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Waqas Maqbool Patient opinions about the Clinic
11.04.2017 Waqas Maqbool,
The Patient Said

A team of professionals who took good care of me while I was here at Clinicana
Highly recommend the service at Clinicana.
They took care of all my needs.
Thanks for all your help.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
07.04.2017 Mikael, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

My experience this far has been good and so has been the staff I dealt with. First day I was met with and English speaking staff who were very professional and easy to communicate with. The whole procedure and requirements were explained in detail of which I agreed to and then the full payment was taken as discussed.

Blood tests and forms were completed to confirm I was healthy enough to proceed with the transplant. I then proceeded for the PRP treatment of which I felt a bit anxious as I am not a fan of needles but to fare I didn’t feel much thankfully. I then returned to the Hotel which was part of the package deal and got to prepare myself for the main day of the treatment.

On the day of the treatment I everything was explained again to me to prepare me for the procedure. I was taken to the treatment room where they shaved my hair and began to outline the area for donation and the hair transplant area.

Once I agreed to the marked out hair line the procedure started with a load of local anesthetic, which trust me is a good thing, PLEASE request as many as possible which will prevent you from feeling any pain but unfortunately they do hurt and trust me when I say you have loads. Once the areas where numb they started the procedure of preparing both transplant area then the donor area.

The procedure started at about 11.10am and was completed by about 6.10pm, of which I did have a lunch break half way through the procedure. The procedure is quite uncomfortable as you can appreciate laying down all those hours not being able to move but this was expected. On completion of the procedure I returned to the Hotel painless and to date I have not used any pain killers provided.

The fourth day (normally done on 3rd Day but I was in Istanbul on holiday until the 12th April) I came in for the wash and to remove the bandages which felt great and the whole washing treatment was explained to me.

That has been my experience thus far and hope my review helps with your decision of which I would highly recommend Clinicana, Istanbul, and Taksim… Not forgetting to mention the Hotels are located walking distance of the famous and beautiful Taksim Square... Good Luck

abdulmohsen alabdullatif Patient opinions about the Clinic
05.04.2017 abdulmohsen alabdullatif,
The Patient Said

I have enjoyed an excellent experience with Clinicana hair implant, the stuff are very friendly and well experienced.
The beauty is the clinic is inside the best hospital in Istanbul and the client is clean and neat. Very recommended for hair implant. They booked for us 5 start hotel which is close to the hospital including shuttle for transportation. I give it A++.

michael strelka Patient opinions about the Clinic
05.04.2017 michael strelka,
The Patient Said

This is my second hair transplant with Clinicana.
Many things have changed since the last time.
The new location is way better and the staff has become more professional.
What a development!!!!
Thanks to a great team.

Manuel De Dominicis Patient opinions about the Clinic
05.04.2017 Manuel De Dominicis,
The Patient Said

It was a really good experience everyone was really kind and friendly, the only thing is the language, sometimes it wasnt easy to communicate but all the rest ws great.

Manuel De Dominicis

Patient opinions about the Clinic
29.03.2017 Rabih, Lebanon
The Patient Said

I did hair transplant in Clinicana. The staff is very friendly and kind. The team is very professional. Good service you do not feel you are in hospital it is like hotel. So modern and clean. Highly recommended.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
26.03.2017 Hewa, Netherlands
The Patient Said

Geachte heer /mevrouw
Op het eerst wil ik mijn dankbaar aan geheel medewerkers van clinieck Clinicana afdeling haar transport, especiaal aan Dr Rowaad, de verpleegkundigen Gamzaa, Toba en Samied. En ook heel bedankbaar aan mevrouw Hind de vertaler ze heeft me te veel geholpen door haar steunen ben ik heel verder gegaan met de opratie.
En ik vergeet niet de chermante driever meneer Abod Allah.
Veel succes en ik zal stap bij stap met jullie om te vervolgen over mijn situatie.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
24.03.2017 John, Qatar
The Patient Said

I had a hair transplant yesterday at Clinicana in Istanbul Turkey and I am very happy with the result so far and generally the procedure. All the staff are very professional and think of every detail.
I chose Clinicana based on a recommendation from a friend.
The people I contacted were very professional and always responsive and the staff were also professional and I really trusted them. They also think of every little detail and concern and work hard to ensure you are comfortable.”

Patient opinions about the Clinic
24.03.2017 Dave, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

“I had 2nd FUE hair transplant increase density in Turkey with Clinicana. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has lost their hair – you can get your hair back!
The operation was painless. The cost here is probably 50-75% cheaper than UK and excellent value.

The first one went well. Clinicana set up in an impressive new hospital in Taksim Istanbul. They arranged for me to stay in a 5* hotel and arranged airport transfers. The doctors and nurses really treat you well and know how to look after their patients. I wish the Clinicana team all the best for the future...

Patient opinions about the Clinic
24.03.2017 Johnny, Denmark
The Patient Said

The clinic is in a hospital and they are very professional about their work. There are several assistants to help you around with questions and the process in general.
The surgery staff are very kind and professional – both doctors and nurses.

The pre-booking phase was extremely smooth.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
24.03.2017 Tim, Denmark
The Patient Said

I’ve had 3500 grafts relocated – information and pre-operation information has been very good. Operation quick, effective and not as painful as expected – the most painful experience is your neck when sitting still for the duration of the operation.
Post-operation day 1 on the hotel has been the least easy part – not even close to hard – the hardest part was laying down for an entire day. The Naz City hotel works in cooperation with Clinicana and it works beautifully.
Post-operation day 2 going back to the clinic for removal of bandages and further instructions – also very professional.
Overall I am very happy and satisfied with the treatment – better than expected.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
24.03.2017 radu, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

It was a great experience with Clinicana! I meet here friendly people and experienced staff with gave me a lot of information and advices! Form the beginning they talk to me every time when i had some questions and send me a lot of photos and videos to help me not to be afraid about this hair transplant! They are very good and I advise all the people who want a hair transplant to come here at Clinicana! Thank you!