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Sapphire hair transplant Method


The FUE method is considered one of the latest, most modern and most widely used hair transplant techniques ensuring a natural result. Today, it offers the possibility of using other special devices with sapphire blades.

The sapphire hair transplant is not a new technique but rather an innovation that highlights the FUE method using blades made of a precious stone called sapphire.

During the traditional FUE hair transplant, the bulbs are extracted from the donor area one by one using a micro punch of 0.6 - 0.7 - 0.8 mm diameter. During this extraction of follicular units, the grafts are implanted in the previously created incisions. These incisions play a big role in the angle, orientation and density of the hair, which makes it look natural but above all a successful intervention.

During the step of opening the micro-channels, the steel blades are used to open the U-shaped channels. While with the sapphire blades, the channels are open V-shaped. U-shaped opening creates wider channels that cause more bleeding and less density. As a result, the Saphirre blades allow the opening of channels closer to each other which allows to obtain a higher density and better healing.

This advanced version, Sapphire Hair Transplant Method, is the most popular nowadays for the following reasons:

  • Less crust formations
  • Acceleration of healing time and better recover
  • No visible scar
  • Better density obtained on the implanted area

WHICH ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF A Sapphire Hair Transplant?

Obtaining a better density:

The opening of the micro-channel sapphire blades allows to obtain a larger space of hair transplantation by creating smaller incisions, V-shaped more precisely, resulting in a higher hair density and a more precise result and more natural.

Less risk of trauma:

The main benefit during the process of opening the micro-channels is that the risk of trauma, scalp tissue damage and other possible complications are reduced due to the sapphire blade qualities.

Faster cicatrization of tissues:

The sapphire hair transplant allows faster healing of the scalp. Sapphire blades create much smaller openings compared to steel blades, for the hair implantation process. With these small incisions, tissue healing time will be faster to resume everyday life.

Smooth tissue surfaces of the implanted area:

Sapphire Blades have a smooth surface of antibacterial properties and incredible precision thus offering greater durability. The risk of complications or cases of failure on the tissues will be reduced.

Implanted grafts at a better quality:

This advanced method performed with sapphire blades allows the same length of hair follicles as open channels. As a result, there is no chance that the grafts will be moved or that their orientation will be changed after the hair transplant procedure.