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Is sea water good for your hair?

By Prof. Dr. Soner Tatlidede 2022-07-20

Is sea water good for your hair?

Is sea water good for your hair? It is easy to find all kinds of information on the Internet - often contradictory - about the use of sea water on hair, which makes quite difficult to know if salt water is good or not. 

Of course, if we suffer from some alopecia condition, using sea water will not prevent us from getting a hair transplant in Istanbul; but, is sea salt water good for your hair? Does sea water damage hair, or not? In this post we are going to finally clarify what happens to your hair when it comes into contact with salty water, and how to protect hair from sea water to avoid damaging it. 

Sea water for hair: what are the consequences? 

Sea water has many beneficial properties; mainly for the skin, where - for example - it helps to fight acne; but also for hair, where among other benefits, it provides volume to hair and eliminates excess of oil. 

The problem is that, while sea water has benefits for hair under many circumstances, it also causes problems if precautions are not taken or if it is used in excess. In addition, although the effects of sea water on hair can be beneficial, other elements that are normally associated with sea water, such as the sun or sand, can actually do damage hair fiber

So, is salt water good for your hair? 

On previous posts we have talked about the dangers of swimming in pool water after a hair transplant. Regarding salt water, this contains vitamins, minerals ad amino acids than can have benefits on hair, and skin. However, there are also risks that must be taken into account. So, let’s see below what are the benefits and risks of mixing sea water and hair

Why is sea water GOOD for hair? 

  • Volume: sea water contains iodine, which among other benefits for our hair, softens it and provides it with more volume.
  • Nutrition: seawater provides nutrients to hair, as long as we do not use it excessively.
  • Dandruff: seawater regulates skin PH and eliminates dandruff, itching, and other dermatological problems.
  • Cleans: the calcium contained in sea water protects and cleanses skin and scalp cells.
  • Stimulates: the magnesium present in seawater serves to stimulate cell metabolism and, therefore, hair growth.
  • Cures: it doesn´t mean that seawater is good for all conditions; but elements such as bromide have anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
  • Hydrates: used with caution, the sodium chloride found in sea water purifies and moisturizes. 

Why is sea water BAD for hair? 

  • Damages: sea water has a high pH and a high salt content that can affect to hair fibres, damaging or altering their structure, especially if hair is already weakened by some treatment with chemical products.
  • Dries: due to its high salt content, when used in excess, sea water dries out hair and makes it brittle.
  • Bleaches: does sea water bleach hair? Yes, it is well known that sea water bleaches hair due to the effect of salt on hair fibres. 

Therefore, we cannot categorically state whether seawater is good for hair or not, because although it has many beneficial properties, there are also risks. The result, indeed, will depend on the condition of our hair, on how much time hair is exposed to seawater, and even on the place where we bathe, since bathing at the seashore - where the water has more residues - is worse than doing it in deeper areas, where the sea water is cleaner. 

Let's also not forget that, in general, when we talk about whether seawater is good or not for hair, we do so in the context of summer, when it is common to go to beach and spend hours bathing or under the sun... Temperatures, sand, saltpetre, or solar radiation, are indeed harmful to our hair, and the longer it is exposed, the worse. Therefore, if you wish to have a healthy hair, it is important to know how to clean and rinse it correctly after going to beach. 

How can I protect hair from sea water? 

After a day at beach, sea water, sand and the sun will have affected our hair. As we explained before, even though seawater has benefits, in excess sea water in hair can also be quite harmful if cautions are not taken. 

Therefore, if our hair has been in contact with sea water, we must rinse it with plenty of fresh water, just after bathing in the beach if possible; if we cannot do it then, as soon as we get home we should rinse it well, and apply a good conditioner or a moisturizing mask

So, answering to the main question: is sea water good for your hair? As we have explained, salt water hast its pros and cons, and therefore you must always take care of your hair. And of course, if you experience any problem with your hair, put yourself in the hands of experienced professionals: Clinicana is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, and we are experts in all kinds of treatments. Request your free consultation, and if you wish, ask us for a free, no obligation estimate for your treatment.

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