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The scubs after your hair transplant

Is normal the appearance of a shell scalp after the intervention?

Yes it is normal, but what are the causes? Are the new follicles affected? We will discuss all these issues right here.

Which is the reason of shell scalp after surgery?

Scubs are produced by couple of reasons:

1. Will be some liquids in the scalp, after transplant, which have been introduced during the intervention being the result of edema (yellow fluid accumulated after a shock in damaged area, like hitting of a knee, it will be swell. Like this is happening with your scalp after a lot of punctures for implant the grafts, causing a edema for protect the scalp).

In a couple of  days after the implant intervention, these fluids will be evacuated of the scalp either through the pores or from the channels. The scalp will dry and the crusts is made by remnants of dead skin.

2. Some blood stains or spots could appear when we open channels and when we collect the grafts. These points of blood will dry and turn into scabs, also, after 10 days.

How do you have to treat the scabs?

The scalp must be clear from the crusts. After the tenth day of hair transplant will totally appear this and you have to take care of it.

Which method is good for removing the crusts?

It can be removed with massage the head with fingertips. First, you apply Clinicana’s froth on the area where is the crust and let it for action about ten minutes. It will be moistened and will be easy to remove it.

Without using nails, massage the scalp and remove slowly, with fingertips, but take care to not scratch blood stains cause you can move transplanted follicles.

Second step is to apply Clinicana’s shampoo over the same area to remove completely these scabs and wash it with warm water.

Repeat this in the next days, if doesn’t disappear completely, until when you see that the area is clean.

What if I haven’t take care of these crusts?

If you leave crusts, those will block the pores and the breathing of the skin.

The Clinicana patients are informed about the importance to remove them after the 10 days after intervention.

The scabs appear even in the donor area?

In the donor area, on the nape, will appear the scabs and you have to clean and remove too. If you don’t clean it, you acquire infections or inflammations.

At Clinicana hair transplant center Istanbul Turkey, we recommend our patients to take pictures with transplanted & donor area after tenth day of hair transplantation and send to us to follow up the case and to be sure that the scabs were removed. When everything is as we expected, the last step is normal, new hair growth.