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Body Hair Transplant to Head

Body (Chest and Beard) Hair Transplant with FUE Technique

The rapid progression of FUE method has brought forward the idea of hair transplantation from body hair outside the donor area. Especially for the people with inadequate hair on donor area, hair transplantation from body hair has been a hopeful alternative. Beard and chest hair are the most preferred parts for hair transplant.

However, it does not mean that a perfect hair transplant can be performed with body hair. It is not possible to achieve complete hair transplant only by using body hair, because no sufficient density and quality can be gained in this way.

All the hair on body has different survival cycle, thickness, curl, color, thinning, etc. Body hair is generally shed in less time than the hair on head. Beard hair has the most similar structure with the hair on scalp in terms of thickness and survival cycle. When body hairs are planted on scalp, they retain their characteristic features, survival time and structural properties. They do not come out like the original hair of a person. In addition, the possibility of survival is less than the hair follicles on head.

In Norwood 5-7 cases where the balding area is excessive, the number of hair follicles on the nape may not be sufficient to cover the entire balding area. In this case, firstly patient’s own hair follicles are planted to ensure natural looking frontal hair line, then chest and beard hair are planted to cover the empty areas and provide density. Hairs on chest and beard are usually used for covering the back side of head. Hair follicles extracted from beard don’t leave any scar at all, but there is slight possibility of scar when extracted from chest area.

We don’t recommend using the hair on other parts of the body such as arm, leg, shoulder, axilla, genital etc. for hair transplant, since hair follicles extracted from these areas remain scar on the extraction area. In addition, hair follicles in these areas grow very restrictedly and don’t comply with the hair follicles on head with thin structure

Hair Transplant from Beard Hair

  • 1000 to 3000 grafts can be obtained from this area in a single session without leaving any scar.
  • Recovery period after extraction is 3 to 7 days. Since hair does not come out again on the extracted area, thinning may be seen on beard.
  • As only 30% thinning in centimeter occurs after extraction, it does not cause any bad image from the front. Beard area protects its neutrality.
  • Beard grafts are thicker than hair grafts, but each graft contains a single hair follicle.
  • Despite having single hair follicle, beard grafts cover more area with their thickness.
  • Since beard follicles are different in structure, they are not used in front hair lines. However, they give very good results in the middle and top regions.

Hair Transplant from Chest Hair

  • 300 to 1000 grafts can be extracted from this area.
  • Grafts taken from chest area are thinner than beard and hair. Thus, they are not planted on themselves. They are usually combined with hair or beard. Or they must be planted to squeeze between existing hairs.
  • Chest follicles may be curved to another side in slightly curly form, not just beneath the skin as in hair on head. Therefore, it must be taken very carefully, and extracted without damaging the follicle. This may lead to less or no grafts to be extracted.