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Are hair fibres a solution for hair loss?

By Prof. Dr. Soner Tatlidede 2020-11-12

What are keratin hair fibres?

Hair fibres have become in recent years one of the sensations among hair treatments thanks to their ease of use, low cost, and relatively good results compared to their pricing. The fact is that it is estimated that more than 80% of men - and 50% of women - will suffer from alopecia throughout their lives... and this explains a lot about the success of this product.

Although other treatments such as hair transplants are much more effective and have more long-lasting results, and despite the attractive cost of a hair transplant in Turkey, if you have not taken a decision on a transplant yet and are thinking about buying hair fibres for your hair loss, we would like to clarify in this post all questions about this product: what is it for, how long it lasts, what side effects it has... If you want to know the answers, keep reading!

What are keratin hair fibres?

But what are hair fibres? They consist of a product formed by micro particles of keratin in powder; keratin is a very important fibrous protein that forms in mammals the main structure of hair, nails and skin; since hair fibres have a negative electrostatic charge, and that of our hair is positive, these fibres adhere naturally to our hair and cover it easily.

Thanks to these characteristics, hair fibres have been for years a simple, fast and quite cheap solution to hide bald spots or areas with low capillary density: not just on the head, but also on the beard, for example. It should be noted however that, since it is necessary that they adhere to our natural hair, they cannot be used if we are totally bald.

There are many brands selling hair fibres on the market, offering a wide range of colours that can even be combined to match the exact tone of our hair. Our recommendation is to avoid cheap products and always choose quality brands using ingredients as natural as possible. As for where to buy these hair fibres, do it always in specialized stores and websites.

Are there any side effects?

By principle, hair fibres do not have side effects because they basically use a natural protein such as keratin, although they usually might contain additives such as ammonium chloride or even dyes that, depending on our case, may cause an allergic reaction. In addition, some brands use cotton or other fibres that may also cause allergies and dermatitis.

Apart from that, hair fibres bind to hair without clogging skin pores, so they can be used without major health risks. Most of those sold nowadays resist moisture and even water, do not stain fabrics and can be easily removed by washing your head with shampoo. However, if we are going to do physical exercise or any activity that involves a lot of sweating, it is convenient to fix well our hair fibres with a spray.

How long last the effect of fibres for hair?

Since they are so easy to apply, cheap, and practically harmless to health, hair fibres could be the perfect solution for our hair problems... if not for their short durability. Actually, hair fibres will last in our head as long as fixing spray keeps its effect, or until we wash our head. In addition, these fibres do not resist strong rain, or bathing in a pool or the sea.

So, even if we buy the best hair fibres available, we must bear in mind that this is a simple and economical solution to hide alopecia, but not a lasting one for our hair loss problems; if this is what you are looking for, we at Clinicana offer you the best treatments to recover your hair. Read our patients' reviews on hair transplant in Turkey, and ask for your free consultation now.

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