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Hair transplant Turkey reviews
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Hair transplant in Turkey: Reviews

When you think about getting a hair transplant in Turkey, reviews are very important just to get first hand information about how the whole process is and what results you can expect. We always recommend first to gather all the possible information about how a hair transplant is performed, how is the surgery procedure, its risks, its side effects, its results... so that you can make a proper decision and choose the best available option.

Therefore, it´s very important to know what patients that already have gone through this experience think about it and about the results they got. At Clinicana we use the latest techniques in hair transplant surgery to provide you with the best hair transplant in Turkey: that´s why we are always keen to share our patients’ opinions, as their testimonials are the best proof of why we are the best valued professionals when people think about having a hair transplant in Istanbul.

CA Patient opinions about the Clinic
Mohammed, Canada
The Patient Said

I had FUE operation 12 days ago. The treatment went very well and pain-free. I'm very happy with the result so far and I look forward to see the final result.

If you are thinking of a hair transplant I would recommend Clinicana for their professional work, value for money, friendly staff and great location.

CA Patient opinions about the Clinic
Ahmed, Canada
The Patient Said

To all men suffering from hair loss, I strongly recommend Clinicana. My experience from beginning to end was great. Before I went through with the transplant I did a lot of research, many of my emails reaching out to companies doing this procedure went unanswered. Clinicana replied to my emails right away and answered all of my questions. The result was miraculous! For such a decent price I now have a full set of hair! I couldn't be any happier....this is the most high end hair transplant company in the world along with its results with low end pricing. Look and feel 10 years younger and because of that my family business doubled since I got the procedure done after seeing the results!! I thank the God for helping me find Clinicana.

I had a great experience with Clinicana. They picked me up from the airport and took me to my hotel. They were very hospitable always checking on me before and after the procedure. I felt like family. I thank them a lot and I am thankful for the great result !

OM Patient opinions about the Clinic
Soud, Oman
The Patient Said

I had FUE procedure 2 days ago, It was great and a good advice to do it, Turkey is the best destination for this kind of operations, my brother had it done in Iran, honestly his hair looks bad and not natural, the directions of his hair is awful...
I searched in Istanbul for the best reliable centers to do it, I felt comfortable with Clinicana and the way they contact before my arrival, the reviews on Whatclinic were the best and I saw 2 patients from UK as far as I remember who provided their photos in this site, so I went ahead, all staff were helpful and answer anything in your mind, I liked their hospitality.
It's your ideal choice which highly recommended.

BE Patient opinions about the Clinic
Ali, Belgium
The Patient Said

Hello, I'm Ali from Belgium. After a lot of research I found Clinicana in Istanbul on google. I got a really good price with accommodation and taxi. the FUE operation went very well, very nice and friendly people. I would recommend everyone to come here for hair transplantation. I had corrected my frontal hairline. They have a lot of experience and that's what counts I think.

Because of a lot of people do it here and you don't have to wait months for the FUE operation and the experience they have is superb. I chose this clinic by the way the prices are also cheaper the other clinics in Europe.

AU Patient opinions about the Clinic
Maher, Australia
The Patient Said

I had hair transplant operation 10 days ago, very good so far, so happy with the new hair line, it looks very natural.
The staff were very friendly and welcoming, answered all my questions and concerns and did everything I requested and gave me recommendations. My operation took 10 hours, they took their time to finish it with no rush, there was a good meal after finishing the extraction from the donor area and making new micro channels in the transplanted area. They managed to transplant 4200 graphts for $2400 american dollars, totally worth every dollar I spent and I regret nothing.

I'm from Australia, I couldn't afford hair transplant there and was advised by my friends to do it in turkey, did some research and found what clinic, compared and contacted different clinics and i have chosen this clinic because of the professional manner and it was very easy to communicate with no ambiguties, there were no hidden costs what so ever, they provided me with everything i needed. Very neat/clean and profissional place and the hotel was outstanding just a 2 minutes away from the clinic.

TR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Osama, Turkey
The Patient Said

"Highly recommended"
I contacted this clinic for my hair transplant as it was recommended by a friend. And I would definitly recommend it to others too. I was very satisfied with every related matter to my treatment. Friendly staff, very considerate, answers all questions in a timely manner, caring.
All arrangements were very organized from my first contact, and continued to look after me and answer all my questions even months after the plantation. More importantly, I am very satisfied with my intial results after 3 months, and my hair grew in an excellent manner and I do like the way I look now, although I am eager to see the final results in the future. Honestly, I like to thank all staff for the excellent work.

I selected this clinic based on a recommendation from a friend. It is very clean and hygenic. The hospital is the best. Staff is professional, very friendly, and very caring. From first contact one would find that s/he has made the right selection.

LY Patient opinions about the Clinic
Ahmad, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
The Patient Said

Honestly I searched a lot to do hair transplant especially that I am going to get married soon, due to the fact of doing the procedure in a foreign country it was hard to select the best, many clinics are working here in Istanbul and I had to be selective
When I saw the reviews of the clinic they were superb, the majority of them from UK and the other European countries, I contacted Clinicana and the response was timely and accurate if we compare them to the others, everything went very well and I had 4200 grafts during 7 hours, after 2 days so far everything is great, the hotel is great and next to the hospital, you don't have to worry about anything Clinicana deals with small issues before the big ones.
Many thanks for all Clinicana's team.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Thamer, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I had a hair transplant procedure as my hair was starting to thin. It is too early to judge my own results as I just had the procedure 2 days ago however, based on results I have seen with other people who had the same treatment, I would highly recommend it. Other then the anasthetic injections, the procedure is painless. Sleeping during the first few days is also difficult as your head has to stay in one position. It is definitely worth it though and is excellent value

I was really impressed by the clinic. It is absolutely amazing. I have been to many private clinics and in many countries including the UK and France and I have to say that the setting is amazing (clean, welcoming, friendly...). The staff are absolutely amazing and everyone seems to know his role. It is obvious that there is synergy and respect among the team. It is also obvious that they value building a reputation, are looking at long term relationship with patients and understand the importance of word of mouth. The hotel is also really nice and clean and staff there are very friendly. It is also conveniently located near the hospital and very close to the center. I would definitely recommend it.

FR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Adam, France
The Patient Said

I'm 30 years old, been loosing hair for the past 10 years. I have tried other prescription medicines with not much success. After visiting a specialist in France I was informed a hair transplant was my best solution. My own research confirmed this. I decided to get my treatment done in Istanbul as clinics in France were charging 10,000 Euros + for FUE Transplant. The same procedure using the latest equipment and more experienced surgeons is available in Turkey for much less than half that amount. I put the discrepancy down to much more competition in Istanbul. The industry for Hair Transplantation in Istanbul is very strong and gives customers access to the best there is at a fraction of the cost compared to most other countries. I got 3800 grafts transplanted via FUE methord employing the latest equipment on the market and by what was evidently a world class team. The value for money was exceptional.
The procedure its self went very smoothly, took about 6 hours and the staff were pleasant.

After contacting 6 clinics I chose Clinicana as they were very responsive and immediately worked with me as an individual to make my customized offer which I was more than happy with. I can not talk more highly of the service from beginning to to end. I got an all inclusive package for 2100 euros. This included, transfer from Airport, 2 nights at the Ramada Hotel which is a very nice Hotel and only 1 min walk from the Hospital. The hospital was modern and above expectations, much better than what you can find in France. The team put customer service as a top priority, the manager is on call or text message anytime you need to ask something. I felt 100% safe and well looked after the whole time, which is very important. Overall I highly recommend this clinic. They made the whole experience very easy and not stressful at all. Will update over the next year with Photos.

CA Patient opinions about the Clinic
A, Canada
The Patient Said

Excellent staff and clinic. To be honest , it was really long trip from Toronto to Istanbul, but when I look now to what I have done, I feel really happy and totally satisfied. After 11 hours flight there was a guy waiting me at the airport, he took me right away to Ramada hotel where I stayed there for 3 nights. After I put my bags in the hotel, he took me to the hospital where I met this wonderful guy Mulham who was really well organized person and very welcoming. He finished all the financial arrangements and blood investigations within 1 hour. After that I met Dr Rawad and Dr. Abdulazziz and they were really nice guys and explained everything thoroughly and promptly. They told me that I will need two operations to cover the front area and the crown, I was scared as I didn't want to come back from Toronto again. However , they assured me that I would have them in two consecutive days. That made me really feel happy. All I can say that the procedure was completely painless after the freezing, though it was long like 7 to 8 hours. After 6200 implants, they asked me that I would need little bit more than this and that my beard was a good recepiant site, and they did that!!!! Unbelievable, was super impressed that they were able to get another 800 implants from there.
The staff there were Well experienced and very caring.
I really highly recommend them to anyone who lost his hair. I am waiting now for the results and will post the pictures for sure. Thank you so much clinicana.

The hospital was a piece of art. The clinic was very tidy and clean. The staff was very well trained and welcoming. I believe after this experience with Clinicana, that this place Is the right choice for anyone thinking of hair implants, very low cost of treatment, very experienced staff and doctors, super organized management. Special thanks to Mulham and Dr Rawad, I just want to say thanks for all the care you showed and you are really wonderful team.

Treated by: Mr Rawad Attar

SA Patient opinions about the Clinic
Sam, Saudi Arabia
The Patient Said

I suffered from hair loss during the last 4 years and it became very obvious and I thought to give it a try to do hair-transplant especially after reading about the new technologies used and how recovery is short and quick.

I checked several clinics online but finally I chose this clinic based on the quick professional realistic response I got from them when I sent them online questions.
I also received several call from other clinic but I found them one more professional.
After visiting the clinic; I was impressed with the level of professionalism; how clean the premises are; very friendly staff; I did the transplant on the arrival day and I stayed for 5 more days; although I do not need to revisit after the second day; I came back 3 times to wash my hair and they were very friendly and accurate.
At the end I think they are very very clean; realistic; professional. I would not hesitate in encouraging anyone to visit

TR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Anonymous, Turkey
The Patient Said

i had the experience of getting treated at the clinicana hospital with the team at the highly sophisticated sterile atmosphere .
Mr mulham had coordinated the appointment and taken good care of me during the whole visit. The hospital staff with -Eyad Attar and other doctors and staff have done the treatment very methodically and perfectly .
excellent atmosphere..
i would like to have a special mention on the handling of any emergency situation which was handled very efficiently by the doctors and team .I had an increase in blood pressure during my treatment but as it was a hospital environment s the situation was managed well.

Treated by: Mr Mulham Attar

IO Patient opinions about the Clinic
Sandeep, British Indian Ocean Territory
The Patient Said

I have done lot of research before getting the treatment done, and finally I decided to come to Clinicana, and I definitely have no regrets at all and I am very impressed with the professional approach, and superb job done by the whole team.

This hospital is a perfect place to get this treatment done as a very sterile surrounding is maintained, and there is no chance of any crossinfection, and this is very important during such cosmetic procedures.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Lee, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I had a hair transplant done at Clinicana. The service was excellent from the start to finish.
When contacting clinicana I was asked to send some photos of may hair. Shortly after I was advised that I would need 3800 grafts and the price would be 1600GBP. They also stated that if I needed any extra grafts after a full examination once I arrive the price will stay the same and will not change.
Once I arrived I was advised that I would need 4700 grafts and the price still stayed at 1600GBP. The price also included;
1. Transfers to and from the airport
2. 2 nights accommodation in the 5 Star Ramada hotel
3. The operation 4700 grafts
4. Blood tests medications and lotions
The operation was done at the Florence Nightingale Hospital which was extremely clean and tidy. The staff were very friendly and would definitely recommend this clinic. Everything was explained to me and i felt very comfortable.

I am that happy with this Clinic I have also given Clinicana my mobile number as a reference for anyone who is considering having this treatment done. Clinicana will provide you with my mobile number to contact me as a reference for anyone in the UK who is considering having this treatment.

The Clinic was very clean and Tidy and the staff were excellent.
Everything was explained to me properly by the staff and made me feel very comfortable.
I Would recommend anyone who is thinking of getting a hair transplant to come to clinicana. You will not be disappointed.

I have saved over 8000GBP by coming to Turkey and the service has been excellent.

Its like champagne at lemonade prices.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Andy, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I am now exactly 6 months post op and, frankly, the result so far is incredible. I received 5,000 grafts and have nothing but praise for the whole team.I come from a medical background in the UK and can categorically state that this medical facility is absolutely excellent. The procedure itself took approximately 7 hours, including a lunch break, and although occasionally uncomfortable, I did not experience any significant pain. You may experience minimal, transient pain when receiving anaesthetic injections but it really is over and done very quickly. The discomfort came more from the duration of the experience and having to sit/lie in one position for extended periods of time, however, a little bit of discomfort Is a very small price to pay for the results you can expect.

As indicated, I have nothing but praise for Mulham and the whole team. The whole experience really did go 'as advertised' from start to finish.The hotel is literally next door, very nice and, as we were present over New Year, Mulham organised an extended stay at discounted rates to also us to do a bit of site seeing. Following my procedure I remained in contact with Mulham as, naturally, I had several questions regarding aftercare. He was extremely helpful and patient at all times, particularly with my occasional daft enquiry!I Genuinely have nothing but praise for this facility and its wonderful team and would honestly give it the highest possible recommendation.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
John, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

If you are worried about having this procedure please read on. Firstly I hate needles/doctors/hospitals etc. I have fortunately not had to spend much time myself doing any of the above. So for me to take the plunge was a big ask. Thankfully I had nothing to worry about. Here is the complete and frank experience I had. Firstly you will be picked up at the airport. Taken to your lovely hotel next to the hospital. You will then have your blood sample taken. The next morning you will have a superb choice at breakfast. Then off to the hospital. Mulham who is a very courteous and charming man will meet you in the reception area. You will then be taken to the operating theatre. Which is meticulously clean. Make sure you wear a shirt or a top that you dont pull over your head. You will meet the doctor and nurses. Agree what areas you want covering and where your hairline will be. The only little bit of pain was the first couple of minutes when they numb the harvesting area of hair. This is caused by the injections. But subsides after appx 2 minutes. Occasionally when taking the hair an area would still be a bit sensitive. So I put my hand up, and they will inject that spot to completely numb it. This happened maybe twice during the several hours of the operation. So nothing to worry about. I had my double crown area and front hairline done. It took maybe 6hrs or so. And I stopped for a spot to eat during the procedure. The worst part for me was the first night after the operation. I found it very hard to sleep. I was not in any pain. Just could not get comfortable to sleep without worrying about my position. Otherwise the whole thing is a doddle. I can only recommend this to anyone who wants normal or a better hair style. Its 5 months on now and I can already see a massive difference. Cant wait for the full effect in another 7 months. I look younger

The clinic is very clean and professional. I could not have asked for anymore. They will put some music on. Or take some of your own? The girls dont speak much English. But a smile and a few words is enough. I would go back if required. Some of my friends are also going after I explained my experience. And they have seen my hair change!!!

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Goran, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Very good treatment. all the staff were very professional and the whole operation went very smoothly. obviously some tiny tiny pain was expect from the injections. but apart from that everything was painless. From the day i got to the Istanbul airport to the day I left. they took care of everything. there was no shortages of English speaking staff to help you out and the clinic is located inside of the best hospital you can find in Istanbul; so you are in a good hand. I recommend Florence Nightingale hair transplant

QA Patient opinions about the Clinic
Ronnie, Qatar
The Patient Said

I had a hair transplant in this clinic because I heard about it it's excellent and I can tell all my friends about it. It's really good because it boost your self confidence and you know what makes us handsome is our hair.

I know from a friend whose been in Clinicana before and I was impress that is very clean and well treated and specially people and staff are very kind and accommodating. I would love to tell everybody about my experience here in this clinic in Turkey.

ES Patient opinions about the Clinic
Warren, Spain
The Patient Said

After approaching 37 I began to wonder about various options to regain the hair I had lost (almost a completely bald top half of my head)
I looked at options in the city I live in (Barcelona) and despite the costs of 4k plus euros I began to do some research into the operation with FUE method being by far the best option
WhatClinic must of passed my number on to a few Turkish clinics and despite my initial surprise at being contacted I thought I would at least look into it.
The level of professionalism through my communications and the incredibly low price with a hotel included (plus a trip to Istanbul) convinced to give it a try.

What is important to understand about this clinic is its based in a large new hospital with top medical staff and facilities. The Ramada hotel was superb accommodation that was included and the service I have received probably couldn't be bettered.
A very good experience and a great city to visit too.
Highly recommended/

US Patient opinions about the Clinic
Mike, United States
The Patient Said

Clinicana is number one.
Honestly I don't like to write anything on Internet, but it worth it to write a brilliant review for such giant efforts done by Clinicana team.
To be honest with you I trust Clinicana 100%, I will come back again for Liposuction during 2 months, to attend a wedding in US before going ahead.
The hospital is 5 stars one, created for VİPs in my opinion, exactly like their services.
highly recommended.

Everything was so smooth on time, everything I had seen before coming was exactly the same, without any problems without hiding costs, they evaluated again my case before doing anything, after that visiting patient administration department then blood analyses.