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Patient opinions about the Clinic
16.03.2017 sayeed, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

My experience here was fantastic from the moment of arrival until the wash of my head. The staff have been great even with a language barrier they have gone beyond my expectations. I had read in may forums about how scary a hair transplant can be but this was far from the case all the team help you settle in straight away and remove any doubts and worries you may have, I would most definitely recommend this clinic to anyone wanting a hair transplant. A credit to the hair transplant industry. 10/10 from my experience.
A state of the art clinic which really cannot be described in words you will have to see it to believe it, Staff are great and willing to help you no matter your needs are, in final a very clean and modern clinic with professional staff.

Patient opinions about the Clinic
15.03.2017 ahmad, United States
The Patient Said

Best experience I ever had it was very transparent they answered all the questions I had, I would refer this place to anyone.


Patient opinions about the Clinic
15.03.2017 edward, United States
The Patient Said

Over all it was a great experience people were very friendly
I would recommend it

Patient opinions about the Clinic
13.03.2017 Petru, London, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

“I came to Turkey from two year ago and I had my first hair transplant 3500 grafts with Clinicana team , it was good result and now I had second surgery for density 2200 grafts and I am very satisfied..
Clinicana staff are very professional and very polite I will recommend to everyone”

Patient opinions about the Clinic
13.03.2017 Yan, Malta
The Patient Said

My life. It’s completely painless and an excellent value for money.
I was seriously impressed with Clinicana. It is a top notch clinic and staff are all very helpful. My experience here in Turkey Istanbul was truly memorable.”

Patient opinions about the Clinic
13.03.2017 Mark, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

“Hello, I came from UK to Turkey to do my hair transplant.
The treatment was better than expected. Very little pain, the staff were great and understood everything that I wanted, I would definitely recommend Clinicana.
The clinic was very clean more than any hospital/clinic I have been to in the UK, very impressed!”

Patient opinions about the Clinic
13.03.2017 Rayhan, United States
The Patient Said

I had two sessions of hair transplant done in Turkey with Clinicana. Once I had done 3500 grafts which was last year and this time I got done another 2400 grafts.
The hospital is more than I expected and very clean.
Their work is the finest and very satisfactory. I highly recommend Clinicana.
Wonderful place wonderful people.

yuri Patient opinions about the Clinic
11.03.2017 yuri,
The Patient Said

The operation was very enjoyable and the staff welcoming.
Since the very beginning I felt secure and the hand of professionals.
The operation was pretty long (7 hours) but definitely worth it, not painful and went smoothly without problems.
All the staff at the clinic is very professional, they speak English and for any concern or problem that you have they are available 24/7 via WhatsApp or phone call.


hugo Patient opinions about the Clinic
11.03.2017 hugo,
The Patient Said

First contact with the clinic was the blood exam which was very complete and the results were handed to me also what is appreciate.
Then the day of the operation. It began on time and. the nurses were all very kind and showing concern about my wellbeing during the procedure. They were very professional also.
At this first stage the results seems like fulfilling the expectation.

Charles Patient opinions about the Clinic
09.03.2017 Charles,
The Patient Said

“I received hair transplants
I would recommend to discuss with Clinicana about your issues first to see how they can help
Initial communication can be made conveniently through WhatsApp
The communication in English was good before and after the treatment
The follow in the weeks post-surgery is done by email or WhatsApp
Clinicana was recommended by my hairdresser
The clinic where Clinicana operates is Acibadem which is recent and well equipped”

Patient opinions about the Clinic
09.03.2017 Remael, France
The Patient Said

Hi guys, I came from France to do hair transplant in Turkey and it went perfectly well.
All the team in Clinicana was ready and concentrate to be quick and top for optimize the result
Everything was clear and professional

The team is young dynamic and very proffesional,
All the communications was clear with good addvices
I had good experience with Clinicana in Istanbul .
Thank you all

Patient opinions about the Clinic
08.03.2017 Algirdas, Lithuania
The Patient Said

I had been suffering from hair loss for many years.
And I visited three clinics in Istanbul for consultation and it was very easy to decide for Clinicana- modern and peaceful environment, professional and caring personnel.

So after 1 month i came to do Hair Transplant in Turkey and everything was organized perfectly, doctors and nurses were very caring and did precise job. It was definitely worth doing the treatment – I feel completely different looking person!

I’m very happy with all the service!