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Hair Transplant Surgery in The Summer

By Prof. Dr. Soner Tatlidede 2019-09-24

Hair transplant: better in winter or summer? This a very common question asked by many people interested in a hair treatment for their alopecia problems; however, the truth is that a hair surgery can be planned regardless of the season. In fact, the main issues you should care about your transplant are mainly linked to your social life, not to weather or the season.

Let´s say that staying away from sunlight and not swimming during the first 10 days after your operation, should be enough if you have a hair surgery in summer. In case you get it in winter, you are advised not to wear hats to protect yourself from cold during the first days.

But decide between a hair transplant in summer or winter is not the most important thing. On the contrary, the perfect time for a hair transplant is just when the patient feels himself ready for the procedure, and can take care of himself away from his busy work schedule and stress. That´s why many people choose to get a hair implant by FUE in Turkey during the summer months.

Is a hair implant in summer a good option?

Hair grows faster in the summer season, and regeneration rate of skin increases, too. After a hair transplant, it is necessary to protect slight crusting and redness on scalp from UV lights during recovery period. In general, you have to avoid sun exposure after a hair transplant, at least during the first days; this is because sun exposure hinders the healing process and makes scars become more visible. Therefore, sun can damage your hair transplant.

However, this won´t take long as millimetric incisions that were performed for grafting on the scalp and redness, heal in just 7-10 days and they will become mostly invisible. There is no problem for the patients to swim, too, except when they are directly exposed to sunlight. Moreover, sea water has an effect of accelerating wound healing.

Transplanted hair starts to grow back within three or four months. So, if you come to Turkey for your intervention during the summer season, you can welcome the New Year with your desired hairstyle and brand-new image. Besides, right before the summer holidays we usually like to fix our physical appearance and have the most aesthetic image. This is why so many people plan their hair transplant surgery at the beginning of the summer.

In this regard, our doctors at Clinicana state that "Hair transplant surgery in summertime is not an obstacle for holidays. On the contrary, hair grows faster in summer. As it is widely used in summer, you can go through the crusting period easily by wearing a hat".

So, what is the right time for a transplant?

Our doctors at our clinic in Istanbul also state that "Hair transplant operations can be performed in everyone of the 12 months of the year. This question is very common to us: what is the right time for hair transplant? Well, anyone who feels himself ready can have a hair transplant surgery at any time of the year, no matter if it´s summer or winter".

Pointing to the false facts circulating about getting a hair transplant in summer months, our doctors insist that patients can enjoy a sea holiday after a hair transplant procedure regardless of the season. The only thing that matters is that the procedure must be carried out by specialists in the field.

Also, there is no inconvenience to undergo a hair transplant surgery in summer as long as the instructions prescribed for the post-operative period are followed by the patient accordingly.

Your transplant and your holiday in Turkey at the same time!

Therefore, as you schedule your summer vacation, you can also plan your surgery at the same time! Just book your departure and return flights from Istanbul after spending a great holiday visiting Turkey or Istanbul, like many of our patients having undergone hair transplant surgery do.

You can enjoy the sea and sunshine on the famous Mediterranean and Aegean coasts (Antalya, Alanya, Çesme, Bodrum, Kemer etc) or visit historical places such as Istanbul, Cappadocia, Safranbolu and so on; and then plan the last 2 days of your holidays to get a hair transplant at our clinic in Istanbul.

The most important thing is to choose the right clinic for your hair transplant, in summer, winter or any other season of the year, so that you can put the icing on the cake after a perfect holiday in Turkey, returning to your home country with your new hair! Clinicana is located in one of the best and most modern hospitals in Turkey, and our medical team has great experience in hair treatment. Give yourself a gift! Try our free consultation service!!

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