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Breast Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Turkey

Mammoplasty is a plastic surgery that most of people think is only for breast augmentation with Silicone by implanting it inside the breast, while here at Clinicana Center we present many options that allow the patient to have her dream breast. 

Types of Breast Aesthetics at Clinicana Center Istanbul, Turkey:

1- Breast augmentation:

Breast is augmented with Silicone or adipose tissue taken from the patient so the breast takes the desired volume.

2- Breast lift and breast reduction:

In these surgeries breast is reformed for women who had changes of breast due to age or breast-feeding, the breast is lifted and back to its normal beautiful shape.

3- Nipple cosmetic surgery and reduction of one breast in case of asymmetry:

It is done through redesign of nipple and area around it to have the desired form and shape, in addition to reduction or augmentation of one of the breasts so the patient can have similar boobs.

4- Breast reconstruction for cancer patients:

In many cases women lose one of their breasts for cancer treatment. As a result of the improvement of this technique in Turkey, it is possible to have a new breast in place of the one extracted.

5- Mammectomy for men:

In this surgery, additional adipose tissue in men is removed and the breast is back to its normal situation.