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Mohammed Mohammed Patient opinions about the Clinic
02.06.2017 Mohammed Mohammed,
The Patient Said

The experience with the Clinicana team has been very good. Communication from the beginning has been marvelous.
I was skeptical initially coming to a different country however my experience here has been comforting.
The stay at the hotel was fantastic, the hospital was better than the hospital I got back home, the price of the transplant was reasonable and the procedure itself was not painful at all. I’ve had more pain having my tooth extracted last year.
I would highly recommend Clinicana, if you can speak Turkish then even better, but if you can’t then no problem they’ll have translators on hand.

Matt larmom Patient opinions about the Clinic
31.05.2017 Matt larmom,
The Patient Said

Friendly staff from hotel to hospital. Here for second time for adjustment of first procedure. Very helpful. Thank you!

Qasim Abbas Patient opinions about the Clinic
31.05.2017 Qasim Abbas,
The Patient Said

I done my hair transplant very good and Clinicana treat like a family . Thanks Clinicana

kang Patient opinions about the Clinic
31.05.2017 kang,
The Patient Said

It’s been a wonderful experience at Clinicana I would suggest this place for everyone who ever want to get a hair transplant staff is amazing and friendly treat you like family

Mohamed N Jamaldin Patient opinions about the Clinic
27.05.2017 Mohamed N Jamaldin,
The Patient Said

Good Welcome, very helpful staff great place. Thanks.

Peter Scholfield Patient opinions about the Clinic
27.05.2017 Peter Scholfield,
The Patient Said

Very good experience, Very nice staff, Would recommend it to anyone, Very good overall.


Fesser Hussain Patient opinions about the Clinic
27.05.2017 Fesser Hussain,
The Patient Said

Overall the experience was extremely pleasant, staff members were polite and courteous and the service provided was second to none. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending the service to any of my friends or family and would actively encourage people to come to Clinicana

Rami Patient opinions about the Clinic
26.05.2017 Rami,
The Patient Said

Regarding my experience with this respectful hospital and clinic, to be honest when I first came I was hesitating to do the operation since it was my third time, but when I saw how professional and unique there clinic and staff was, I came back again deciding to do it, during the operation the nurses where really talented, and as I said before I did it in other clinic previously, and yes here was much better whether in the process itself or the skills the nurses had, not to mention the doctors wise decisions, finally I hope the results would be as I hope ,,, thanks Clinicana

sulman Patient opinions about the Clinic
26.05.2017 sulman,
The Patient Said

My experience with Clinicana was really good.
I was not expecting this kind of service, staff is amazing and experienced, and they really looked after me very well.
I am satisfied and hoping to get good result as promised now. I recommend Clinicana to everyone.
Thank you

Fawad Patient opinions about the Clinic
26.05.2017 Fawad,
The Patient Said

As my first time I got a great experience, really good customer service, the doctors are really friendly I will defiantly recommend Clinicana to everyone. I was there for three days and I was really enjoyed Thanks a lot

Mohammed Abbas Patient opinions about the Clinic
25.05.2017 Mohammed Abbas,
The Patient Said

My experience at Clinicana went very well. The staff welcomed me very well, explained to me everything I needed to know. The surgery itself was a little painful but smooth. The staff speak English well which was good also

Mohammed Imran Patient opinions about the Clinic
24.05.2017 Mohammed Imran,
The Patient Said

I’m happy with how I was treated at Clinicana. The overall hospitality is very good and will definitely recommend to anyone who needs a hair transplant.
Good luck to all people considering hair transplant and don’t forget to use the number 1 in Turkey remember Clinicana.