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Best and most useful tips for daily hair care

daily hair care

A good daily hair care is the basis for a healthy and strong hair. Our hair says a lot about us and is an essential part of our physical appearance, having a great influence not just in our emotional well-being, but also in our social relationships with other people. That´s why we need not just to take care of our hair when symptoms of a disease arise, but every day so that that hair care becomes an habit allowing us to keep our hair healthy.

Many people interested in the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey have reached the point of needing a hair surgery simply because they didn´t take much care of their hair before, and now it´s too late... But, what are the daily cares that hair needs? What products should I choose? Here are some useful tips that can help you to preserve your hair safe and sound.

Some useful hair care tips

What can I do to save my hair and keep it strong? Actually, hair care is a quite simple task; the difficulty comes because it´s something that must be done every day, dedicating some time to take care of our hair and making it a routine -a healthy routine- in our lives. In the end, our final goal should be to gain a strong and hydrated hair that keeps its shine and elasticity... Let´s see some interesting tips about how to get this.

Do not wash your hair too much

Washing hair too much is as bad as do not wash it. Frequency will depend on our hair type but also on our activity; but the overall recommendation is to wash our hair every day just if it´s very oily... If not, once every 2-3 days should be enough.

Besides, when washing your hair you should avoid very hot water, as it can damage scalp and follicles; for the same reason, do not apply direct heat to your scalp (e.g. a hairdryer). Once your hair has been washed and properly dried, a good hair brushing can help stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, making follicles stronger and healthier.

Use good hair care products

A good choice of hair care products such as a hair conditioning or a hair mask can be our best ally when taking care of hair, and they are an essential part of our efforts to keep our hair healthy and strong.

Do not forget that mask should be used not less than 15 minutes, and it´s important not to apply too much because hair can become greasy; also, do not apply when hair is still wet, because then it will penetrate less and won´t be so effective.

Choose a good shampoo

Shampoo and hair conditioner (or a mask, if you have the time) are basic pillars of daily care of our hair. In fact, it is much better to use a shampoo with conditioner, because in this way both products are combined in just one.

We must choose a shampoo that respects the PH of the scalp, and that does not contain silicones or parabens and as less sulfates as possible, especially if we have sensitive scalp.

Moisture and hair don´t get on well

Perhaps you don´t know, but moisture is one of the main enemies of hair. Does it mean that we should dry it as quick as possible? No! Do it gently, removing as much moisture as possible. When drying our hair using a towel, do not rub scalp to avoid damaging hair roots; instead of that, we just have to press hair smoothly with the towel, so that it can absorb most of moisture. Many people with long hair don´t care about this, and thus they damage it.

We can complement using a towel with a hairdryer... However, always do it without applying too much heat and at a minimum distance of 25 centimetres, in order to not dehydrate and damage your follicles. On this regard, another good ally of your daily hair care tasks is an ionic hairdryer, which becomes essential since ions favour hydration of both the scalp and the follicles; besides, they have a bactericidal effect.

Massage your scalp, but do not rub it

To have a healthy hair, a gentle massage on the scalp during washing is a must that favours blood supply and oxygenation. But we said massaging, not rubbing... Remember: rubbing can damage the scalp and the hair roots; also, it activates sebaceous glands that generate oily hair.

Beware of aggressive hair products

Sometimes we wish to have a beautiful or fashionable look, and to get that we mistreat our hair using all kinds of chemical products that, in the long run, take their toll. Therefore, we must avoid using aggressive hair products such as dyes, gels or hairsprays that contain ingredients such as silicones.

If what you wish is just to dye your gray hair, then choose dyes not containing ammonia or nickel, and with as much natural ingredients as possible for a natural hair care.

Healthy body means healthy hair

It´s said that we are what we eat... and that´s very true; not just that, but also our hair is a reflection of our body health: in fact, usually the first symptoms of body diseases or diet deficiencies appear in our hair.

Therefore, to cake care correctly of our hair to follow a balanced and healthy diet is very very important, so that it provides us with all necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

What can I do if I start losing my hair?

Keeping our hair healthy is much more easy if we follow these basic tips about hair care. However, if we start too late or we have a medical condition that causes hair loss, the only solution becomes to undergo some hair treatment, or even a hair transplant: if that is your case, always choose a trustworthy clinic like Clinicana: just take a look at the hair transplant in Turkey reviews, ask for a free consultation... and see why we are the best valued clinic.

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