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Mesotherapy for hair loss: Does it help hair regrowth?

By Prof. Dr. Soner Tatlidede 2019-12-26

Mesotherapy for hair loss is a technique long time used in medicine, specially for aesthetic treatments, easy to apply and with hardly any side effects, that usually offers very promising results.

Nowadays it´s used mainly in cosmetic treatments to combat problems like cellulite, acne or wrinkles, or for facial rejuvenation treatments; but at the same time is the perfect complement to strengthen hair after a hair transplant. The price of a hair mesotherapy single session ranges between £ 190 and £ 460 ($250 and $600), depending of the clinic and the country: that is even cheaper than a male or female hair transplant in Turkey.

But, what is a mesotherapy hair treatment? In the following lines we´ll explain you not only what is hair mesotherapy, but also how is it performed, what results can we expect and why is it an option to take into consideration when thinking about a solution for your hair loss problems.

What is hair mesotherapy?

We can say that mesotherapy for hair loss is a treatment against baldness consisting of injecting under the skin with intradermal micro injections -less than 4 millimetres from the skin surface- very low doses of compounds, including medicines, trace elements, vitamins, hormonal regulators, amino acids, vasodilators, etc. Mesotherapy stimulates hair growth and therefore is used as a preventive treatment against baldness.

These substances and nutrients injected with needles in mesotherapy for hair, which vary depending on the area treated and the aim of the treatment, act on the scalp stimulating cell regeneration and helping the transplanted follicles to root properly, also favouring their growth.

Mesotherapy is sometimes used for hair regrowth in the implanted area after a hair transplant, as it strengthens and accelerates the growth of new follicles. However, it can also be used as an independent treatment without a previous hair transplantation, preventing hair loss before a hair surgery becomes necessary.

How is the procedure carried out?

To carry out this technique, skin must be clean and dry. Despite hardly causing any discomfort, sometimes an anaesthetic gel is used to numb the area before starting with the micro injections in the treated area; these injections are made very quick and with a separation of about 2 centimetres between each one.

In what concerns to the number of injections, it varies depending on each patient and the situation of the scalp and the hair; each session lasts 15 to 30 minutes, and usually a single session involves 30 to 40 injections. Besides, depending on each case the number and periodicity of sessions varies: normally, results would become evident after the 3rd or 4th session.

What results do we get with mesotherapy for hair loss?

Hair mesotherapy is highly effective¹ in stimulating hair tissues, regenerating cells of the epidermis and activating blood circulation. It is very useful as a complementary treatment in patients who have undergone a hair transplant to strengthen their grafted hair. However, as a treatment to prevent baldness, the results of hair mesotherapy are more effective in the initial stages of the hair loss process.

In any case, we should not forget that mesotherapy does not cure male pattern baldness; but it is highly beneficial and recommended after a hair transplant operation, as it nourishes and moisturizes the scalp, stimulates cell regeneration and blood flow, strengthens follicles, restores hormonal balance and eliminates infections, making our hair to look healthier and brighter.

What are the side effects of mesotherapy?

Since this technique is carried out on the superficial levels of the dermis, mesotherapy for hair has almost no side effects and they are all temporary, not implying any risk for our health. In some cases, some of the side effects of the mesotherapy hair treatment can be mild pain in the injected area, itching, inflammation, or a slight headache.

To avoid these consequences, doctors usually recommend using anti-inflammatory creams after each session. In addition, after undergoing a session patient must avoid wet places such as saunas or swimming pools; it´s also highly advisable to protect the treated area from direct sun and solar radiation.

Both men and women can undergo this treatment; however, it´s not recommended for pregnant women or nursing mothers, minors, people undergoing chemotherapy treatments, or those suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, or kidney or liver failure.

Does mesotherapy work for hair?

As we have just explained, hair mesotherapy stimulates the growth of follicles, and therefore it can be used as an independent technique to prevent hair loss or in combination with other treatments, depending on each case.

Many people ask "Is mesotherapy for hair permanent?" or "How long does mesotherapy last?". Well, hair mesotherapy works and it is proven to be highly effective; however, the results and its duration will highly depend on each case, on the quality of the products used during the treatment, and on the skills and experience of the medical team, too.

For these reasons, it is very important to have a good assessment about the most appropriate treatment before taking the decision of undergoing a mesotherapy for hair loss, and seek a specialized centre offering experienced professionals and all the necessary guarantees: this is what we offer at our clinic in Istanbul, where we give the best results to our patients; take a look at the hair transplant in Turkey reviews, and find why we are the best hair clinic in Turkey.

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