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GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
28.09.2017 TOM, Male, 48 Years manchester, United Kingdom
The Patient Said Dont be scared you are looked after every step of the way these people are amazing picked up from airport with a freindly service naz city hotel great staff, rooms and food and all staff at clinicana are the best xxxx
GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
27.09.2017 Chuoc Lam, Male, 34 Years Welling, United Kingdom
The Patient Said Fantastic service. Everything from the start to the finish was very professional. The procedure was explained clearly and all the staff were extremely helpful. During the procedure there was a mild discomfort but no real pain experienced. The clinic is super clean and modern like a 5 start hotel.
US Patient opinions about the Clinic
22.07.2017 mohamed hossain, Male, United States
The Patient Said

Treatment was awesome. It was the way I expected to be. Did feel little pain during the procedure but it was all worth it. I would highly recommend Clinicana Hair transplant clinic in Turkey to my friends and family.

Clinical stuffs are great. Clinic is very clean. They spend lot of time with you explaining and what to expect. Some language barrier if you only speak English but they comprehend you so it was all good.

Ismaheel Ali Patient opinions about the Clinic
30.06.2017 Ismaheel Ali,
The Patient Said

My experience was excellent. They was well organised. From booking – operation. During my operation I had no pain. I would reccomend this service.

StaciulescuDan Patient opinions about the Clinic
21.06.2017 StaciulescuDan,
The Patient Said

I was impressed with the facilities and the doctors.
Everything was perfect

Octavi Miro Patient opinions about the Clinic
21.06.2017 Octavi Miro,
The Patient Said

My first three days with Clinicana have been great, everything was fast and easy and at all times I felt I was well informed. Despite I’m only on my third day I feel very positive with the whole process.

The procedure itself fast quicker than I expected, and only the anestesia injections were a bit painful, the rest of the operation was comfortable.

I would highly recommend using their services.

Darren joseph Patient opinions about the Clinic
15.06.2017 Darren joseph,
The Patient Said

I was well looked after and it was a painless treatment. I am looking forward to the final results

Josh Patient opinions about the Clinic
12.06.2017 Josh,
The Patient Said

I went for surgery on the 14th of December 2016. Everything from collection at the airport to the end of the procedure was extremely smooth! I was nervous to begin with however there is no need to be, they take care of everything with exceptional customer service.

During the healing process and growth, please trust Mulham. Initially I was doubtful as to whether or not the hairs would come through or the back of my head would heal…I was so incredibly wrong! 5.5 months ahead and I am seeing amazing results from my previous receding hairline. The first month is tough, get through that and it is plain sailing!

US Patient opinions about the Clinic
09.06.2017 William Moritz, United States
The Patient Said

Hair transplant
I thought the staff and clinic were very nice. I especially liked the care and attention by my escort Mira. From the time I started this process until at least now, my departure date she has explained everything and has been very patient with me. I was pleased with how the staff treated me and if I had one objhection or surprise, doctors.

They checked in periodically through the procedure and were there when I needed them. It was just unusual to me. Suggestion, the post operation form in English language needs to be revised for grammar.

Hisham Patient opinions about the Clinic
08.06.2017 Hisham,
The Patient Said

I would like to wright my review about my experiance with the hospiital
I heard about the hospital from a friend and he gave me the drs number , so i started contacting him and he was explaining everything from the start to the end , when i arrived to istandul a driver was waiting for me and took me to the hospital for blood check then to the hotel and the second day was my operation , the doctor nurses and staff are amazing people who helped me from the start to the end .
I stayed 3 days and it was smooth , i highly recomend this hospital.

Sellathurai Sritharan Patient opinions about the Clinic
07.06.2017 Sellathurai Sritharan,
The Patient Said

My name is Sritharan I came to do hair transplant Clinicana hospital in Turkey. They did my operation in a very good way and they are very friendly and convenient staff and I will recommend who ever want to do the hair transplant please put your first step to Clinicana hospital.

And I don’t think any other hospital will do the operation like Clinicana. If you want better results then you must just think about Clinicana.
Thank you

Ion Pana Patient opinions about the Clinic
03.06.2017 Ion Pana,
The Patient Said

Once arriving to the center the personnel was welcoming and nice. The whole experience was ok and I would certainly recommend Clinicana to others. I look forward to see the results!