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Treatment and products used for hair cauterization

By Prof. Dr. Soner Tatlidede 2020-04-20

cauterization treatment

What is hair cauterization? Well, it is a well-known treatment that allows you to seal hair fibres and restore hair vigour, shine and naturalness; therefore, this treatment is normally used to recover severely damaged hair or having split ends. It is estimated that a single session of hair cauterization can help restore about 80% of proteins lost in a damaged hair.

Along with hair transplant cost in Turkey, one of the most searched topics on the Internet in terms of hair treatments is indeed hair cauterization treatment, which makes hair thicker, more resistant and brilliant. But, what does this treatment consist of? How it is performed? What results are obtained? Let's learn more about it.

What is hair cauterization?

There are many factors that may cause a serious damage to hair structure, such as recurrent use of dyes, discolorations and hair irons, an excess of hair straightening, or putting hair under long exposures to sea water or chlorinated water from swimming pools, as well as long exposure to sunrays.

Hair cauterization aims to regenerate hair using a keratin-based treatment. Thanks to keratin, the cuticle that protects hair surface can be sealed, and dryness and frizzy hair caused by aggressive hairstyling that make hair lose nutrients, vitamins and proteins (such as keratin itself), can also be eliminated.

That´s why cauterization is mainly recommended for very dry and damaged hair with split ends; by using cauterization, not only extra nutrients very need by this hair are provided: besides, the external hair cuticle is sealed, allowing nutrients and vitamins added with the treatment to remain in the hair and restore its shine and strength.

How is hair cauterization treatment done?

Although sometimes described as a aesthetic surgery of hair, hair cauterization is actually a basic but important treatment that must be carried out by professionals that can guarantee a good result, since an incorrect use can cause even a greater damage to hair. So, what products are used in hair cauterization? And, how is this treatment carried out?

Hair cauterization uses products such as keratin, which is applied along with other important nutrients to the hair to cover it with a protective layer and seal the damaged hair cuticle. However, before this combination of keratin and nutrients is applied, the first step is to wash hair very well with a special shampoo.

After removing any residue or dirtiness from hair, excess of moisture must be removed but without completely drying the hair; then the mixture of liquid keratin enriched with various nutrients is applied: the application on the hair must be done strand by strand and from the roots to the ends, so that the product can penetrate well, applying heat first with a negative ions hair dryer, and later using a hair iron to completely seal the keratin.

Cauterized hair is then left to rest for a few minutes, and treatment session ends with a gentle brushing of the hair. Once the session is over, it is recommended to leave hair 3 days without washing it so that product may fix well at hair. The cost of a hair cauterization varies, but in the UK it generally starts from £70.

What results can I expect?

After first session of treatment is over, you will already notice that your hair looks shiner, softer and looser; if hair is especially damaged, it might be necessary to carry out one or two more treatment sessions during the first month, and then keep it doing regularly to maintain your hair healthy. Anyway, once your hair is recovered the effects of a single treatment session can last between 2 and 6 months.

If you have problems with your hair appearance, a hair cauterization treatment can be a possible solution in less severe cases. But if your case is more serious, you will need to ask an expert to diagnose your problem. At Clinicana we are experts in all types of hair treatments: just take a look to the hair transplant in Turkey reviews, and find out for yourself why we are the best rated hair clinic. Ask for your free consultation now!!

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