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How long for eyebrows to grow back after shaving?

By Prof. Dr. Soner Tatlidede 2021-12-03

How long for eyebrows to grow back after shaving?

How long for eyebrows to grow back after shaving? Surely you have asked yourself this very question if - either by accident or voluntarily - you have shaved your eyebrows; if this is the case, you are probably wondering right now how to grow your eyebrows back after shaving them, or how fast do eyebrows grow after shaving.

Even if the damage caused to eyebrows is not serious enough to get an eyebrow hair transplant, people usually get worried when – for one reason or another – they have lost their eyebrow hair; so, they wonder if hair is going to grow back, how long it will take, or what their new eyebrows will look like. We at Clinicana, the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, are very familiar with these queries and consultations from people interested in hair treatments and hair implants. So, lets address everything about eyebrows, their care... and their recovery.

Do eyebrows grow back after shaving?

So, do your eyebrows grow back if you save them? Regardless of the reason behind that decision, we have good news: if you shave your eyebrows, they will grow back, since - as happens if you shave your head - you only remove hair, not follicles, which is the part that generates new hair. However, if you have used an aggressive method or inappropriate instrumental when shaving your eyebrow hair, it is possible that you have damaged the follicles.

How long for shaved eyebrows to grow back?

OK, shaved eyebrows grow back after some time, but: how long to grow back shaved eyebrows is needed? Well, this is a process that takes its time; on average, it is estimated that an eyebrow hair takes about a week to grow only 1 millimetre: that means that after just a month, it will have grown just over 4 millimetres. Therefore, answering the question “How long until eyebrows grow back after shaving?”: it will take several months for the eyebrow to regain its appearance.

Does it seem too much time? Well, keep in mind that this period can vary, and that it can be even longer depending on factors such as the technique used to shave or pluck the eyebrow, the aftercare, or the genetics of each individual. Other influencing factors are the levels of certain hormones in our body, nutritional factors, or the type of skin we have. In summary, some people may see their eyebrows recovered almost completely in less than two months’ time... while others may need almost a year.

What happens if you shave off your eyebrows with wax?

When we have used aggressive methods to remove eyebrow hair, such as wax, we face a double problem: on the one hand, wax weakens hair and makes it grow less strong; and, on the other hand, it is a hair removal method that seeks to remove hair from the root. So, it´s quite possible that we have damaged follicles, or even caused their death: that is, that follicles will no longer be able to generate more hair, and hair regrowth will be impossible.

In the event that follicles are not damaged, hair will grow back, but it may take longer; the more times we have waxed our eyebrow, the more risk there is that hair will not grow back, and the longer it will take for hair to grow from still healthy follicles.

How to make shaved eyebrows grow back faster

OK then, it may take several months for an eyebrow to fully recover its hair... but, how to grow back shaved eyebrows faster? Is there a way or method to get this? This is the key point, since actually you want to recover your image as soon as possible... The good news is that yes, there are several products and remedies that make eyebrows grow back faster, if you have shaved or plucked them; let's see some of them:

Use a face serum: 

One of the products used to make eyebrows recover hair faster are cosmetic serums, or face serums, since their stimulating effect also helps to nourish eyebrows follicles and make them grow faster. We can also use a moisturising and nourishing cream.

Avoid applying chemicals: 

A plucked or shaved eyebrow needs time to recover and grow naturally; applying dyes or other chemical products, will only serve to damage follicles or obstruct them, thus harming its recovery, and hair regrowth.

Wait before plucking your eyebrow again: 

We have already mentioned before that constant waxing ends up damaging follicles and making hair grow weaker, eventually eliminating hair. If our eyebrow is still hairless and we want to pluck it, we have to wait until hair is fully recovered again: otherwise, we will subject follicles to a stress that can end up damaging them forever.

Apply a massage: 

Sounds estrange, but one of the best remedies to make eyebrows grow back fast is to apply a stimulating massage; combining it with a serum or a good moisturising cream, we stimulate irrigation and the arrival of nutrients to follicles, accelerating the hair growth process.

Follow a healthy diet: 

Since our eyebrows will need a good supply of nutrients to recover themselves, a healthy, balanced diet that provides the necessary vitamins and trace elements, will be a great help for your eyebrows hair, so that they can regrow healthy, strong and faster.

Useful home remedies for eyebrows

Many people prefer home remedies to make eyebrows hair grow back easily. A very useful and simple method can be to mix a piece of chopped and crushed onion with some water, and then apply it to the eyebrow with a small massage to stimulate blood flow and hair regrowth.

You can also use almond or olive oil, which applied to a shaved or plucked eyebrow on a regular basis will help to stimulate new hair growth, making it grow healthier and stronger.

What if shaved eyebrows don’t grow back?

Now, you know how long for eyebrows to grow back after shaving: eyebrow hair will grow back in most cases; however, if your eyebrow has suffered damage due to excessive waxing or any other aggressive treatment, hair regrowth may be impossible unless you resort to an eyebrow hair transplant, which is an easy and definitive solution to recover your image. Clinicana is the best hair transplant clinic: take a look at the reviews of our patients, request a free consultation, and ask for a free, no obligation estimate for your treatment.

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