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20 ways to stop men’s hair loss

Small amount of shed hair is a normal phenomenon, there is no need to worry about it. There are many reasons behind hair loss like food diets, mineral deficiencies, medications, stress and genetic factors. Wearing a hat can also cause hair loss in men. Clinicana Hair Center Istanbul gives you a 20 solution list to help you reduce and deal with hair loss

1- Clean your hair regularly with a healthy shampoo:

Regular hair washing is an important part to stop hair shedding through keeping your bulbs clean. When doing so, you lower inflammatory and dandruff risks which may cause hair shedding. Moreover, hair washing gives it a new look with bigger volume.

2- Vitamins for hair loss:

Vitamins are not only good for general body health but also good for your hair. Vitamin A helps healthy fat production in head scalp, vitamin E improves scalps blood circulation which helps preserving bulbs production. Vitamin B preserves hair color.

3- Protein rich diet:

Eating fat-free meat, fish and soybean and other protein sources boosts hair health and prevents hair loss.

4- Massaging head scalp with aromatic oils:

People who suffer from hair loss must massage their scalp with aromatic oils for minutes that helps activating your hair bulbs. You can add some hyacinth in almonds or sesame oils.

5- Avoid brushing humid hair:

Humid hair is the weakest, so avoid brushing it because it will increase shedding rate. In case you had to do so, use a wide toothcomb. Also, avoid brushing hair too much for that may increase hair loss. Use your fingers to untangle tangled hair, not a comb or a brush.

6- Garlic, onion or ginger juices:

Rub one of these juices on your scalp, leave it all night, and wash it next morning. Do this regularly during a week and you will see an astonishing result?

7- Preserve your body fluids:

A quarter of our body is water so you should drink not less than 4 to 8 water cups a day to keep your body hydrated and guarantee a healthy hair growth.

8- Rub your hair with green tea:

Studies have shown that rubbing hair with green tea may stop hair loss. All you have to do is to soak two tea bags in a cup of water, leave it cool then put it on your hair. Wash your hair carefully after one hour. To see final results, keep doing this method regularly from week to 10 days.

9- You should know what harms your hair:

If you want to keep your hair healthy, you should preserve it. Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel to dry it, in other way, let it dry naturally.

10- Reduce alcohol drinking:

If you have hair loss then you should reduce alcohol intake, because it decreases hair growth. To let your hair grow, you must reduce or stop alcoholic drinks.

11- Avoid smoking:

Cigarettes smoking slows blood flow to the scalp which decreases hair growth.

12- Physical exercise:

Specify time for physical exercise every day. Walking, swimming or bike riding for 30 minutes daily help balancing your hormones, and prevent stress and hair loss.

13- Get rid of your stress:

Ancient studies have found medical proofs that link stress and hair loss. Put off your stress. One ways of doing that is meditation. Alternative treatments like meditation and yoga don’t reduce stress only, but also balance your hormone levels.

14- Avoid continuous heat and drying exposure:

Don’t expose your hair to repeated heat and drying. Heat weakens your hair proteins, this leads to hair fragility and even hair loss.

15- Protect your head from sweat:

Men with greasy hair suffer from dandruff during summer because of sweat and that makes hair loss more possible. Using Aloe Vera shampoo keeps your head cool and stops head dandruff.

In addition to that, men who wear hats suffer from hair loss during summer. When sweat accumulates in the pores, it weakens hair roots and leads to men’s hair loss. Therefore, wearing scarf or head bandanna can prevent it.

16- Change your hairstyle (for men with long hair):

In case you’re losing your hair lately, you must loosen it. Hairstyles like horsetail, braids and wigs tighten your hair, and can cause baldness.

17- Take care of your health:

Health problems are alert for hair loss. Make sure you deal with chronic diseases, high fever and inflammation right to ensure a healthy hair.

18- Watch your medications:

Some medications have side effects, it can be hair loss. Ask your doctor about how it will affect you. Let him know if it causes your hair to shed and ask him for change in that case.

19- Stay away from chemicals:

chemicals and hair dyes can be harmful for your hair. In case you have hair loss, it is better not to color your hair.

20- Regular medical check-ups:

There are many health conditions, especially those related to skin that can change your hormone levels and cause hair loss. Make sure to visit your doctor regularly for check-ups.