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Hair transplant Turkey reviews
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Hair transplant in Turkey: Reviews

When you think about getting a hair transplant in Turkey, reviews are very important just to get first hand information about how the whole process is and what results you can expect. We always recommend first to gather all the possible information about how a hair transplant is performed, how is the surgery procedure, its risks, its side effects, its results... so that you can make a proper decision and choose the best available option.

Therefore, it´s very important to know what patients that already have gone through this experience think about it and about the results they got. At Clinicana we use the latest techniques in hair transplant surgery to provide you with the best hair transplant in Turkey: that´s why we are always keen to share our patients’ opinions, as their testimonials are the best proof of why we are the best valued professionals when people think about having a hair transplant in Istanbul.

DE Patient opinions about the Clinic
Mike, Germany
The Patient Said

My hair line was reclining over the years especially in the corners as usual. I have thin blond hair so the common old men short hair was not an option i liked. I considered hair tranplantation for years but never felt confident in doing so as a lot can go wrong. Coinsidantly i met a friend of a close friend who openly spoke about his hair transplant, seeing his results and the way he was so happy how it all went I finally decided to do in in the Acibadem Clinic where he had the surgery done. The treatment overall is not a small thing for sure, but considering the intervention a most convenient way i could have thought.
Pain was only while getting the local anestesia. After that i felt nothing during the opperation that made me feel uncomfortable. The pain killer actually let me fall asleep sometimes. Coming out of the operation looks shocking. But the recovery is really fast. The second day after my head got washed, i was already sightseeing through Istanbul. Being given a hat that is sitting on a head bandage, which i thought is an excellent idea i had no starry glances and i was happy i did not have to hide for days in the hotel, which by the way was absoutely first class too.
Something i really recommend to do so is to start talking about your exact hairline early enough. Usually it comes right before the operation where the protocol does not accept a lot of time. It is the most important part and it s a discussion of your personal interest and their experience. So sleep over it if you want to have the hairline of a 20 year old or maybe a more realistic slightly reduced one which is adequate for your age. I strongly recommend to sleep one night after having discussed and drawn it on your head with the team.
So overall the surgery is intense, but in the way i experienced it was the best possible option i could have expected.

I have chosen the Abicadem clinic only because it was recommended to be by the friend. The attractive price actually was surprising for me more than convicing at first. But from the organisation of the trip, the arrival desk the Airpot, transfer to the clinic and seeing the modern and suffisticated institute i immediately knew the guys are not sharlatans.
And the whole procedure proofed it later. In a professionell routine they are absolut experts for this surgery having multiple surgeries daily. All over your stay you are being accompanied by a personal translator and assistent for all questions or doubts which is a very open and personal relation more than a pushy guide through the hospital. A friend who accompanied me to do the same surgery had fever the day before and was struggling from a virus still why he didnt feel like doing it and pulled out. At no point was that a problem or caused aggrevation but was fully respected, covering the cost that came up till then for the prp treatment he received. And by the way he already booked a new surgery date already after seeing how it went with me.
Also speaking with the other patients for hair transplants that i met here during the days there all where really happy. Everbody was convinced having done the right thing, only part of discussions always was the personal hairline, so really do take your time for it and have it done as you like it.
So for all those considering the step and looking for confidence to be at the right place and trust a result i can recommend this clinic by heart. The team and the facilities are probably one of the best options for a hair transplant you can get.

BH Patient opinions about the Clinic
Mohamed, Bahrain
The Patient Said

I will command it to all my friends/

I read a lot of reviews that was positive/

AE Patient opinions about the Clinic
Alramlawi, United Arab Emirates
The Patient Said

Perfect and secure management by professional and a highly cooperative team , the results are fantastic .
This clinic respects appointments and deals with customers in an ethical and respectable way.
Thanks a lot for Mrs.Hanouda for her professional way and ethics.

Very ordered , nice reception and customer services , updated and fully equipped clinic.
Hotel services and transportation are perfect.
Honestly , I am highly recommending this clinic for hair transplantation.

Treated by: Mrs.Hanouda

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Pola, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I had hair transplant treatment yesterday. I was recommended this clinic by a friend who had the treatment over 1 year ago and has excellent results. I decided to go ahead with the treatment after obtaining all the information needed by the Clinicana staff. The staff have been very helpful and always ready to answer any questions at any time. The treatment went smoothly and was carefully explained and time given for any questions. I look forward to the final results.

The experience has been good so far. We were welcomed by a driver who met us at the airport and took us to a hotel. All stages of our trip were smoothly planned and completed. I would recommend this clinic for anyone wanting to get a hair transplant

US Patient opinions about the Clinic
Moustafa, United States
The Patient Said

I had the FUE treatment mostly for the front area of my head /\they told me that
they planted about 3800 grafts / The treatment in general was easier than \i thought with little pain in the first five minutes / \the nurses were very experienced and it went very efficiently and swiftly with professional supervision /

The overall experience was very satisfactory especially the manager and the clinic itself / It is very luxurious and very clean and the staff was extremely courteous\ friendly and professional/
I highly recommend it for anyone considering planting hair /

US Patient opinions about the Clinic
Anonymous, United States
The Patient Said

Medical Treatment at Clinicana was great. The initial labs were done in the hospital lab setting and the procedure was performed on the Clinicana floor of the hospital Acibadem as stated to me in the consult. The treatment lasted about 6.5 hours in total, from walk in time to walk out time. I was quoted 4000 grafts on my pictures when I was in the USA but my procedure resulted in 5200 grafts. I was told I can have a lower hairline and 70% coverage or opt for a higher hairline and go for 100% placement. I opted for 100% coverage of course. The procedure itself is not for the weak at heart. The numbing and anesthesia part, was the worst. It is painful and no way around it. Its necessary to tolerate the rest of the procedure. That is the first part. The second part is the extraction from the donor area. This part lasts about 1-2 hours depending on the number of grafts. it isn't painful, as you are numb at this point, but it is very uncofmrtable to be on your stomach for so long, and your face pressed into the Donut hole head holder of the table. *think a massage table with a small place for your mouth and nose The final part is the implantation of the grafts. This part wasn't painful as your are numb for the most part. If it was painful, the staff was quick to apply more anesthesia. Overall, the treatment was great and I am happy and optimistic about the result. It is scary to do this procedure abroad, but the staff and doctors were very professional. The facilities were top notch, the hospital clean, and the staff wel trained. My initial impression is this is very good, but I am always cautiously optimistic with the end result of both the transplanted area AND the donor area. The donor area takes a beating, and I would have liked to see more pictures of the donor area to make sure scalps heal properly. Overall I would recommend Clinicana and FUE treatment to anyone with hairloss. I am 32 and hoping to shed some years offm y age with this look.
The clinic was great, clean, professional staff, a medical doctor on site, and run by a family business. One of the brothers is the main contact through Whatsapp. They are very patient. They answered all of my questions, and they never got frustrated. They do this often and are used to these questions. They need more pictures on the website of blurred out faces, donor areas, and transplanted areas after the one year marks to show peoples results. Their satisfaction rate is high initially, but only time will tell at the one year mark how happy we will be. overall I leave feeling optimistic my results will be good enough to be happy with this investment.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
K, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

The manner in which we were dealt in exceeded our expectations in a very good way.

The staff were very informative and knowledable about the procedure.
They are honest about the expected results and do not over sell on false promises.

The whole process has been very smooth from being picked up from airport to hotel to the treatment itself and the very nice and clean hospital/

The staff really care about their patients.
Would help more if the technicians performing the procedure could speak better English - they do understand the basics.

Good Value for money and great place.

We were recommended by friends who had already used Clinicana.
Instant response to any questions we had throughout the process.
Excellent first impressions about everything from pick up to treatment to after care.

Well done to all at Clinicana!

QA Patient opinions about the Clinic
The Patient Said

concerning my experience in clinicana HAIR TRASPLANT CENTER i can say that it was very good very serious staff and very good treatment. they transplant 6000 grafts and im very happy with this big number and thickness.

i recommend this clinic to all poeple who want hair transplant. the hospital is very clean and new. the doctor is high experienced the staff is helpful. the driver was on time and the hotel is very relaxed.

AE Patient opinions about the Clinic
shabeer, United Arab Emirates
The Patient Said

it was perfect the whole treatment.they gave us full support and advise for these days.the surgery was only little pain on starting was very well.they will provide all medicines and care for these days

clinic was excellent/They provide me the full support with transportation and stay to hotel and preferring for you clinicana for your hair transpantation.and the hotel they provide me the full needs for me .totally it was nice

SE Patient opinions about the Clinic
diaa, Sweden
The Patient Said

if you want to do hair transplant no way friend you have to chose the clinicana esthetic
. why i say that this is my second operation here in this transplant center very honest.and best staff. and this center number one in the turkey

my best friend he tell me about this center . and this is my second operation here in this center . im very happy for i chose the best center in turkey . so im say to every body thinking about the hair transplant come to clinicana center and go to your new live happy.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Andrew, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

After speaking to several people regarding hair transplants i was pointed in the direction of Clinicana. I contacted them and immediately they got back to me with all the information i had requested. I had a list of questions and the were all answered honestly. When i arrived i couldn't believe how wonderful the clinic was.All the staff were extremely friendly and the facility itself was very clean and well maintained. Following the operation the team were excellent in providing advice and all the aftercare information i needed. Within an hour of returning to my hotel i was contacted to ensure that everything was ok and later that same night i was once again contacted to ask if i had any issues. The care and attention to detail that has been shown throughout the whole process has been unbelievable and i would highly recommend Clinicana to any who is considering having a hair transplant. Cant wait to see the results!!

After a while i decided that it was time to bite the bullet and have a hair transplant! Scary right? WRONG! From the moment i was picked up by the driver i was made to feel welcomed and at ease. I arrived at the clinic for my blood tests and everything went like clockwork. On the morning of my operation i was welcomed by my point of contact and shown to the treatment room.Everything was so smooth in the lead up to the operation and i was genuinely surprised. The injections were sore however they only lasted a few moments. The operation was extremely smooth and i couldn't believe how detailed and precise everything was.Very satisfying.

TR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Osama, Turkey
The Patient Said

I had an amazing experince for hair transplant in Clinicana with a friendly staff and good automosfer and really im happy with the resulte and im highly recommended anyone who have any issue with hair to come and try this best clinic in Turkey

honstlly clinicana is one of the amazin clinic in Turkey for Hair Transplant, they are located in a good palce and they have profissenal doctor and nurses and offering all what you need like hotel booking and taxi etc,

RO Patient opinions about the Clinic
Stefan, Romania
The Patient Said

My name is Stefan . Few weeks ago a decide to make a appointment to one of the hair transplant clinics .I was checking many web sits from Europe . I find like 10 clinic with different prices .Finally i was an turkish sits with was very attentive. Eyad is one of the manager which i spoke to by viber.He put evreythink in place in less then 2 days .Hotel rezervation .transpotation which was included the pirice of operation .

In the airoport the clinic driver waiting for me by the way Eyad send me a picture with the driver thats very heplfull I came to the driver which brouth me first to the hospital were i make the blood analyses after the driver brouth me to the hotel .Next day i had the operation .The operation was taken about 6 hours with a break for lunch.First they explain about how the operation will be.The doctor and the nurses were very profesionall. A team which they checking on me all of the time during the operation. Local anestesia was made operation was made in 3 steps open the chanels remove the hair and inplant it to the bold area .They call me next daywash my hair and explain me everythink i need to do for next 12 mounths Ijust want to mention since i spoke withy Eyad on the site and and i left from clinic everyone was treit me so good .I am very pleased with the treatment /team

Treated by: Mr Eyad Attar

TR Patient opinions about the Clinic
talal, Turkey
The Patient Said

i do hair transplant in FUE technique. i send them the photos before i come and promise me to transplant 4500 grafts after the operation they transplant 6500 grafts. it is more than expected. i am very happy with the result. the doctor is very professional and experienced and was with me all the time and give me advises. everything were great im very happy to do it in this clinic.

the time i arrived to airport the driver were on time. the hotel is very very beautiful and relaxed. the hospital is clean and new. the staff is very friendly and give me all the details and instructions. they are very professional. i recommend every one who wants to make hair transplant to do it in Clinicana.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Alex, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I am very happy with the treatment and I would like to recommend it to more people who want to come.
This is a good opportunity for many people as you will get the expected result at a good price which is worth.

The clinic is really good in many ways.
First of all it's really nice and elegant but also the attention that you get is the best which is really important considering that you will get an operation and you will need as much attentions as possible.

FR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Said, France
The Patient Said

About 3500 grafts. The doctor is very professional. I contact Mr. Mulham two months ago and sent him photos and answer all my questions very quickly. Everything was as he promise me.
I felt good during all the operation.

Operation was good with professional personal and clinic is very clean and performing. The driver was on time in the airport.
I was impressed by the good quality of services. The hotel is very good clean and relax . I'm very happy to do it in Clinicana and advice everyone who wants to make hair transplant to do it in Clinicana it is the best.

TR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Dr.Muhammad, Turkey
The Patient Said

I have procedure of m hair transplant at Clinicana Esthetic transplant center, the professional staff able to take out my 4700 donar grafts from my back area, they performed what they promised to us before the treatment procedure went all perfect except little bit just before the end 20 minutes i got my blood pressure drop due to continue pressure on my eye ball inhibit / slow my vagal supply but doctor immediately responded and controlled everything and finish my procedure in time, Thw doctors,nurses,Technicians all are professional and know their work best/
after tow days they washed my head and advised me how to take care of my head now on wards until i will get my desire results & they gave me a guarantee certificate too,

The clinic has outstanding environment, clean,neat and extra ordinary high-gene which impressed me a lot, Doctors and Nurses are really professional, instruments were also very comfortable to use they are doing wonderful job, after lot of searches i choose this center and i will must say i choose the best one,
they gave us stay in 4 star hotel which was near to clinic and very nice to take rest & enjoy continental food, along with pick and drop between airport=clinic=hotel,

DK Patient opinions about the Clinic
Sugendra, Denmark
The Patient Said

It was very good. In the mail they wrote after see my photo my donor area looks very thin. about 3200 to 3500 graft possible. But they did me 5800 graft in one session. I am lucky my donor area looks good/ I am happy
Anatesi was little bit pain. But after that I could not feel any pain. I got pain killer and it works well. The staff very kind and very good. I will tell my friends to have hair transplant and esthetic operations with Clinicana because I am very happy.

Clinicana Center booked me very nice hotel 5 stars in the middle of Istanbul, the hotel very clean and very touristic area include internet and breakfast. The hotel very near to the hospital. The driver very polite and picked up me from the airport in the time. The hospital very clean and new. I really pleased with the services of Clinicana hair transplant and cosmetic surgeries.

BG Patient opinions about the Clinic
Ivaylo, Bulgaria
The Patient Said

The staff of Clinicana were very professional. They explained everything in details. The surgery was a pleasant experience. I had a meal between the procedures and some time for rest. Now I will be waiting for the results.

Clinic was brand new and well equipped . Everyone was nice and very helpful. Everyone worked as a team. They had interpreters and also regular shuttle service to the hotel and airport. It was a superb experience and I strongly recommend them to everyone that needs hair transplant.

TR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Anonymous, Turkey
The Patient Said

The staff of Clinicana were very professional. They explained everything in details.The surgery was a pleasant experience.I had a meal between the procedures and some time for rest.Now I will be waiting for the results. Clinic was brand new and well equipped .Everyone was nice and very helpfull. Everyone worked as a team.They had interpreters and also regular shuttle service to the hotel and airport.It was a superb experience and I strongly recommend them to everyone that needs hair transplant.