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Porcelain Lamina Veneer

Porcelain lamina veneers are porcelain leaves that are 0.2 to 0.7 cm in thickness, attached to anterior surfaces of teeth and appear like contact lens. Porcelain laminates are routinely used as a way of making changes for teeth that are discolored, worn, chipped, and malformed, have spaces between them or are slightly misaligned. It is one of the most efficient methods that is used in smile design and restoration/reconstruction of color, form and function of tooth.

Teeth are assessed in baseline examination and treatment options and restorations that fit facial shape, skin color and characteristics of the patient are addressed. Models are molded, after measurements are made before treatment is started, and thus, a plan is made that includes procedures required to achieve targeted smile.

Data of this study is used to demonstrate patient a three-dimensional model of smile that will be achieved at the end of treatment prior to the procedures. Accordingly, patient can see how her/his smile will change and will have a general idea about how s/he will feel with the new smile. All possible modifications are completed in mouth. This measurement approach will ensure that final reconstruction will not be a surprising one.

Preparations and post-preparation use of these teeth shorten the time patient needs to adapt to new teeth and enable patient try them in functional term.

Our ceramist technician takes into account many parameters, including but not limited to color and form, in order to make dental restorations that appear natural and fit native teeth completely, while restorations are molded and formed in computer-assisted dental laboratory of this clinic; and thus, we can provide our patients with many dental services, such as restorations with perfect outcomes, with no waste of time.

We can list the advantages of porcelain lamina veneer as follows:

  • Natural looking results: It provides a very natural teeth appearance since they closely mimic the way natural teeth reflect light. They can be made very thin and translucent.
  • Long-lasting solution with durable material: Porcelain veneers can be expected to last for 10-15 years if executed well by the dentist and cared well by the patient.
  • Good matching with existing teeth: The colour of the porcelain veneer can be made to match your natural teeth very closely. In most cases it is not necessary to veneer all your teeth if not demanded that way.
  • Quick and effective results: People can have very dramatic and almost instant improvements in their smile with dental porcelain lamina veneer procedure.
  • Conservative process: As compared to placing dental crowns, much less tooth trimming is required in this type of veneer since it is much less likely to affect the nerve inside the tooth than a porcelain crown. In this regard, this type of veneer is less destructive to your natural teeth.
    Little recovery period: The veneers are set firmly to your teeth so you are good to resume normal function almost immediately, and you don’t have to wait for your teeth to regain its functions.
  • Stain resistant: Porcelain resists the classic stains of coffee, tea, smoking and soft drinks very well and can look as good as the day they were put in for years to come. Gums also respond well to porcelain margins making them (when done correctly) very well tolerated and easy to keep clean.
  • No additional maintenance or special care: Nothing is needed other than good daily brushing and flossing.