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Hair transplant Turkey reviews
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Hair transplant in Turkey: Reviews

When you think about getting a hair transplant in Turkey, reviews are very important just to get first hand information about how the whole process is and what results you can expect. We always recommend first to gather all the possible information about how a hair transplant is performed, how is the surgery procedure, its risks, its side effects, its results... so that you can make a proper decision and choose the best available option.

Therefore, it´s very important to know what patients that already have gone through this experience think about it and about the results they got. At Clinicana we use the latest techniques in hair transplant surgery to provide you with the best hair transplant in Turkey: that´s why we are always keen to share our patients’ opinions, as their testimonials are the best proof of why we are the best valued professionals when people think about having a hair transplant in Istanbul.

FR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Fco, France
The Patient Said

I had a frontal line implant along with increase of density in the top and frontal area (behind the frontal line) as I had low density in these areas and a receding frontal line
I think that the ration price-procedure (profesionalism in general) is very good.
All the staff very profesional as well as the facilities of the clinic. They are very pending of you at every moment to answer your doubts, that gives you confidence
I found this clinic after doing a research in internet, and from the more than 200 hunred clinics available in Turquey this seems to be one of the most known and trustable

US Patient opinions about the Clinic
Haris, United States
The Patient Said

Since childhood I have had thick jet black hair (very black) that I used to hate due to their sheer thickness and manageability (looking back now I was being bratty instead of feeling blessed). Anyways, I had started loosing hair from the front and crown area starting in my 20s. As time progressed my hair fall got noticeably worse. I went to multiple dermatologists and was prescribed the usual medications like other medications. I gave up on other medications due to the sheer expense associated with it but continued to use Rogaine which slowed down the hair loss a lot but did little to nothing for hair re-growth. Finally when I was 30 I decided it was time to get a hair transplant as I started looking older and older as time progressed. Finally I Decided to get a hair transplant and after a lot of research chose the FUE method and Clinicana as the provider of choice. I ended up getting 4500 grafts planted covering the frontal hair loss and the crown area. I would have liked the hair transplant to start further down my forehead as I have a big forehead that I don't like and would have liked more of it covered by hair however the doctor advised that it would not look natural and also dude to me having a big head they would not be able to cover all the bald spots. So I went with the doctor's sound advice and so far am happy with the transplant. However, it's only been 2 days and so only time will tell how much I like it. But I was told that is I don't and want my hairline to start further down I can come back in 9 months and get another hair transplant just for lowering the hairline. I would recommend Clinicana and the FUE transplant method to anyone looking to get their hair restored without a doubt.
After a lot of research on the internet I decided to choose Clinicana mainly due to the 100s of positive reviews and experiences shared by others. Also, it was hard to pass up the costs associated. Clinicana out of all the other places was the cheapest as they charge you a flat fee rather than a per graft rate charged by all the other places. Their flat fee also included 2 nights stay at a 4 start hotel 2 mins away from the Acibadem hospital where the procedure is performed in a clean and professional environment, better than any hospital I have ever been to in Europe or the US (where I am from). As I had read over an over again the entire process was exceptionally professional from start to finish. Every one of the staff members was polite, accommodating and helpful throughout the entire process. I cannot say enough about this place and my experience. You cannot go wrong with choosing Clinicana.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Ali, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I had a transplant had a great experience. I am from the UK and would say the professionalism of the hospital along with the most experienced people in FUE in turkey and I would highly recommend this place
Very happy with the clinic

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Jean, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Hair loss has always bothered me since the age of 27. The FUE method appeared to be very successful and popular from the research I did on the net. Clinicana is safe and very well rated. I can confirm that all reviews reflect my experience. Very professional service in a state of the art clinic. Mira my local representative was a gem and she made the process smooth and charming. Although I need to wait a few months to see the results for my self it is very well priced.

As mentioned above the clinic is one of the best I have seen even compared to British and French standards. Staff are professional and caring. The whole experience went very well and was very well organised. I would definitely recommend it. Thank you.

NO Patient opinions about the Clinic
Amanuel, Norway
The Patient Said

I am so happy with the treatment. The operation was easy for me. It was not painful like I thought to be, in spite it was done in a short period of time and normal.

My experience in this hospital is wonderful. All the services was so touchy. I have never been experienced such a clinical service like that. I really appreciate all the workers in that hospital, all their kindness, smiley faces, confidence and being on time attracted me so much. Keep it up and you will be the best from the world.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Jason, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

My treatment went very well I was nervous at first but once I've seen the doctors they made me feel welcome and very calm. The facilities are first class and so are the people I am glad I followed my gut instincts and chose to go forward with the treatment.

I found the facilities first class as were the staff, very clean up to date and they keep you well informed 100 percent would advise to use Clinicana.

BH Patient opinions about the Clinic
Wael, Bahrain
The Patient Said

I was looking for a professional place to do the hair transplantation in Istanbul until my research got me to find Clinicana in Acibadem Hospital in Taksim. The treatment was taken by me and three of my friends, because we have some bald areas in our head and we are in our late twenties. Hence, taken such step would help us to maintain our youth and restore it to it most possible. The treatment was not expensive in comparison to the services and the atmosphere that the staff kept us in.

This started off with an enquiry on WhatClinc and few information gathered from my local network in Istanbul, who recommended me to go after Acibadem as it one of Turkey flags in healthcare for locals and foreigners. Indeed, Clinicana assigned Ms. Mira Guzel - Patients services supervisor, who acted and responded instantly to our questions and special requests up to our expectations and beyond. Moreover, she used to respond to us 24/7 either on what’s up or Emails to make sure that we are satisfied with the provided information and our doubts have been cleared. This took me and my friends to cross the commercial clinics, who have contacted us and does not have the experience, professionality and honestly to what Clinicana tier 1 staff have. In fact, you come across a lot of commercial clinics, who will give a large number of grafts and lower amount to proceed with your surgery, but it’s just a commercial and you won’t be in safe hands that would take care of you, because you are human and not a $10000 note.

My first impression, was great from an exclusive smooth pick up from the airport by their driver to the hospital, where I have done the blood test and taken into a surgery room to come out to be delivered back to my hotel. Also, for follow ups and after the surgery, they used to pick us up from my hotel in the next days. Finally, do your homework before taking any action that might affect your life.

QA Patient opinions about the Clinic
Wael, Qatar
The Patient Said

During my treatment at the hospital I have experienced a very polite and professional staff, infact the surgury went smoothly with the guidance f the medical team prior and after, it was a very simple procedure that took around 6 to 7 hours, while after the treament I needed one day to rest and the next day I was back to normal
The staff were excellent and very helpful and in contact with us 24/7 the time we were in turkey, they were provided with everything were needed from the hotel to being in the clinic, and having a safe and informative journey.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Donald, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

After wanting to do this for over 10 years, but being put of by UK costs , I was advised by a colleague to look at Turkey as this was the undisputed capital of hair transplants and a fraction of UK costs, I eventually decided on Clinicana after doing major research, where I have just had a hair transplant with 4500 grafts and can honestly say the only discomfort i felt all day was the needle for the anesthetic and can honestly say after the procedure I used the painkillers on operation day only.
Really impressed with the work ethics of all staff during proceedure and can,t fault any of the staff on anything as all were fantastic. Will now wait to see the end product in the coming year.

The Acibadem clinic/ Clinicana is spotless and very modern and everything you are told by consultants is absolutely true , I can,t fault them on anything including the costs against back in the UK. The hotel was also most pleasant and staff great as well .


BH Patient opinions about the Clinic
Amro, Bahrain
The Patient Said

From the Airport to the Clinic to the Hotel, top notch and professional experience. The day of the operation itself I was greeted by Mr. Attar and his staff of professional administrative ladies who helped before and after the transplant. I would definitely recommend the treatment for anyone who would like a professional FUE transplant at an excellent value. My only recommendation is to have more explanation for each step of the transplant by the technicians performing it. But they were very helpful when asked about each step. The clinic is very impressive, contemporary and hygienic. The administrative staff prior the the surgery and after the surgery and the after checkup are indeed caring and professional. Miss Hind was wonderful to be around and explained how to take the medication and after treatment perfectly. Clinic is superb and would recommend for any one wanting to fee comfortable with this FUE transplant surgery.

Treated by: Miss Hind

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Martin, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

The treatment was very good from start to finish. I had FUE 3800 grafts on crown and front and a small amount through the middle of my head.
The staff were very professional and the hospital was a surprise as it was very modern-new-clean and after seeing private hospitals in the UK I was amazed how good this place was.
Day one started at 0630 and operation at 0730 and complete at 1330 so 6 hours for me
I picked this hospital after reading lots of reviews
So far I am happy and today is day 3 so I will go home to the UK
I paid 2400 euros total including 3 nights at the 5 star hotel option which was well worth it
All transport included in Istanbul

TR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Sahbi, Turkey
The Patient Said

Great Experience. Exceeded our expectation.

We communicated with the clinic via WhatsApp phone app prior to travelling. We knew exactly what to expect Including the driver name, make and model of the car that will pick us up from the Airport.

High End Clinic. Doctor and staff were very Courteous.

QA Patient opinions about the Clinic
Haji, Qatar
The Patient Said

My hairline has been a source of personal pain for sometime, I found the courage to sign up to an FUE treatment and Clinicana came with excellent reviews

It is a life-changing experience so do consider it thoroughly and be prepared for the post-op aesthetics and management, I am looking forward to the results in 6 months

Clinicana staff were very helpful and positive throughout the experience, I would only recommend more explaining each step of the procedure to the patient as it can be quite daunting if you don't know what to expect

IE Patient opinions about the Clinic
Yasser, Ireland
The Patient Said

I went to Istanbul a week earlier and visited 'all' the clinics on this website. After visiting every single one of them, I chose Clinica for the following reasons;
* First response was prompt but no pressure as compared to 'all' the others
* I was told clearly how many grafts I could get after the first consultation.
* Its a very busy clinic but when requested, they accomodated me on a 2 days notice
The procedure was carried out very professionally but as all the other places, doctors do 'nothing' other than planning and drawing the transplant on your head. They do come after 15-20 minutes to see how things are. I would however, recommend the doctor to visit more often the theatre. I don't know what the fuss is all about the injections in other reviews! It all went very smoothly.
All in all, a perfect experience so far. Please do allow 2-3 days in Istanbul for complete rest. I flew the very next day it wasn't the best idea. I would recommend to book your own hotel as it would cost you much cheaper than going for the packages.
(The amount I paid excluded the hotel stay and transfers)I can easily rank this clinic to be the best one I've ever come across. A state of the art brand new building where I believe cleaning and hygine is their religion. My first contact was a very polite girl called Amira. I have called the poor girl out of working hours quite a few times but she was always very helpfull and polite. 100 % recommend this place. Plenty of hotels around this clinic but try to book one away from it as there's an arabic club that plays extremely loud music till 5:30 am and I had to change the hotel three times. Best one in that area is Ramada.

Treated by: Amira

QA Patient opinions about the Clinic
Edoardo, Qatar
The Patient Said

Starting from the very beginning I can say that everything was perfect and very professional. They will come and meet you at the airport with a very friendly staff. Very good 5 stars hotel in a good location few minutes away from the clinic. Next day everything will be ready for you with all friendly and professional staff taking good care. The procedure will take around 6 hours with no pain apart of the first injections of anesthesia. Hospital and clinic are very clean and modern. After the surgery I had no pain at all from the first night. Very efficient and professional. They are very good on taking care of you all the time. The Clinic itself is located in a Hospital with state of the art facilities. They will take care of everything for you to make your experience as good as you want.

CA Patient opinions about the Clinic
Rabih, Canada
The Patient Said

Everything went perfect. I had 5000 grafts transplanted without any problem. The operation went very smoothly. It took about 7 hours to get it done. The staff kept a very positive atmosphere making sure I'm comfortable with every single step they are doing. I'm really happy with my treatment now hat I got my confidence back.
The clinic is very clean. The staff is very friendly, responsive and welcoming. They have answered every single question I have along the way and took the time to explain how things work. They are always there for you. They make you feel good from the very first moment they pick you at the airport. I really liked these guys.

US Patient opinions about the Clinic
Rayhan, United States
The Patient Said

Hair transplant
Wonderful place wonderful people. I had two sessions done in here. Once I had done 3500 grafts which was last year and this time I got done another 2400 grafts. Their work is the finest and very satisfactory. I highly recommend Clinicana.

AT Patient opinions about the Clinic
Frederic, Austria
The Patient Said

The treatment started right on time without any waiting time after my arrival
My treatment lasted 6 hours in total with a meal in between
The entire surgery was completely painless. I only felt a little pain the first minute while they give you the anesthetics. After that i didn't feel any pain. The first night after surgery I had a little headache which was gone after two hours. Since that I felt very good and no side effects. I don't regret having done it here at Clinicana.
The clinic is very modern and exists since one year. The staff is very professionnal and kind and open to every question. I felt in very good and secure hands.

US Patient opinions about the Clinic
Roland, United States
The Patient Said

I am excited about my new hair transplant. Thanks to Clinicana Medical staff for outstanding job. Two thumbs up! Highly recommended.
Clinicana does it all for you. From the airport hotel hospital and back to the airport. By the way the Hotel and Hospital is New very clean and good.

US Patient opinions about the Clinic
jonny, United States
The Patient Said

After the initial local pain numbing shots ( lasts about 2 or 3 minutes and is painful) i felt no pain and felt relaxed, i was treated with a warm lunch mid-procedure lunch which helped keep me from getting dizzy. the medication they gave me has been working like a charm, so far so good! i would recommend! Very professional and top rate!

Everyting was on time, in order, clean, and efficient. I was welcomed with smiles and felt safe and calm the through the whole process, I even liked the mid-procedure lunch! I am happy with how i feel.