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Looking for a clinic centre for a hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey?

Probably you have come here looking for a clinic centre in Turkey. It´s a fact that Turkey is not only a major tourism destination in the world, but it also has become of the most popular countries for medical tourism. It´s estimated that more than a million of foreigners travel every year to Turkey to get medical and surgical procedures. And many of them come to Turkey seeking a hair transplant clinic.There are many medical tourism companies in Turkey, too.

But, why is Turkey so popular in medical tourism? And why are the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey? Well, these are good questions. Actually, there are many reasons to explain it: let´s see some of them.

Turkey’s strategic position 

Turkey is strategically placed at the meeting point between Europe and Asia. This unique geographical position makes it an amalgam of Eastern and Western cultures. You can easily reach Turkey via many airlines, like Turkish Airlines (THY), which flies to more than 192 international destinations, including UK and United States.

A country easy to enter a full of tourist destinations

Turkey tourism offers all kinds of attractions, including culture, history, nature, fantastic landscapes and incredible beaches with great quality tourist infrastructure. In fact Turkey is one of the leading countries in world tourism.

Besides, entry procedures in Turkey are less cumbersome than many other countries in the world. Foreigners who travel to Turkey just need to have a passport valid for the next 6 months. Also, Turkey has visa exemption agreements with a lot of countries.

Affordable prices

Most of the foreign patients coming to Turkey for a hair transplant are from Europe and Arabian Gulf Countries. That´s because low prices in Turkey are a big draw for those looking for a solution to their alopecia problems.

A hair clinic in Turkey like Clinicana has prices starting from 2,000 euro (you can check the pricing here), while in the UK the same procedure costs about $12,000. In the United States, prices can rise up to $15,000. Therefore, many Europeans and Americans are opting for a clinic for their hair transplant in Istanbul -or in other places in Turkey- as their best option for their hair transplantation surgery. 

World class and internationally accredited medical facilities

Price is important if you are looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, but also accreditation. If you are coming to Turkey and seeking the best hair transplant clinic, you should always look for hair transplant clinics with official certificates. The main one is the Joint Commission International (JCI), an accreditation that guarantees the safety and quality of health care in more than 100 countries all over the world.

Also, many hospitals and clinics in Turkey have an especial accreditation from the Health Ministry, guaranteeing that they use modern techniques and equipment and that their medical staff has the necessary formation and skills.

We at Clinicana have the JCI accreditation and we follow the latest techniques in hair transplant and cosmetic surgery. Besides, Clinicana is located in the Acibadem Taksim Hospital in Istanbul, one of the best and most modern hospitals in Turkey. Therefore, we can openly and proudly say that we have the best DHI clinic in Turkey.

Professional and qualified medical staff

Turkey has a pool of highly trained doctors, many of whom have studied abroad. Therefore, they are able to offer the latest and safest medical procedures; also most of them have done international internships, allowing them to offer their services in foreign languages like English.

As for the hair transplant procedures, contrary to doctors in other countries, Turkish doctors are specialized in hair surgery and have performed thousands of hair transplantations, so they are very well skilled in these techniques and can guarantee better results.

At Clinicana our doctors and most of the nurses speak good English. Alto translation services are available for our patients in case they may need them. We use the safest and most innovative techniques, guaranteeing the best results, too.

Our medical staff is highly trained and has a lot of experience in hair implant procedures. And finally, our clinic centre in Turkey is located in Istanbul, at one of the best hospitals of the country.