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Patient opinions about the Clinic
24.03.2017 radu, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

It was a great experience with Clinicana! I meet here friendly people and experienced staff with gave me a lot of information and advices! Form the beginning they talk to me every time when i had some questions and send me a lot of photos and videos to help me not to be afraid about this hair transplant! They are very good and I advise all the people who want a hair transplant to come here at Clinicana! Thank you!

Patient opinions about the Clinic
24.03.2017 Adam, United States
The Patient Said

I found the treatment very professional and the staff was more than happy to answer every question I had.
The aftercare was amazing as they looked after me every step of the way.
I would highly recommend Clinicana to anyone not only for how professional but also the amazing and affordable packages they have to offer
Highly recommend it for anyone looking for a hair transplant
I chose the clinic for its affordable price packages and its high recommendations I got of my friends who hair got hair transplants from Clinicana
I found my visit very welcoming and was very impressed with the location as the clinic is very clean and staff are highly professional
From before to after the treatment
Highly recommend it

Patient opinions about the Clinic
24.03.2017 nica, Romania
The Patient Said

Had 3700 grafts in Clinicana.
Everything it was ok. Staff very kind and helpful.
I recommend this clinic if you are looking for a hair implant.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
22.03.2017 micheal, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Very nice pleasant staff, procedure was quicker than I thought, the hotel was nice and clean, overall i’m happy I did it, thanks Clinicana :).and Meera was very nice and helpful to me so thanks Meera.


Patient opinions about the Clinic
21.03.2017 dereck, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Happy with the overall experience the local anesthetic was very painful having had many local before I found these ones excruciating. I was happy with the overall procedure. I was a bit concerned about the amount of blood on the bed especially around the face area after the micro incisions were opened in my face they were in contact with the bed for long periods as the bandaging kept on slipping. Just concerned about bacterial infection from this. The girls who done the procedure were very efficient quick and helpful.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
18.03.2017 malek, Lebanon
The Patient Said

Clinicana one of the best clinic that we heard in Turkey and when we come we observe that specially the room where the surgery happen
So thanks Clinicana Hair Transplant for your care
Thank you
Malek Mahfouz and Samer Mahfouz

Patient opinions about the Clinic
17.03.2017 Mohamad, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Coming to Clinicana was a really good experience.
The staff is very friendly and the treatment went well I will recommend anyone who wants to get a hair transplant Clinicana in Turkey is the place to come to.
Also the hotel was in Taksim, everything you need you can found it around the hotel...

Patient opinions about the Clinic
17.03.2017 Salah, Kuwait
The Patient Said

Good staff
Professional team
They give me full information and instructions before and after the operation. And they use FUE technique for hair transplant.
The hospital is very near from the hotel and touristic area. I highly recommend Clinicana in Turkey

Patient opinions about the Clinic
17.03.2017 sean, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

In Clinicana The treatment from start to finish was 1st class, Very pleasant staff and wonderful treatment facilities, The hotel package (Ritz Carlton) made the complete process trouble free going to and from the clinic, The treatment itself was long, under local anesthetic and was painless for the most part. There was food provided half way through the procedure which I did not eat a lot of, my only personal advice to others is to eat as much as you can for breakfast and lunch, even if you don’t feel able as I felt very weak after the long procedure. The patient care from the staff has been excellent, I would recommend anyone wanting to get the treatment

Patient opinions about the Clinic
17.03.2017 George, Lebanon
The Patient Said

Had the FUE treatment to cover the front and crown area.
The operation is long overall since I had big areas to cover.
However it went smooth and keep the music on so time passes faster.
The only painful time is during the anesthesia for few minutes 3 times.
And during the operation you hear that “heavy” works are being done
Staff during the operation are friendly however their English is almost null.

The pre-booking phase was extremely smooth.
Thanks to the communication with Hind I chose this clinic.
Obviously like any person I was in touch with several clinics (5 to be specific).
However due to the professionalism and perfect communication of Hind it was easy to decide. Though Clinicana was the highest cost with another clinic.
The hospital is extremely nice and new. The hotel is decent and has good services.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
16.03.2017 sayeed, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

My experience here was fantastic from the moment of arrival until the wash of my head. The staff have been great even with a language barrier they have gone beyond my expectations. I had read in may forums about how scary a hair transplant can be but this was far from the case all the team help you settle in straight away and remove any doubts and worries you may have, I would most definitely recommend this clinic to anyone wanting a hair transplant. A credit to the hair transplant industry. 10/10 from my experience.
A state of the art clinic which really cannot be described in words you will have to see it to believe it, Staff are great and willing to help you no matter your needs are, in final a very clean and modern clinic with professional staff.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
15.03.2017 ahmad, United States
The Patient Said

Best experience I ever had it was very transparent they answered all the questions I had, I would refer this place to anyone.