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How to grow a beard faster

By Prof. Dr. Soner Tatlidede 2020-12-30

how to grow a beard for the first time

How to grow a beard faster? How long does it take to grow a beard? These are questions asked by many men who want to have a beard but who suffer from hair growth problems, or that are just eager to get their new beard.

Beards have become fashionable again, this is a fact; hence there is an increasing demand for beard transplant operations, which by the way have very good reviews among those who have got it. But if I don't want to resort to a transplant, what do I need to grow a beard? How to grow a beard faster? How to grow the perfect beard? Keep reading to find answers (and tricks) to all these questions.

How to grow a beard for the first time

When a man makes the decision to grow a beard, he may feel some anxiety if his beard grows not as quickly as expected, especially in the early stages, when he has not yet achieved the physical appearance he is looking for. Take into account that facial hair does not grow at the same pace in all men, either due to genetic inheritance or due to a lack of vitamins or trace elements.

There are many reasons that can lead a man to grow a beard, and much has been written about what a beard says about a man; but when the issue is how to make beard grow as soon as possible, we must bear in mind that aggressive products, skin problems, stress, or simply the habit of constantly touching our face and beard, can make our hair not to grow as it should.

How can I grow beard fast?

Then, how to grow a beard faster? The first thing you have to do when thinking about how to make your beard grow faster, is follow a healthy diet, avoid stress, do not use products containing alcohol or other aggressive components, and do not touch your beard hair... at least while it's still growing. Here you are these and other useful tips and tricks to grow a thicker and fuller beard naturally... and fast:

Take care of your skin:

By keeping the skin clean and free of dead cells, you stimulate hair growth; to achieve this, nothing better than an exfoliator. It is also important to use a good moisturiser.

Do not touch your beard:

Scratching or touching the beard, especially when it is still growing, is something very common but that we must avoid. By scratching we can damage follicles and prevent hair from growing, thus appearing areas with lower capillary density, or even bald spots. That is, leave your beard alone.

Use specific products:

There are many products available to stimulate beard growth that can achieve good results. In addition, beard must be kept clean by washing it with soap or a specific shampoo that keeps follicles healthy; you should massage gently your beard and then rinse it with warm (or better cold) water to stimulate blood irrigation.

Brush your beard regularly:

Combing or brushing your beard regularly also stimulates blood circulation, making hair to look healthier and more vigorous; besides, it also helps to improve the appearance of your beard.

Hydrate yourself:

Drinking enough water is not only important for our general health, but also for that of our hair. If our body suffers from dehydration, blood supply is reduced and therefore less nutrients reach hair, including beard.

Sleep enough:

Getting enough sleep is one of the best tips for a healthy life, and this also extends to the health and appearance of our hair. When our body is rested, it copes more effectively with external aggressions and cell regeneration is stimulated, including hair growth.

Follow a balanced diet:

A healthy and balanced diet  - which includes meat, fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables - provides the necessary nutrients to our body and to our hair, so that they can remain healthy and strong. But beware: a lack of nutrients is as bad as eating too much; body fat accumulated because of overweight hinders hair growth. Sudden changes in weight are not recommended either.

Take enough vitamins:

A diet rich in biotin, or in other B vitamins such as B1, B6 or B12, stimulates hair growth. According to some studies, a consumption of 2.5 mg a day of biotin can be enough to make your beard grow faster.

Say no to stress:

It is well known that stress is one of the main enemies of hair; therefore, avoiding any stressful situation and - if faced - keeping calm through relaxation techniques, can be one of the best remedies for caring of your beard hair.

All these tips are very useful if you wonder how to grow a beard faster naturally; but, what happens when beard does not grow, or bald spots appear? Ultimately, the best remedy can be a hair transplant. Clinicana is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, and we are specialists in all solutions to save your hair: request a free consultation and ask us for a free, no obligation estimate. Time to get your hair back!

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