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Hair transplant Turkey reviews
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Hair transplant in Turkey: Reviews

When you think about getting a hair transplant in Turkey, reviews are very important just to get first hand information about how the whole process is and what results you can expect. We always recommend first to gather all the possible information about how a hair transplant is performed, how is the surgery procedure, its risks, its side effects, its results... so that you can make a proper decision and choose the best available option.

Therefore, it´s very important to know what patients that already have gone through this experience think about it and about the results they got. At Clinicana we use the latest techniques in hair transplant surgery to provide you with the best hair transplant in Turkey: that´s why we are always keen to share our patients’ opinions, as their testimonials are the best proof of why we are the best valued professionals when people think about having a hair transplant in Istanbul.

QA Patient opinions about the Clinic
Tamim, Qatar
The Patient Said

My hair transplant treatment went great. I arrived the day before the surgery for blood tests, and advice from the doctor. On the day of the operation, it was quite straight forward:
1) they first shaved my head (no need to do so before)
2) they then applied anesthesia to the back of my head (where the follicles were removed) - this part was the most painful, as several injections were applied across different areas. But the pain didn't last for more than a few minutes.
3) they removed approximately 4,000 follicles from the back of my head, which took around 2.5 hours, during which I was lying flat on my stomach. (make sure to mention if you're uncomfortable to the nurses). The process was painless.
4) I sat up as the doctor and a specialized nurse then drew out the area of the transplant with quite a bit of precision, and asked if I was comfortable with it before proceeding.
4) I then lied on my back as the nurses applied another group of anesthesia injections (roughly in half the time as the first anesthesia), followed by applying micro-holes on the recipient area of my head through multiple injections. This is where the implantation would take place. This process was also painless, and took around 1.5 hours)
5) I then had a nice meal and quick bathroom break. (around 30 minutes total)
6) Finally, in the last 2 hours two nurses applied the implants on to the recepient area, which was painless too. I had my earphones on and was reading on my kindle to pass time.

I am Lebanese by origin, living in Qatar. I heard about this clinic through a friend and highly recommend it! The pick up from the airport, to the stay in the hotel, to the hospital was impeccable.

Only advice is to try to do this with some friends, as the next day of the operation can be quite embarrassing with a big band-aid all over your head, and some bleeding from the top. Nothing like sharing an embarrassment with others :)
Nonetheless, just like teeth braces, is well worth it!

QA Patient opinions about the Clinic
John, Qatar
The Patient Said

I had a hair transplant yesterday at Clinicana in Istanbul and I\m very happy with the result so far and generally the procedure. All the staff are very professional and think of every detail. The anesthetic is the painful part of the procedure which lasts only a few minutes and there is some general discomfort with the recovery but overall it is an easy outpatient procedure.

I chose the clinic based on a recommendation from a friend and it didn't disappoint. The people I contacted were very professional and always responsive and the staff were also professional and I really trusted them. They also think of every little detail and concern and work hard to ensure you are comfortable.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
James, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Treatment is 2 months post op great results already looking forward to the future. Clincana provided excellent service very professional throughout. Couldn't be more pleased with my results. Thanks Clinicana.

Professional company great service felt comfortable from time I flew from the UK to Istanbul all the way back to UK after care is great can whatsapp daily for any enquiries and helped me get through daily routine.

SA Patient opinions about the Clinic
Mohamad, Saudi Arabia
The Patient Said

The treatment i had was the FUE concentrating on the receding front hair line. I had this treatment as it was recommended to me by a colleague of mine that had this operation done and the results was great. i will highly recommend any member of my family and friends to do it. The hospital is clean and very modern and specializes in the latest hair transplant technologies FUE in Europe and perhaps in the world taking into account the value of the operation and the medical services they provide. i wanna thank everybody in Clinicana it is really excellent. I advice every one to do it.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Daniel, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I choose clinicana after a lot of research online. I had FUE treatment and had roughly 4400 grafts. Mulham and his team were great from booking the treatment answering any questions i had and putting my mind at ease! I would recommend this clinic to anyone and cant praise them enough. Its a close team they work in and mulham and his two brothers are the head of the operations with a team working under them. Dr Rawad was over seeing my operation and made me feel at ease as I was very nervous to start.

The hotel is very close to the hospital and is a very nice 5 star hotel where you can relax in comfort. It is very close to Taksim square where there is plenty of shops and restaurants to go to. The operation itself took about 7 hours and I wont lie the first 20 minutes for me was very uncomfortable but well worth the short amount of pain for the outcome. It was only the injections the local anesthetic that was painful as soon as this started to work then i couldn't feel a thing after that. Just be prepared to lay still for a long time and just have the end result in your head and it will get you through! Over all I am very pleased with my experience, it helps if you speak to people that are getting it done on the same day as you and maybe go to breakfast together etc to make you feel more comfortable and talk about your experiences. Big thanks to everyone at clinicana and look forward to seeing the results!!

Treated by: Mr Mulham Attar

DE Patient opinions about the Clinic
Saed, Germany
The Patient Said

The FUE Hair Transplant operation went very well. I had 4800 grafts transplanted in one session. The procedure took about 6 hours, there was only pain at the anesthetic injections after that everything went smoothly. It was hard to sleep in the first days after the operation. I had no pain in the recipient area but some pain and etching in the donor area which lasted almost 8 days.

Clinicana staff were very friendly and helpful. I was picked up from the airport to the hotel which is 5 mins walk to the hospital. I was treated by Dr. Rawad and his team who were professional and skilled. Thanks to Mr. Mulham Attar for his fast replies and continuous follow up with the patient.

Treated by: Mr Rawad Attar

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Matthew, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Excellent service all round from being picked up from airport, to getting the treatment done the second I arrived at hospital. The procedure was done very smoothly and I had no complaints. I had crown, front hairline and eyebrows done at a high standard in very good timing. I highly recommend! Great value for the price!

I choose this clinic because of the excellent standard, brilliant hospital and close by hotel. first impressions were very good and staff were extremely friendly. Being from UK i found the staff being excellent at speaking English and were helpful from start to finish of the procedure.

Treated by: Mr Mulham Attar

BE Patient opinions about the Clinic
Jouret, Belgium
The Patient Said

I had hair transplant. I am very happy with the results and the medical staff was really efficient and reliable. Everything was professional and went smoothly from arrival and departure at the airport. ACIBADEM clinic is brand new and well located near Taksim.

P.from Paris

LB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Nano, Lebanon
The Patient Said

The treatment very good. The first day was little tiring but after that I feel great. It is painless operation. I would like to thank all who helped me with this experience. The clinic is brand new and very comfortable.

The communication right from the first contact was exceptional. Pictures were sent of my hair and within few days I had booked my flight. The hospital is very clean and beautiful/number one was trust. First and overall impression is professional and skilled. Highly recommend the clinic and specially the team.

PK Patient opinions about the Clinic
Faisal, Pakistan
The Patient Said

Thank you Whatclinic for helping me out to find out the best hair transplant clinic, the procedure really went well and was above my expectations. Everything thing from start to end was perfect. keep it up :)

Now waiting for procedure results

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Hamza, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I do not really write reviews on anything but was much needed in this instance. I had a friend who previously got his hair done here and I decided to use group florence too. I had a consultation on harley street and paid my deposit. I got my op done on the 18th December. I came out the airport and saw my name with group florence written on it. I was taken to the hospital for a blood test and then to my hotel. The next day I was picked up at 7.30am and taken to the hospital. The whole process was so smooth (I actally slept for the most part of it). The nurses and doctor have done this many times before and were so professional about everything. The hospital was very nice and everyone was friendly and make you feel at ease. The injections in the donor area were really uncomfortable for me but nothing you cannot stand. They also gave me a really good lunch =) After the Op I had zero pain and actually even went out to see istanbul later on. I walked around istanbul the next day with a bandage on my head and may have got a few looks but then also saw 15 people in total walking around with the same thing. It is really common there and the locals are used to it. Overall very impressed with the results. The scabs are off and the hair looks good ;)

This is the one to go to! Very professional staff and a big well known hospital. Everyone knows what they are doing and the whole op went very smoothly. The doctors and nurses are really nice, friendly and they all make you feel at eaase.

Treated by: Mr Mulham Attar

KW Patient opinions about the Clinic
Abdallah, Kuwait
The Patient Said

since I was a kid my hair started to fall and when I grew up I decided to have hair transplanting. I advise all the people I know and all my friends to have this kind of treatment cuz it's the best here in Turkey and in the world . my brother had this kind of treatment here in "Clinican hair transplanting center" so, I decided to have the same treatment cuz i was i was really impressed about the result of my brother treatment . my visit here was fantastic and i'm very impressed about the place here . everything is perfect . special thanks to the doctors and all the staff . it was great experience here in Clinicana center.

TR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Mohamad, Turkey
The Patient Said

The treatment was very good. I did a deep search before choosing Clinicana and after the surgery I have to confirm Clinicana is the right choice. It is high quality and excellent result. I advise everyone to do it.

When I come from the airport driver pic up to hospital and everything was good. Everything was well organized. Friendly staff manager and doctor. Speaking English highly professional experience. There are several clients for hair transplant every day after day and therefore the level of professional skills of the staff is really highly.

AU Patient opinions about the Clinic
Samer, Australia
The Patient Said

The hair transplant procedure was performed by a very skilled doctor and a well trained medical staff. I felt that I was in good hands, all my questions were answered and well explained.
The infection control is very good, being a dentist myself I can tell that the overall infection control was really good.
the hospital is like a five star resort.

The infection control is very good,being a dentist myself I can tell that the overall infection control was really good.
The hospital is like a five star resort.
all the staff members are very cooperative and helpful.
Also the hotel I was staying at that was provided by the hospital was a five star hotel/
The overall experience was great,i would recommend this clinic to anyone who would like to get their hair transplanted.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Adrian, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Its such perfect experience..
hi I was very happy and thankful these clinic i can have my hair back
i find the clinic very friendly, staff were friendly.
Good price.
I hope have perfec result soon.
I am Romania thats why English is not good, sorry. i chose this clinic because of good reviews. hotel 5 stars where i wish to stay was amazing and recomnend to anyone who want to do the same to come to these clinic never fill sorry..
thank you Clinicana

TR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Alejandro, Turkey
The Patient Said

Hello my name is Alejandro and I live in Madrid and I was a Clinicana in Istanbul for a operation of implanting of hair by specialty FUE.
The operation is during 6 hours and the team is the great, he working very very good with a modern and special teleology.
I am very glad for chosing Clinicana because is the best in Europe.
Many thanks a lot a Clinicana and a special a Manager/ Mulham, a Dr. Rawad, and a assistant Bukets with her hand of angel.
Thanks for everyone.

Mi experience in Clinicana and in the Hotel Marti he has very good.
The hotel is a 5 stars, the rooms is very nice and clean and the food is OK.
I chose this clinic because my information by the representation of Clinicana in Spain are very precious and sure.
The group of doctors,assistants,and the Leader of Clinicana Manager Mulham he has for my by two days my lovely family.
He has a very good impression and y recommend by anyone he has a implanting of hair Metodo FUE.
Thank you of my heart all of you.

DE Patient opinions about the Clinic
Pouya, Germany
The Patient Said

I had FUE hair transplant, fixing my hairline. I just had the procedure yesterday and it already look great. I have the hairline I wanted and a slightly different look.
I found it a good value procedure.

I did a lot of online research to figure out which country to go to and then which clinic to choose. The existing online review about Clinicana was convincing and after establishing contact with them, I already found their communication great and choose to do my hair transplant at Clinicana.
The people very really helpful and friendly, and always reachable. I had a smooth procedure at the Clinic, and stayed in a nice hotel, 2 minutes walk from the clinic. Overall, I found it a great experience.

SA Patient opinions about the Clinic
Fazil, Saudi Arabia
The Patient Said

I had balding in upper area of my head so had opted for FUE Treatment. The result so far looks good . Anybody willing to do this treatment is worth a shot . The quality of Treatment and hospitality I received was really good. Its worth for every penny your gonna spend.

The Hospitality and Treatment which i received by the clinicana right from landing on Turkey airport was really up to to the standard i would definite suggest this clinic to my Friends and colleague .

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Moyed, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

My name Moyed am from UK London. I did my hair transplant in clinicana in Istanbul turkey three day ago. It take around 5 to 7 hours. This treatment was very professional. I would recommend the treatment to anyone thinking of having hair transplant.

I enjoyed my time here very much and had a really professional care. I chose this clinic as my friend recommended it to me and also the price and cleanliness of the hospital. the staff are brilliant communication. Special thanks to everyone in Clinicana.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Iqbal, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I had 3000 grafts, I felt my hair was thinning, faint patches in my crown and receding hairline. FUE hair transplant is widely common now with many clinics offering this service and easily source information using youtube, forums and consultants. I found that FUE offers natural looking hair which is not only safe but leaves no scarring after once hair starts tor grow so can stay undetected after 1 month.

I was recommended by a friend who recently undertook this treatment, you can immediately see great results which eased some of my initial doubts. I was provided details of the lead consultant at Clinicana, he was always at hand to answer any questions, review pictures and gave sound advice on what to expect. here is some pain to start but once the anesthetic kicks in it is smooth sailing. Treatment likely to last up to 6 to 7 hours so be ready to stay patient. Price should not be the only driver, I hate to say it but Clinicana offered better services and facilities than those in London. Clinicana offered 5 star accommodation, transfers and treatment in a superb hospital in Istanbul. I would suggest people to do their research on post phases to put any uncertainties to rest, I would have no problem giving Clinica 5 stars!