painless (except for the needle pricks for the anaesthesia).

When will I see the results?

The FUE method guarantees the best results in hair transplantation; however, it takes time until the first results appear and a usually it´s necessary to wait a whole year until seeing the final appearance of your hair. The main stages are:

  • After 2 weeks the new hair might fall. That is normal and there is no need for worry.
  • After 3 months the new hair starts growing, but with moderate results.
  • After 6 months you will start seeing good results.
  • After 1 year you will have the final and best desired result.

Looking for the best hair transplant in Turkey? At Clinicana we offer you the best price-quality ratio for your hair transplant cost in Turkey with no tricks or hidden costs. We never request payments in advance until the patient arrives at our hospital and has agreed all the details of the process with the doctor. That´s why we are the best option in Istanbul, and that´s the reason why more and more people are choosing us as their choice to solve their hair problems.