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Hair transplant Turkey reviews

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Hair transplant in Turkey: Reviews

When you think about getting a hair transplant in Turkey, reviews are very important just to get first hand information about how the whole process is and what results you can expect. We always recommend first to gather all the possible information about how a hair transplant is performed, how is the surgery procedure, its risks, its side effects, its results... so that you can make a proper decision and choose the best available option.

Therefore, it´s very important to know what patients that already have gone through this experience think about it and about the results they got. At Clinicana we use the latest techniques in hair transplant surgery to provide you with the best hair transplant in Turkey: that´s why we are always keen to share our patients’ opinions, as their testimonials are the best proof of why we are the best valued professionals when people think about having a hair transplant in Istanbul.

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GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
09.05.2019 Daniel Breen Robinson, 23 Years Liverpool, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I recently have came to Clinicana for a hair transplant. The communication between myself and the staff have been great, from the moment i arrived in Istanbul I was met by the driver and taken to the hospital for my bloods then onto the hotel which is near by. After I went and explored the city, which is great. The next day I was brought into the hospital for my operation and had my new hairline and areas drew before my head was shaven. The op took about 6hrs and wasn’t as bad as I thought (had headphones). After the op I was taken by the staff to the canteen and bought lunch for me which was a great touch. After, I was given the necessary tablets I needed to take and taken back to the hotel by the driver. My last day in Istanbul I have come back the hospital and received my first wash/wipe and shown how to do it myself. Whole experience has been faultless and professional.

I had 3500 grafts, the operation went well and I am happy and confident with how it now and will look in the future.
I would defiantly recommend Clinicana to anyone who is nervous or in doubt about coming to Turkey for a transplant.

CA Patient opinions about the Clinic
22.03.2019 Jay, 36 Years Alberta, Canada
The Patient Said

The Clinicana staff were extremely helpful and attentive from the moment of my inquiry. My case worker Mira stayed in top of my travel plans and accommodated extra visits to the clinic when I wanted to ask questions or get my bandage removed early. The service and facilities were exactly as advertised and I was very pleased with their professionalism.

I received a FUE hair transplant. I was told that the procedure would result in the planting of between 3300-4000 grafts and when all was said and done, approximately 3800 gears we planted. I can't lie, the procedure want painless, especially when it came to the adminstration of the local anasthesia, but the staff was very attentive to your level of pain or discomfort. I recommend bringing some earbuds and an audiobook to take your mind off things. Recovery period seems pretty fast so far and I am excited to see the final results.

NL Patient opinions about the Clinic
01.03.2019 Siddiqui, 40 Years Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Patient Said

I chose Clinicana for 2 reasons. The price and the great reviews. It also helps that Istanbull is a great city to spend time at.
When i first arrived on the 27th the clinic driver brought me directly to the hospital for blood tests. Afterwards to the hotel for 1 hour rest then back for the operation. It took 4,5 hrs for inplanting 3400 grafts. The team was very good and we even had a lunch break in between the operation. The transfer, the operation, the communication has been excellent. So far all went excellent, its the 3rd day now and its time for some sightseeing.

Amount of grafts implanted from the donir area is 3400 grafts, took about 4,5 hrs.
Lunch u can decide in between or after the operation. Would higly recommend to all if you’re planning to do a hair transplant.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
08.02.2019 Aftab, 40 Years London, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

It was recommended by a friend for their service from start to finish was brilliant. The pick to surgery day and also the aftercare

I had 2800 grafts done to the front corners of my transplant, the operation is straight forward and hopefully will see the results soon.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
29.01.2019 Jon , 34 Years Liverpool, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Very good, friendly and helpful staff.

Hotel brilliant, transfers brilliant whole experience really good

Highly recommend

4100 grafts. The operation was 6 hours, it’s not as long as it sounds.

I would highly recommend to all of my friends

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
29.01.2019 Gary , 30 Years Liverpool , United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Great experience fantastic staff and amazing value for money , they’ are very professional and look after you from airport to airport. Great service

US Patient opinions about the Clinic
19.12.2018 David , 28 Years San Francisco , United States
The Patient Said

I had an an amazing experience at Clinicana. All the doctors, nurses and supervisors were very helpful and very professional in what they do. I want to specially thank Mira for helping me with every single step of the way from giving me advise before the operation, arranging hotel and transportation, to giving me detailed information during the day of the procedure and post op care.

I had the FUE treatment. 2400 grafts. I taught the surgery was going to be painful but I did not feel any pain. I highly recommend Clinicana for everyone that’s thinking about getting a hair transplant. You will definitely get a great operation for a very good price.

AE Patient opinions about the Clinic
12.12.2018 Pablo Gonzalez Lopez, 34 Years Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Patient Said

I chose Clinica because of multiple recommendations. I then started to do some research and compared to a few others. I also checked the many successful stories and testimonials. From the start I was communicated through emails and WhatsApp and was then given an analysis, consultation and recommendation from the offset from the clinic consultant Mira and doctor and all free of charge. Up until my operation date I was completely taken care of. They picked me up from the airport at their designated stand with super ease of finding it right outside of arrivals (in the main hall). The hotel was given as part of my package, and the hotel was literally right next to the Hospital which is the cleanest and modern i have seen. Clinicana looked after me very well.

The aftercare was very comprehensive, was picked up and given all the aftercare medicine and instructions explained very thoroughly. I’m confident all the post treatment will go very well.

AU Patient opinions about the Clinic
05.12.2018 Safie , 26 Years Melbourne , Australia
The Patient Said

Because; The staff are very nice. If your skin is sensitive/feeling pain during the transplant, you can request them to be gentle and give you break after every minute or every few minutes.
They will help you with organising your appointment all the way to coming to Istanbul if you are coming from somewhere other than turkey. They will pick you up from airport on the day when you arrive Istanbul and drop you back off to the airport when you want to go back after the transplant.

I had beard transplant, 4800 grafts.
The result is amazing.
At the beginning it felt a bit of pain while they were injecting my face to make it numb but the I asked them to be gentle and give me a bit of break in between.
Everything went very well after that.

I strongly recommend Clinician to people who want to have hair transplant or beard transplant.
The hospital is in a great location and the hotel is only 2 minutes away from hospital.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
26.10.2018 Arran mchugh, 34 Years Nottingham , United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I used this place because of a friend from home had used it befor and told me it was very good so that's why I came here the team clinic hotel and transfer is the best you can get I have been here twice now and think this is the best hair transplant place in the world

I had a new front line this time put it was a little bit painful but was definitely worth it 100 per cent

MY Patient opinions about the Clinic
17.10.2018 T C RAHIM, 68 Years Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The Patient Said

I did twice hair implant operations before i happened to know about Clinicana. After my third operation here, i think Clinicana is the best clinic for hair implant operation worldwide

Here in Clinicana i received very systematic and professional treatment for my hair implant operation. The staff are very helpful and generous in their services rendered to clients

LB Patient opinions about the Clinic
13.10.2018 Omar, 26 Years Lebanon, Lebanon
The Patient Said

It was very good experience and very friendly staff espacially guy his name alaa! I would recommend everbody to come here to hair transplant.