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How to disguise thinning hair in females

By Prof. Dr. Soner Tatlidede 2022-06-28

how to disguise thinning hair

Do you know how to disguise thinning hair in a woman? Although it is more common in men, male pattern baldness also exists in women, and there are many females - more than probably you believe - who suffer from hair loss problems and who seeks ways to disguise their thinning hair; in addition, hair loss is influenced by other factors, such as hormonal changes during menopause or pregnancy, stress, eating foods that cause hair loss... 

Many people contact with our clinic looking to get a FUE hair transplant, and many of them are women seeking solutions for their hair because it has lost density, or even because bald spots have appeared; and many patients, before getting hair implants, ask us how about how to disguise hair loss, or what are the solutions so that people do not notice their alopecia. Do you want to learn how to hide your baldness, or how to disguise thinning hair in a female? Do you want to learn tricks and haircuts to hide your receding line? Then, do not miss what comes next. 

Is it possible to disguise female thinning hair? 

Certainly, hair is a very important part of our personal image, especially among women, since trends and social conventions rarely contemplate the idea of bald women within the canons of beauty and aesthetics. It is estimated that more than 40% of women suffer from hair loss of some kind, which is why many of them look for ways on how to disguise balding hair, using scarfs, hats, or even prosthetic hair or wigs. 

Fortunately, in most cases women just need to worry about how to hide thinning hair, since normally hair loss among females only causes hair thinning or loss of hair density, but rarely permanent baldness. Besides, it is possible to use different hairstyles, haircuts, and other tricks and methods to hide receding hairlines, or areas with less hair. 

In the following lines we will show you how to disguise thinning hair at front and on top, and some remedies and solutions to hide your baldness. Anyway, our recommendation is that, in case of suffering an abnormal hair loss, you should always consult a specialist as soon as possible to receive a diagnosis and the appropriate treatment for your case. When it comes to hair health, time and prevention are always essential. 

How to disguise hair loss in women 

Hair is important not only for our image, but also for our emotional well-being. Many people are unable to cope with the physical and personal change that hair loss entails - especially if it comes suddenly - and may suffer from disorders such as anxiety or depression, or self-esteem problems, which can be aggravated especially in women. If you are looking for ways on how to disguise thin hair, here we are going to tell you 7 ways to hide female alopecia

Change your hair cut: 

Using haircuts to disguise thinning hair in women is probably the simplest solution to hair loss problems. When dealing with straight hair, for example, it is a good idea not to cut hair in layers, since these reduce hair volume; on the contrary, if you have curly hair or scarce hair, creating layers can help to provide volume to your hair, and make it appear with more density. In addition, you can use different hairstyles to hide bald spots, resorting to fringes, buns, etc. 

Use a wig: 

If you don’t have much hair and cannot resort to change your haircut to hide baldness, one of the most common ways to disguise thinning hair is resorting to covering your head with a wig: this is an alternative that many women use, for example after undergoing chemotherapy. Nowadays, there are high-quality wigs available that look really good, and although they will never be the same as your natural hair, they can be an easy short-term solution

Use hair extensions: 

Many women resort to hair extensions because they have thinning hair, or simply because they wish to have longer hair and do not want to wait for it to grow out. Logically, this is an option that is only possible when hair loss is not very advanced and hair retains the necessary strength to support the extensions.

Resort to hair makeup and hair sprays:

The use of hair makeup, or a spray to disguise thinning hair, allows to conceal the areas with less hair density using a minimally invasive method, although once more, it is only viable when the alopecia is just mild or is in its early stages. There are several brands that sell hair makeup, which is applied with a brush providing volume almost instantly; also, a disguise spray for thinning hair usually contains hair building fibres that help to hide small bald spots. It is possible to use contrasts and combine colours to provide a greater density look to our hair, too.

Dry well your hair:

It may seem unimportant, but it is not. Drying our hair properly after a shower helps hair to acquire texture and volume; if we also move and massage our hair while we dry it, the appearance of volume increases, and it will look like our hair is more abundant. It's definitely an easy way to disguise thinning hair in women.

Use minoxidil to strengthen your hair:

Besides available products to disguise thinning hair, there are drugs intended to strengthen hair and stimulate follicles growth, such as minoxidil, which have shown promising results for years when treating the first symptoms of male pattern baldness, or to accelerate hair recovery after temporary loss -such as the one produced by telogen effluvium. Its main drawback, in addition to its side effects, is that you are obliged to take it for life... since all benefits of minoxidil disappear once the treatment is over, and hair returns to its initial condition.

Think about getting a hair transplant:

Although in many cases hair loss in women is only temporary, often when hair grows back it does not have the same strength and volume; in other occasions, the lost hair simply does not grow back, and it is necessary to resort to other solutions such as hair transplant. Obviously, hair implants must be performed by experienced professionals and in clinics with proper equipment, or your hair can suffer even greater damages than before the surgery. 

At Clinicana we know perfectly how to disguise thinning hair: we can restore your previous look using modern hair transplant techniques such as the FUE method, which is painless and offers 100% satisfactory results for life. Do you have alopecia problems? Are you looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey? Request your free consultation right now, and ask us for a free, no obligation estimate for your treatment. We can help you!

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