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How long do the results of a hair transplant last?

By Prof. Dr. Soner Tatlidede 2019-12-13

How long do the results of a hair transplant last

How long do the results of a hair transplant last? This is a very common question among people considering to undergo this surgical intervention to solve their hair loss problems. But, how long does the hair transplant last? Do hair transplants last a long time, or should I get a new one in a few years on?

 It´s important to remember that the surgeon in charge of supervising the operation will be the one who will evaluate the medical condition of every patient, if he/she is suitable for this type of intervention, and the maximum number of follicles to be transplanted; it´s also important to check if there is a pathology beyond genetics causing the hair loss, because in these cases the specialist may determine that a hair transplantation could be not the best solution.

 Because of these reasons, it´s quite important that once you take the decision to undergo a hair transplant, you should go to an experienced clinic offering all the necessary guarantees and with qualified personnel. In summary, choose a trustworthy place which offers solutions to patients and cares about them: this is our main philosophy in Clinicana, and that´s why we have some of the best hair transplant in Turkey reviews.

How long does a hair transplant take to grow?

During the first weeks after a hair transplant you may see that hair does not grow, or even that it falls out due to the so-called shock loss: don´t worry, this is something very normal. You should wait between two to five months to see the first results and your new hair growing back; and after six months, the growth of the new implanted follicles becomes evident.

So, how long do I have to wait for hair transplant results? Well, ultimately, we can say that to see the final result of the surgery you´ll need to wait around twelve months (one year), although this time may vary depending on the patient.

How long do hair transplants last for?

Since when using the modern FUE technique, which is the mainly used in Turkey, the hair follicles transplanted are taken from the patient himself from the donor area to the transplanted zone, any risk of rejection is eliminated; besides, since the entire hair follicle is transplanted in the process, the evolution of the new hair will be the similar to that of the donor area. Therefore, the results of a hair transplant should last all your life.

To better understand this, we have to consider that if the operation has been prepared correctly, the medical staff would have chosen the most suitable donor area for the transplant, and after this, the best follicles to be transplanted to the reception area will be selected one by one in a delicate process. Also, the donor area is just the one not affected by male-pattern hair loss, which is triggered by the DHT hormone.

So, once transplanted to the implanted area, the hair from the donor area will remain "immune" to DHT hormone and to alopecia, as it was originally. Therefore, if you want to know how long does a FUE hair transplant last, simply look at the evolution and durability of the hair located in the donor area. Over the years, it may suffer a weakening or even some fall out due to aging, but its endurance will be similar to that of the donor area.

Is FUE transplant safe?

Thousands of people undergo a hair transplant every year. These operations have been performed for more than 50 years, and they just need local anaesthesia, so they are very safe. The FUE technique is more recent, about 12 years old: it´s more modern and offers better results without leaving scars and with minimal discomfort for the patient. Therefore, there is a long experience about hair transplants in the field of medicine, and safety is guaranteed.

However, besides safety, it´s important to achieve the desired results; and to get this, it´s crucial to follow the guidelines given by the doctor who has performed the surgical intervention. Also, a key factor to a successful operation is that the surgeon in charge has not only the skills, but also the necessary experience to carry out the intervention; especially when using the FUE method, where hair follicles are selected and transplanted one by one.

Therefore, the answer to the question "How long do the results of a hair transplant last" will not depend only of the technique itself, but lastly on the medical staff performing the operation, that should assess each case individually and choose the best possible treatment for every patient. At Clinicana, we have many years of experience and we have performed thousands of hair transplants: contact us now, and see yourself why we are the best hair clinic.

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