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When and how to wash your hair after a hair transplant

By Prof. Dr. Soner Tatlidede 2020-04-19

wash  hair after hair implant

Knowing how to wash your hair after a hair transplant is something very important to take into consideration after undergoing such an operation, and in fact is one the most frequently asked questions among people that search for things like the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey or any other aspect surrounding this type of surgery.

So, when can I wash hair after the transplant? And how can I clean my head after a hair transplant? Don´t worry: in the following lines we will answer all these questions and many more, offering you step by step very useful tips to wash and care of your new transplanted hair without causing any damage, and thus getting the best results after your operation.

Hair wash after hair transplant

How is hair washed after a hair transplant? To make our transplant successful, it´s vital that we follow all instructions and guidelines given by the medical team that was in charge of our hair operation. For example, we should always use an special shampoo to wash our head during the first days; if not, we face the risk of causing long lasting damage to our new transplanted hair. However, using the shampoo is just one of the things that must be done.

Therefore, here are several recommendations and tips that we have to keep in mind when thinking of post hair transplant hair wash:

First wash after hair transplant must be in 48 hours

First head wash should be done 48 hours after the operation, and if possible it should be done by the specialized team of the clinic.

Use the shampoo given by the clinic

Hair aftercare can be done at home, but always using the products and shampoo provided by the clinic after the transplant.

Never wash your hair with hot water

How often should you wash your hair after hair transplant? Doctors recommend that you should wash your head daily during the first 10 days after the transplant, using warm water (more cold than hot) and the special shampoo. Never use hot water; actually, using hot water to wash your head is never advisable (no matter if you had a hair transplant or not), because it causes damages to skin and hair.

Do not apply pressure on grafts

During the first days after transplant, it´s quite important to apply water on the head gently, not letting pressurized water from the shower to directly impact on the scalp. Instead of a shower head, you can use a glass or a bottle to pour water.

Apply shampoo gently

After a hair transplant, do you know how to wash hair? One of the most important steps is the one related to how to apply shampoo; you must pour it into your hands palms and rub it until it foams (never do this on your head); then apply shampoo on the transplanted area using very gentle and intermittent movements with the palm of the hand, without exerting any pressure on the scalp.

You can continue doing this during 2 minutes, and then leave the shampoo acting during 5 minutes; we can feel some sort of slight pain during the first days after the operation, but this is completely normal. All these instructions apply to the implanted area; in the DONOR area you can apply shampoo and touch the scalp as usual.

Rinse well your hair

After completing the previous step, we will proceed to rinse our hair in the same way that we moistened it at first: that is, with warm water (almost cold) and without exerting any pressure. Rinse should be smooth and taking our time.

Dry hair smoothly

Drying of hair must be done in the same way that we applied shampoo on the head: using gentle and short pulsations without putting any pressure on the scalp, and NEVER rubbing. Although we can use a soft cotton towel to dry hair, during the first days is more recommended to use good quality absorbent paper (e.g. kitchen paper) instead, as long as it does not leave residues.

Comb gently

After a few days and if we didn't have to completely shave our head for the operation, we may need to comb our hair; hairstyling must also be very delicate, using gentle movements without pressuring or causing frictions or pulls on the scalp.

Scratching is prohibited

Many people feel itching in the operated area during the first days, something that is normal. It is vital to avoid the temptation and not to scratch the scalp, since this may cause several damages in the grafts. Daily washing during the first days provides a great relief in case of itching.

Do not remove off scabs

Scabs formed on the grafts after the surgery can fall out with hair during the first days: this is something normal that should not scare us, since the important thing is that grafted follicles under the skin are healthy, and they will produce new hair. It is very important to let these scabs fall off on their own (it may take 10-12 days), since if we do not so we face the risk of pulling follicles off.

Keep hair clean and healthy

Once all scabs are gone, we can say that the healing process is over and that follicles have definitely settled on the scalp: this means that we can gradually normalise the way we wash our hair and use a normal shampoo, always that it has a neutral PH and no chemical ingredients; and from the 3rd week on, we can start doing gentle massages with our fingers in the scalp.

Finally, when is proper to wash our hair after the hair transplant? After the first two weeks, it´s very important to keep maintaining a good hair and scalp hygiene so that our hair stays clean and healthy; that doesn´t mean that we should wash it every day as we did in the first days after the intervention, but we recommend to wash hair every 2 days.

Other cares after a hair transplant

In addition to the aforementioned recommendations, it is also important to follow these tips:

  • Do not expose the operated area to direct sunlight or high temperatures. If we are going outside, it is better to avoid sun and therefore too much sweating, which can cause infections.
  • Do not wear caps or hats that may pressure the operated area. It is also important to take special care with our head when dressing sweaters, T-shirts, etc., as these can cause pressure or rubbing on the grafts.
  • Protecting your scalp from bumps during the first days is vital. We must take extreme care, since in many cases we will feel numbness in the operated area.
  • It´s recommended -although is not always possible- to avoid as much as we can movements while sleeping, trying not to rest the implanted area with the new grafts on the pillow
  • We should not perform any physical activities or sports during the first 7-10 days that involve great effort or sweating. We can go out for a walk, practice warm up, pilates, etc.
  • We must not wet our hair in pool water or salt water (not even in the sea) during at least the first month after the operation.
  • In general, avoid rubbing or pressuring on the scalp during the first weeks, and of course never scratch or rub your hair.

These recommendations on how to wash your hair after a hair transplant must always be subjected to the recommendations provided by the medical team that performed your intervention. That is why it is key to choose a good clinic with skilled and experienced staff. Take a look at the reviews on hair transplant in Turkey with Clinicana, and find out why we are the best valued clinic. Ask for your free consultation right now!

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