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Hair transplant Turkey reviews
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Hair transplant in Turkey: Reviews

When you think about getting a hair transplant in Turkey, reviews are very important just to get first hand information about how the whole process is and what results you can expect. We always recommend first to gather all the possible information about how a hair transplant is performed, how is the surgery procedure, its risks, its side effects, its results... so that you can make a proper decision and choose the best available option.

Therefore, it´s very important to know what patients that already have gone through this experience think about it and about the results they got. At Clinicana we use the latest techniques in hair transplant surgery to provide you with the best hair transplant in Turkey: that´s why we are always keen to share our patients’ opinions, as their testimonials are the best proof of why we are the best valued professionals when people think about having a hair transplant in Istanbul.

Rami Patient opinions about the Clinic
The Patient Said

Regarding my experience with this respectful hospital and clinic, to be honest when I first came I was hesitating to do the operation since it was my third time, but when I saw how professional and unique there clinic and staff was, I came back again deciding to do it, during the operation the nurses where really talented, and as I said before I did it in other clinic previously, and yes here was much better whether in the process itself or the skills the nurses had, not to mention the doctors wise decisions, finally I hope the results would be as I hope ,,, thanks Clinicana

sulman Patient opinions about the Clinic
The Patient Said

My experience with Clinicana was really good.
I was not expecting this kind of service, staff is amazing and experienced, and they really looked after me very well.
I am satisfied and hoping to get good result as promised now. I recommend Clinicana to everyone.
Thank you

Fawad Patient opinions about the Clinic
The Patient Said

As my first time I got a great experience, really good customer service, the doctors are really friendly I will defiantly recommend Clinicana to everyone. I was there for three days and I was really enjoyed Thanks a lot

Mohammed Abbas Patient opinions about the Clinic
Mohammed Abbas,
The Patient Said

My experience at Clinicana went very well. The staff welcomed me very well, explained to me everything I needed to know. The surgery itself was a little painful but smooth. The staff speak English well which was good also

Mohammed Imran Patient opinions about the Clinic
Mohammed Imran,
The Patient Said

I’m happy with how I was treated at Clinicana. The overall hospitality is very good and will definitely recommend to anyone who needs a hair transplant.
Good luck to all people considering hair transplant and don’t forget to use the number 1 in Turkey remember Clinicana.

Jonas Pereira Freschi Patient opinions about the Clinic
Jonas Pereira Freschi,
The Patient Said

The whole experience has been outstanding from beginning to the end. The staff is very professional and attentive. Clinicana has state of the art facilities and the hotel is amazing.

Highly recommend it

Adil Sheikh Patient opinions about the Clinic
Adil Sheikh,
The Patient Said

This is my second transplant with Clinicana and I used them again as there service was very good the first time. The best thing I liked was the about Clinicana was that they have multiple people work on the transplant so the pain is minimal and the time taken is less. God willing the results will be positive like the first time is was done.


Ahmed Patient opinions about the Clinic
The Patient Said

I recently had a hair transplant producer at Clinicana. It was a fantastic experience from the moment I landed in Istanbul. The staff are very professional and attentive. The doctor and the nurse who did the producer which took about 6 hours were very calm, fast and nice.
I generally enjoyed my experience here and look forward to have more hair than Trump.

LB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Kassem Haydar, Lebanon
The Patient Said

I’m kassem from Lebanon I contact Clinicana in Turkey to do operation for hair transplant and I came to Turkey after Clinicana arrange hotel and transport for me and I did the operation it was very good operation for me and I get a very nice result so I advise all people in the world who’s need a perfect operation and good services to contact Clinicana
Thanks for all staff in Clinicana
Thanks Clinicana for your support
Thank you

Shak Skk Patient opinions about the Clinic
Shak Skk,
The Patient Said

Recently had a hair transplant with Clinicana. Normally I do not write reviews however this was one of the most satisfying experience in every aspect. Right from pick up from the airport until the post op follow ups. They really looked after you and was there all the time to answer all your queries. The procedure itself was seamless with no problems at all which certainly made me happy about the choice of the clinic. With Clinicana it was not just about how affordable they are but also the seamless and genuine service they provide.

Aj Rahman Patient opinions about the Clinic
Aj Rahman,
The Patient Said

My experience with Clinicana was amazing from start to finish. The staff are amazing and I was told about the procedure in details. I first contacted Mr. Melham Attar via WhatsApp and was told to send some pictures of the top of my hair, few days later I was in Istanbul, that’s how easy it is. I will recommend this place to anyone looking for HT.

Adnan Saric Patient opinions about the Clinic
Adnan Saric,
The Patient Said

Moje iskustvo povodom transplatacije kose u Acibadem.

Od samog dolaska na arodrom Ataturk organizacija je na najvisem nivou,.Ljubazno osoblje koje me je docekalo na aerodromu do osoblja klinike Acibadem.
Sama operacija je protekla u najboljem redu uz nadzor doktora .Profesionalnst na najvisem nivou , preporucujem svima .


Assadullah Patient opinions about the Clinic
The Patient Said

Hi my name Asadullah Popal
I came all from New York for my hair transplant
And it was great and successful
I am so happy to here in ACIBADEM Taksim hospital for my hair transplant
Thank you so much

NO Patient opinions about the Clinic
Hau, Norway
The Patient Said

Here are my thoughts around my experience with Clinicana regarding hair transplant in Turkey.

When I decided to get a hair transplant I first checked out the alternatives. After some research on the internet, it was obvious that Turkey was the place to go. Did check out different clinics and their reviews, and ended up with Clinicana.
The reason that I chose Clinicana, was that they are a part of a bigger hospital. When someone first gets to work with my head I prefer the safe choice.
From the start to the end all of the staff were very helpful. Had a contact person that I could rely on, and she made sure that everything was on place when needed.
The procedure went very well, and the doctor listened to my wishes and priorities, and made sure that I got what I came from. I had 3700 grafts moved, and those who did the work were very professional. The doctor was in the room a few time to follow up. That was appreciated but not necessary.
To move such an amount of grafts is a tedious work, and I really appreciated the way the assistants did it.
I would definitely recommend Clinicana to everyone who consider a hair transplant.

AU Patient opinions about the Clinic
Luke Chalk, Australia
The Patient Said

Clinicana was really professional with the procedure and with their knowledge and after care of the transplant all questions were answered. Staff very professional and polite and the procedure was pretty much pain fee. Would recommend to anyone who want hair transplant in Turkey.

Thank you Clinicana hair transplant center

Dave Patient opinions about the Clinic
The Patient Said

“I had 2nd FUE hair transplant increase density in Turkey with Clinicana. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has lost their hair – you can get your hair back!
The operation was painless. The cost here is probably 50-75% cheaper than UK and excellent value.

The first one went well. Clinicana set up in an impressive new hospital in Taksim Istanbul. They arranged for me to stay in a 5* hotel and arranged airport transfers. The doctors and nurses really treat you well and know how to look after their patients. I wish the Clinicana team all the best for the future...

GABRIEL PATRONE Patient opinions about the Clinic
The Patient Said

All process were made with excellence
All employees very well trained
Nothing to complain
I do recommend CLINICANA

Maya Patient opinions about the Clinic
The Patient Said

My name is Maya Hamarneh
I came to Clinicana to do hair transplantation which I already talked to one of the ladies on WhatsApp before I came
The operation was okay and not so painful and the hotel was very close
I expected more consulting with the doctors before and after but now hopefully the transplantation would work and I will have to wait for the results till at least a month or two

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Mohammed Kobir Miah, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Came from the UK with my brother and had a stress free procedure, we were well informed about what steps to take and aftercare. The staff were very helpful, polite and made this whole experience pleasant. Will definitely recommend.


Ibrahim Itani Patient opinions about the Clinic
Ibrahim Itani,
The Patient Said

I heard about Clinicana from Facebook adds and honestly was so sure about I was scared that it might end up being a scam like many other online companies so I decided to make the call through WhatsApp and their great customer service over the phone scared me more cause honestly they were so helpful and super nice I talked to Mira she’s one of the best and she was so helpful everything was so organized they took care of everything since I got to the airport until drop off back at the airport the staff is so professional and super nice they really know what they are doing overall the whole process was so easy and satisfying, no need to worry about anything but make sure you bring cash to pay for the operation otherwise will be charged a hefty %18 card fee which wasn’t justified on my end but other than that I do really recommend Clinicana they are one of the best to deal with.