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GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
19.10.2017 Darroch hogg, 27 Years Alloa, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Everying was made easy hotel and hospital very clean good experience

DK Patient opinions about the Clinic
17.10.2017 Sermed, 35 Years Copenhagen, Denmark
The Patient Said

Have been in contact with Dr Mulhim on what's up since marts 2017 and he is brilliant in responding quickly and providing detailed information . We scheduled the surgery in October 2017. When we arrived to the airport the kind driver was already waiting for us and took us to the hotel which is very close to the hospital . On the day of surgery I was introduced very honestly to the expected results and was ask if I still interested to continue . Then I had a great meal before shaving and doing the surgery which took five hours . In general no pain related to the surgery except during the anesthesia. The day after I had a control meeting with the doctor and on the second day we did remove the bandage and clean the area .
In general no pain and no significant swelling after the surgery.
Very kind and professional personal and you feel in save hands during the whole trip. Will definitely recommend clinciana .

AF Patient opinions about the Clinic
14.10.2017 Zahid, 30 Years Kabul, Afghanistan
The Patient Said

Clinicana is the best place to get your hair transplantation because of it’s good service, nice and friendly staff and kind behavior.
I want to say about the procedure that it’s not as painful or scary as we think.
The price is also affordable.
I want to appreciate all the great service they do and help the patients to come their dreams true regarding the hair restoration.
Come and visit the Clinicana hair transplantation center and get what you want and deserve.

US Patient opinions about the Clinic
07.10.2017 Murtaza Qurbany, Male, 32 Years Washington Dc , United States
The Patient Said The Clinicana is a perfect place for those who want to do hair transplant. I come from Washington DC and they took the whole responsibility from the airport till departure back to home. Miss Mira coordianted and managed all the process from A- Z in a proffesional manner and she is awesome! The medical team was great as well and they worked so hard with patience and details amd i belive they did a awesome work as well as I am on my second day after the operation.. Overall, You can trust this place to do hair transplant.
BH Patient opinions about the Clinic
07.10.2017 Mohamed, Male, 24 Years Manama, Bahrain
The Patient Said

The hospital is very well organised and well informed. The doctors and staff were very helpful, experienced and professional. The surgery went down very well as they are used to doing these surgeries in big amounts. I’m glad I chose this hospital to proceed with. Thank You

BH Patient opinions about the Clinic
07.10.2017 Mohamed ali, Male, 27 Years sharjah, Bahrain
The Patient Said

Clinicana made this into a pleasant experience. Very professional and courteous. I highly recommend their services

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
06.10.2017 Ahmed, Male, 35 Years London, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Experiencing hair transplant here at clinicana. Having researched and used varies products and different solution for getting my hair back in the past, but unfortunately I couldn't get a concrete result. I wasnt satisfied. In the recent months I've been researching clinicana here in Turkey which I have been recommended by a friend. Going through their reviews and people's experience, I there made up my mind and booked my ticked and came to clinicana. The process was good and the staff was organised. They looked after me well. I thank the management and the staff for their help.

RO Patient opinions about the Clinic
30.09.2017 Emanuel, Male, 37 Years București, Romania
The Patient Said

Good acomodation, excelent pacient care. Nice and friendly staff who explain every procedure in the best way. Perfect follow up surgery.
A fast and easy way to get your hair and your youth back.

QA Patient opinions about the Clinic
30.09.2017 FK, Male, 45 Years Doha, Qatar
The Patient Said

Excellent experience. They took care from landing till drop off. The operation procedure took bit long and pain is within the tolerable limit.
Hotel stay and the hospital are fantastic in terms of cleanliness.
I would like to thank Clinacana team especially Meera for their excellent care.i didn’t feel am lonely in turkey.

DK Patient opinions about the Clinic
28.09.2017 Hennıng Muff Ranzau, Male, 55 Years Esbjerg, Denmark
The Patient Said I feelt I Was ın good hands, and was carred for. Eveeryone was nice and everything was supeer professionel.
GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
28.09.2017 James, Male, 27 Years U.K. , United Kingdom
The Patient Said Collected at the airport very promptly, and taken via the hospital to get bloods done, then taken to the ritz Carlton 5* hotel which is worth every penny of the extra money. On arrival to the hospital the next day I was meet with a bubbly translator who explained the entire process. The op itself is pain free bar the few injections of anesthetic you have to get. You are given a bag of foams, antibiotics, shampoos and other items. Overall happy with the experience and the professionalism of the staff. I can compare this as I previously went on this trip to another clinic and refused the operation due there poor standards. Clinicana - 5*
GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
28.09.2017 Jonathon, Male, 40 Years Middlesbrough , United Kingdom
The Patient Said Absolutely fantastic looked after from the first contact email with only one person a very personal touch and settling in my eyes all the way to the return flight home, the Naz city hotel is a must the staff there are the same they take care of you every step of the way aswell with hotel cars taking you everywhere you need to go.
Great experience well recommended.....