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Ronquina, or ron quina: what can it do for my hair?

By Prof. Dr. Soner Tatlidede 2022-05-23

Ronquina, or ron quina

The use of ronquina (or ron quina) for hair is becoming more and more popular; but, what is ronquina? It is hair tonic that, although it has now become fashionable, has actually been known as pharmaceutical product for decades, thanks to the supposed benefits of ronquina for hair loss and for strengthening hair.

Of course, if you have alopecia problems, this hair treatment can never be a substitute for a professional treatment or for a FUE hair transplant; however, in this post we want to clear up the main doubts about this product: does ron quina make hair grow? What are the benefits of ronquina for hair? What’s the best way to apply it? These and other questions are answered in the following lines... don't miss it!!

What is ronquina?

Also called ron quina, es hair product usually found on the Internet under brands such as “Kesmar” that combines the properties of quinine (quina, in Spanish) and rosemary, and which acts directly on scalp and follicles. The use of this natural treatment in hair is the latest trend, the same as shampoos an lotions with vitamins or biotin used to be not so long ago. We can find ronquina as a tonic, but also as a lotion or shampoo, and since it uses natural ingredients, it has become quite popular in these times.

Its recent success is, however, mainly due to social media, where some famous profiles started to talk about the benefits of ron quina, making it a trending topic on social networks like Instagram. But, is it true that it makes hair grow stronger and healthier, and prevents it from falling out? Let's see it.

What does ron quina do?

Among the benefits of ronquina in our hair, it is said that it is a natural treatment that prevents hair loss due to stress, seasonal hair loss, or poor hair in times of hormonal imbalances in women. Keeps the scalp healthy and increases hair density, keeping hair healthy and strong, and preventing skin infections. We must also mention the benefits of ronquina for oily hair, to combat dandruff, and even to prevent the appearance of grey hair.

These are some of the things that ron quina can do for your hair, but how does it get it? Basically, because of some of its natural ingredients; one of them is quinine bark: quinine is a tree native to South America (it´s called “quina” in Spanish) with many medicinal properties, including antiseptic and antibiotic properties.

This makes quinine bark to keep follicles clean and healthy, also protecting the scalp and avoiding irritation and itching. Quinine bark also contains tannins, natural antioxidants that help fighting free radicals and prevent skin aging.

Another natural and very important ingredient that contains is rosemary, a plant with vasodilator properties, something that helps to activate blood circulation in the scalp and, therefore, stimulate hair growth, since in this way hair receive more nutrients.

Quinine bark also has benefits against grey hair, by increasing hair pigmentation; it also has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties (thus preventing various hair diseases). However, it should be noted that rosemary can irritate skin, so it is necessary to rinse hair very well after applying it.

How do you use ron quina?

Now you know the properties and benefits that quinine bark and rosemary can provide to your hair; but, how should you apply ron quina to your hair? This treatment for hair can be found as a hair tonic, but also in the form of shampoo or lotion. The best thing is to apply it for no more than 5 minutes, depending on how sensitive our scalp is; it should be applied directly to the scalp -and we recommend to use it on dry and clean hair – performing a gentle massage and penetrating the hair bulb: thus, we stimulate blood circulation a make the product to penetrate well in our scalp skin. To get proper results, it is recommended to apply ronquina on your hair once a week, although some people use it on a daily basis.

Actually, the frequency of use will basically depend on the condition of your hair; but also, on if you have a sensitive scalp, since, as we mentioned before, ingredients such as rosemary can cause irritation. So, if you have doubts, it is better that you start by applying a small amount, and not more than once a week. It should also be remembered that ronquina has a very particular smell: therefore, if you don't like that smell too much... you may prefer to use it less frequently.

Can ronquina (or ron quina) save my hair?

After reading all this, the key question is: does really help hair growth? It is true that quinine bark and rosemary are two plants whose medicinal properties have been known for centuries, and whose effects can help to keep hair healthy and nourished, free of oil and even dandruff. If that's enough for you, that´s great: ronquina can become a product that you can use as part of your hair care habits.

But the question is not that, but if ronquina can make hair grow back. And here, the answer is no: it cannot get hair to grow there where alopecia has stunted follicles growth; and it cannot stop baldness due to pattern hair loss (the most common type of alopecia, caused by genetic factors).

The truth is that the only lasting and definitive method to recover hair nowadays, is a hair transplant. Clinicana is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey: we are experts in hair implants and in all hair treatments, with 100% satisfactory results. Request your free online consultation, and ask us for a free, no obligation estimate for your treatment. We are awaiting you!

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