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Is a hair transplant permanent? What to expect long-term

By Prof. Dr. Soner Tatlidede 2020-10-14

how many years does hair transplant last?

Is hair transplant permanent? This is one of the questions most frequently asked by people who, after looking for the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey, end up travelling to Istanbul and undergoing this type of surgery to solve their hair loss problems. Actually, a hair transplantation, if carried out by professionals with enough experience and with all guarantees, can last a lifetime.

Modern hair transplant techniques such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) allow to achieve spectacular results without leaving side effects or scars; however, the answer to "is a hair transplant permanent?" will depend on several factors: from the operation itself or the subsequent care, to the genetics of each patient. Let's look at it in detail.

How many years does hair transplant last?

Is a hair transplant a permanent solution? To answer the question of how long hair transplants last, we must consider that its duration will depend, firstly, on the technique used and on the expertise of the medical team that performs the hair transplant. It is not the same to use the FUT technique - also called the "strip" method - which is more aggressive and has more complications and risks, than the modern FUE technique, which has a lower risk of infection and subsequent complications.

FUE technique requires also greater specialization than FUT, therefore not all surgeons are capable of performing it. Precisely, FUE technique is used in practically all clinics in Turkey; not just because it is safer for the patient, but also because it does not leave scars, it is practically painless, and allows patient to recover hair in a few months with a totally natural look. Then... is FUE hair transplant permanent?

Since when using the FUE technique, follicles are transplanted one by one from the donor area - usually the nape - it can be said that the evolution and duration of that transplanted hair will be similar to that existing in the donor area. That is to say: although hair transplant clinics normally offer up to 10 years of guarantee, actually a FUE hair transplant can last a lifetime.

In fact, the evolution of the transplanted hair will be better than that of the hair previously existing in the recipient area. Why? Well, because in most cases the hair in the donor area is the one that is not affected by male pattern baldness - the most common cause of baldness - which, actually, is triggered by the sensitivity of hair follicles to DHT hormone. Since donor hair is immune to DHT, it will not be affected by alopecia even if the latter continues to progress.

Why can we lose hair after a transplant?

Although it is true that a hair transplant with the FUE technique lasts practically for life, there are risk factors that may cause hair to fall out; however, don't panic: if it falls out, in most cases that will be a totally normal and temporary phenomenon, which will not affect the success of the transplant and that usually can be avoided following some useful hair care tips.

First of all, after the operation it is important to follow our doctor's recommendations to maximize hair transplant results and avoid any damage to the transplanted follicles; that is: do not touch or press the operated area, avoiding physical efforts or direct sunlight, use the prescribed shampoo, sleep in a proper position... It may also happen that after the transplant we suffer from shock loss or shedding: but this is something very normal and temporary.

On the other hand, although hair transplant normally lasts a lifetime, do not forget that our hair will age at the same pace that the rest of our body; so, with age some of the transplanted follicles may deteriorate and cause hair to fall out. However, that will never be a massive phenomenon, and your level of baldness will never be as before the operation.

Precisely, another key factor to answer the question "is hair transplant permanent?" is that the transplant should be done once alopecia has slowed down or stopped; if not, new hair transplants will be necessary in the following years. That's what makes so important to be diagnosed by a trustworthy clinic. Clinicana is the best valued hair clinic: just take a look at some of the reviews on hair transplant in Turkey. Ask for a free consultation: you won't regret it!

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