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Hair falling after hair transplant operation

Why does the transplanted hair fall after Ten days?

Normal Non-transplanted hair falling:

During human lifetime, our hair go through a cycle which is consist of three phases: Growth phase, Transition phase and the last phase is Resting phase. All these three phases happen in the same time. For example, some hair group will be in the growth phase whereas other hair group will be in the falling phase.

  • Growth phase – (Anagen): this stage may continue from 2-6 years and it is vary from one person to another.
  • Transition phase – (Catagen): this stage known as transitionaly period and it lasts for 2-3 weeks.
  • Resting phase – (Telogen): it is characterized that most of the hair falling will happen in this stage and it may be continue for around 100 days, during this time 50-100 hair will fall.

Hair falling after the transplant operation:

After doing the hair transplant procedure, many patients suffer from hair falling. Furthermore, a lot of people does not know that this falling is just a normal situation. Also it is important to notice and know that hair falling is a method our body use it in order to express the shock that happened during the transplant procedure.

All through the operation, tiny holes are created in order to place the grafts. As a result of this step the scalp and the hair that exist in this area will suffer from a shock , and as a reaction for this shock some of the natural and transplanted hair may fall and this phenomena known as ( Shock Loss). Do not worry if you keep noticing hair falling in any place of the head scalp in the 1-5 weeks after the hair transplant procedure.

In a short time new hair will grow again, and the most important thing is to know that this hair falling is just temporary period and it will end with growing new hair.