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Ahmad Issa Patient opinions about the Clinic
15.04.2017 Ahmad Issa,
The Patient Said

From the start to finish the journey with Clinicana was smooth and professional. The information provided were exhaustive and exact with little over-promises or pressure. The non-medical services were very good (the hotel was comfortable and close to the center and the airport and in-city shuttles were very convenient). The operation itself was a bit tiring and long but he staff took every step to insure comfort. They were supportive and accommodation to some delays and timing shifts from my part. The post-op consultation was informative. I would recommend the clinic to anyone thinking of an affordable yet high quality operation

Victor Mana Patient opinions about the Clinic
15.04.2017 Victor Mana,
The Patient Said

My experience in Clinicana has been outstanding. From day one I have been very well informed during the whole process. Staff are very professional and helpful and the operation was smoothly. I will highly recommend this Clinic to my friends.

ALVARO COLOMER AZAGRA Patient opinions about the Clinic
The Patient Said

Very good service, high quality .I recommend Clinicana

Patient opinions about the Clinic
13.04.2017 christ, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

From the initial beginning to the last day Clinicana was a fantastic medical company which filled me with confidence with my hair transplant. The staff were so helpful and polite and I felt a luxury service throughout my hair transplant journey. Every detail to the airport collection and hotel is fantastic. Mera was very informative even on messaging with information and available 24 hours a day on WhatsApp. Coming from Manchester/England I cannot recommend highly this group of professional people if you have any doubt travelling to Turkey-Istanbul take it from me you are in safe hands when considering this operation. I cannot wait to see the results for my wedding in 6 months.

Mehbub Hoque Patient opinions about the Clinic
13.04.2017 Mehbub Hoque,
The Patient Said

Overall the procedure was very smooth. I was anxious and slightly worried before but after completion I was delighted. The staff are very professional and also very caring. They have looked after me well. Overall Delighted!

Sheek Patient opinions about the Clinic
13.04.2017 Sheek,
The Patient Said

The FUE hair transplant at Clinicana was wonderful from start to finish. Upon arriving at the Turkish airport I was well taking care of. Throughout the stay a designated driver is arranged from hotel to the Clinicana and back. The staff and the interpreters were professional. I enjoyed my stay at Istanbul and I can’t wait to see the final results. I would recommend Clinicana to anyone interested in FUE hair transplant.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
11.04.2017 mostafa, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

My interaction with Clinicana from first contact via Eyad to the whole experience in Istanbul from pickups to hotel to the day of operation have been handled very professional / furthermore the operation lasted several hours and was conducted by trained professional with oversight of main plastic surgeon / I’m hopping for great results in 12 months / extremely great value for money with a guarantee on the services provided/
London, UK


Maynard Patient opinions about the Clinic
11.04.2017 Maynard,
The Patient Said

I went over this internet site and I believe you have a lot of excellent information, saved to favorites.

Waqas Maqbool Patient opinions about the Clinic
11.04.2017 Waqas Maqbool,
The Patient Said

A team of professionals who took good care of me while I was here at Clinicana
Highly recommend the service at Clinicana.
They took care of all my needs.
Thanks for all your help.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
07.04.2017 Mikael, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

My experience this far has been good and so has been the staff I dealt with. First day I was met with and English speaking staff who were very professional and easy to communicate with. The whole procedure and requirements were explained in detail of which I agreed to and then the full payment was taken as discussed.

Blood tests and forms were completed to confirm I was healthy enough to proceed with the transplant. I then proceeded for the PRP treatment of which I felt a bit anxious as I am not a fan of needles but to fare I didn’t feel much thankfully. I then returned to the Hotel which was part of the package deal and got to prepare myself for the main day of the treatment.

On the day of the treatment I everything was explained again to me to prepare me for the procedure. I was taken to the treatment room where they shaved my hair and began to outline the area for donation and the hair transplant area.

Once I agreed to the marked out hair line the procedure started with a load of local anesthetic, which trust me is a good thing, PLEASE request as many as possible which will prevent you from feeling any pain but unfortunately they do hurt and trust me when I say you have loads. Once the areas where numb they started the procedure of preparing both transplant area then the donor area.

The procedure started at about 11.10am and was completed by about 6.10pm, of which I did have a lunch break half way through the procedure. The procedure is quite uncomfortable as you can appreciate laying down all those hours not being able to move but this was expected. On completion of the procedure I returned to the Hotel painless and to date I have not used any pain killers provided.

The fourth day (normally done on 3rd Day but I was in Istanbul on holiday until the 12th April) I came in for the wash and to remove the bandages which felt great and the whole washing treatment was explained to me.

That has been my experience thus far and hope my review helps with your decision of which I would highly recommend Clinicana, Istanbul, and Taksim… Not forgetting to mention the Hotels are located walking distance of the famous and beautiful Taksim Square... Good Luck

abdulmohsen alabdullatif Patient opinions about the Clinic
05.04.2017 abdulmohsen alabdullatif,
The Patient Said

I have enjoyed an excellent experience with Clinicana hair implant, the stuff are very friendly and well experienced.
The beauty is the clinic is inside the best hospital in Istanbul and the client is clean and neat. Very recommended for hair implant. They booked for us 5 start hotel which is close to the hospital including shuttle for transportation. I give it A++.

michael strelka Patient opinions about the Clinic
05.04.2017 michael strelka,
The Patient Said

This is my second hair transplant with Clinicana.
Many things have changed since the last time.
The new location is way better and the staff has become more professional.
What a development!!!!
Thanks to a great team.