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Hair transplant Turkey reviews
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Hair transplant in Turkey: Reviews

When you think about getting a hair transplant in Turkey, reviews are very important just to get first hand information about how the whole process is and what results you can expect. We always recommend first to gather all the possible information about how a hair transplant is performed, how is the surgery procedure, its risks, its side effects, its results... so that you can make a proper decision and choose the best available option.

Therefore, it´s very important to know what patients that already have gone through this experience think about it and about the results they got. At Clinicana we use the latest techniques in hair transplant surgery to provide you with the best hair transplant in Turkey: that´s why we are always keen to share our patients’ opinions, as their testimonials are the best proof of why we are the best valued professionals when people think about having a hair transplant in Istanbul.

AE Patient opinions about the Clinic
Tarek, United Arab Emirates
The Patient Said

I came to this not knowing exactly what to expect. i had a area over the forehead with little hair compared to the rest of the head. my day 2 so far no problems and if you are thinking about it my recommendation go for it, it took about 6 hours for the whole process

Communication was good, the staff are professional, the clinic is excellent and clean
high recommend the clinic

KW Patient opinions about the Clinic
Al, Kuwait
The Patient Said

It was as expected. The pain was minimum and very friendly environment and relaxing atmosphere!

Very well organized operation and very professional medical and administrative staff!

AE Patient opinions about the Clinic
Ahmed, United Arab Emirates
The Patient Said

I have had an FUE treatment for which i have had around 5100 grafts implanted in the hairline and the crown area as i have had a thinning all over the top of my head which started since i was about 26 years old and was starting to loose coverage at the top of my head. it is certainly a treatment worth taking as a value for money i have had FUE for 5100 grafts inclusive of post surgery medications and lotions and also Plasma treatment for an overall of 2500 USD which included two nights stay in the Ritz Carlton hotel including breakfast.

I have made initially an online survey between clinics in which i have been through the reviews of all the other clinics i have shortlisted three clinics including clinicana and with respect to value for money and overall package offered taking into account previous feedbacks Clinicana came on top.

Overall the Clinic was very clean and organized Mr/ Mulhim the GM was very helpful and was really supportive for all aspects

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Ryan, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I had been gradually going bald for several years and had been using Toppik to conceal the bald areas especially around the hairline for most of that time. I decided that I was receeding too far back now to continue to use Toppik effectively - so took the plunge and decided to get a hair transplant. I live in Scotland and it was not realistic to get one at home as most clinics in Glasgow quoted me 9000 GBP. I therefore decided to research a number of clinics abroad and spent many months doing so. Going abroad can carry a lot of risks so its always pertinent to choose wisely. In the end Clinicana seemed the perfect choice based on the reviews pictures and cost.

I made most of my contact with the clinic via Whatsapp which suits me as there is no language or accent barrier! The gave me instructions on what to do prior to the operation - things to avoid and things to make sure I did. We agreed the price and from there it was just a waiting game until I arrived. On arrival my driver was waiting for me and I went straight to the hospital for blood tests. I have to be honest when reading other reviews a lot has been said about how modern and clean the hospital is.. I was yet to be convinced as we have pretty high standards in the UK so was prepared to be underwhelmed. However the hospital was great and it was honestly more like a hotel!

I was up early and fed at the hotel and in starting the procedure at 0730. I was back at the hotel by 4pm. It was 7 hours of discomfort.. stiff necks.. dizziness etc. It was physically and mentally draining but it was WORTH IT. And I dont doubt it would have been any different anywhere else. All I would say is dont try and strike up a conversation with the nurses.. they dont speak English and you will quickly be told to stop talking haha! I was quoted 4000 grafts initially but ended up with 5300 and that cost me 1850 GBP which is great value.

I am writing the review now from the clinic and have just had my bandages off so I am in no way able to comment on how good it actually is.... I need to wait another 6 months for that! But what I will say is they do give you a guarantee certificate which states that they will redo any work for free if the grafts fail to take.

Overall I am happy with this clinic... maybe missing some things I would get back home for for a saving of 7 grand and a full head of hair... I cant complain. If you are going to go to Turkey to get this done.. go to Clinicana.

IQ Patient opinions about the Clinic
Aga, Iraq
The Patient Said

I did hair transplant in Clinicana. They covered all the bald are in one session. They are very professional . i am very happy to do it in Clinicana. The staff is very kind. I contacted Ms. Hind and she answered all my questions fast.

The hospital is very clean and new. they did as they promise. I am very satisfied and recommend all who need hair implant to do it in Clinicana.

AU Patient opinions about the Clinic
Wesam, Australia
The Patient Said

I would recommend anyone who is considering a FUE procedure to go ahead and do it. Although I just had mine done a couple of days ago, but from photos and word of month from friends who have done it, it seems a good investment. You will be amazed by the number of people attending the clinic and undergoing this procedure from all around the world.

The team at Clinicana was very professional. I am very pleased with the whole experience and would highly commend the team to anyone who is considering this procedure. The team operates in one of the best hospitals in Istanbul, which gives you a good piece of mind. Information about the procedure was very detailed and accurate with no hidden surprises.

JO Patient opinions about the Clinic
Awn, Jordan
The Patient Said

I had to do a hair transplant as I lost my hair in a quite a young age.
It is a good and efficient way to restore your hair.
A good value of money comparing to what's available abroad and especially in Germany.

I have chose this Clinic as it was very recommended online, they also offered me what I exactly wanted.
-Fast and efficient communication using social media platforms eg.(Whatsapp, Viber)
-Punctual timing for drivers pickups from the airport and the hotel.
-Clean and modern Clinic, in a very center location.
-Professional Welcoming and introduction by the main manager Mr. Mulham Attar, whom says in contact with the patients all the time whether online or inside the clinic.
-The main doctor examined my situation and informed me with what to expect.
-The staff did their best until 22:30 to guarantee the best results possible until the very last Graft, for more than 8 hours in a row, with a mini-break in between.

Treated by: Mr Mulham Attar

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Michael, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Once i contacted the centre the service manager emailed me through the whole process pre operation with any concerns that i may have had in a patient and methodical manner
I was picked up at the airport and taken to the centre for my treatment which included 3800 grafts
The treatment was excellent and having had a transplant 2 years ago i can say with certainty this is an excellent service
I would certainly recommend this treatment as it was as painless as possible and the procedure was carried out by two nurses thus expediating the service
Two days later they washed my head and injected blood prp treatment into my scalp and explained ho to care for my hair post tretment

The clinic is part of a large private hospital with everything being professional and to a high standard/ This would put public hospitals to shame with the level of care and attention to detail they provide/
An excellent clinic with helpful staff who walk you through the whole process/
I would recommend this clinic to anyone in the uk or ireland who was considering a hair procedure

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Indy, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I heard about clinicana through a friend, after this i done extensive research on fue transplants, and why turkey was renowned for this. After my research I went onto clinicana website where I left my details for someone to get in contact with me. After my emailing I received a swift response from Mulham, one of the GM. He was very polite and answered all my questions, whilst also keeping in contact with me on a daily basis. After much ambivalence, I decided to go ahead with the fue transplants, just thought Yolo !(you only live once) plus I was tired of using (alcepin , regaine)and listening to all these so called myths.

I booked my flight for 01/08. However, I have to admit I was a bit scared due the bombings, and military coup. Nevertheless, mulham was very supportive and kept me in the loop at all times.

Moreover, everything was booked, money ready,and all set to go. I sent all details to MULHAM, 4nights/5days. Once arrived into turkey, border control took forever, but once through I looked for a pick up driver at vodophone, just as mulham stated. Once I got there, there was a taxi man who had my name on the board ready to pick me up. He dropped me to the hospital, too get blood test done, and after dropped me to a beautiful hotel where I stayed, which is literally just around the corner from the hospital ( plus free taxi service shuttle). Mulham advised me they won't be able to start my opponent yet as I'm low on white blood cells, to which antibiotics was provided. Fortunately,this gave me valuable time to explore the beautiful city.

Moving on, I arrived at clinicana for my opp(day3), I was greeted by all staff whof was polite, and very caring. At first it was stated around 4000 grafts will be extracted. My head was shaved, hairline was drawn, and I was set for the opp. Not going to lie, the injection hurt, but no pain no gain, my motto. The opp was a long procedure, but this was due to staff having extracted 5200 grafts successfully, more than expected. I was looked after throughout, whilst also having a break with some nice food. After the opp I was given the necessary medication, as well as a breakdown of when to take what. I was bandaged up, and ready for to go back to the hotel for sleep.
Luckily, I was in no real pain, slight nicks, and was provided with a neck brace, and advised to sleep like a mummy.

Furthermore, day 2, I woke up feeling fine, head a bit aire, but nothing major. I arrived at clinicana for bandages to be taken off, little clean, and for me to be provided with a hat and sweatband. So far so good...

Overall, my journey has been great, I advise do your research, and highly recommend clinicana for the place to go. My experience has been valuable, and have received the upmost respect from all staff.

Absolutely great experience, feel very positive with the outcomes, staff were polite and very caring throughout my stay. The hotel which was booked apart of the package was awesome ! The hospital itself is highly clean, and looks virtually brand new.

Highly recommend this place !

Treated by: Mr Mulham Attar

BH Patient opinions about the Clinic
Mohammad, Bahrain
The Patient Said

Hii everyone i jus had my hair transplant from clinicana Esthetic and hair transplant center they are too good i had a great experience they are best option for the transplant

It was a such a good experience they are good their staff is also really helpful n kind best clinic in the town excellent job done by them

KW Patient opinions about the Clinic
muHAMMAD, Kuwait
The Patient Said

the hospitalization is very good \\\

little swelling after two days from surgery i hope its being good. every thing is ok and beyond expectation

SA Patient opinions about the Clinic
Abdullah, Saudi Arabia
The Patient Said

i did hair transplant in Clinicana. they did FUE technique . the clinic was well equipped with improved technologies. very professional doctors. During the operation I didn't feel anything at all when they extracted the grafts and neither when they implanted them in the bald area.

Everything was fantastic. started from the moment i contacted Ms. Hanoda till i get to Clinicana. All the staff were friendly and helpful. I am glad that i did the operation here the treatment was very good more than i expected it. it is really a pleasant experience. i highly recommend Clinicana it is really amazing, clean hospital .

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Muhammad, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I had a hair transplantation. I did this to get back my confidence and to look good.

I will strongly recommend anyone who has lost their hairs and looking to improve their look and hairs.
Clinicana has offered me really good price for the treatment and without a shadow of doubt, treatment was really good. I have chosen Clinician because of two reasons.
First, They were really helpful and explained all my question prior to the booking for treatment. They have also explained the whole procedure well.

Second, the offered really good price for this procedure which was good value for money/

Overall I had great experience coming to clinicana. I was picked up from the airport and hotel was booked in advance by clinicana. Hotel was clean and offered a great service.
On the day of my procedure, Staff has provided excellent service and they were talking to me through the each step of the procedure. Everyone has looked after me really well during and after the procedure.

Special thanks to Eyad Attar, who was great help during the whole process.I came from UK but didn't have to think about my accommodation and coming to the clinic as hotel was booked and the driver was there to pick and drop me from the hotel to clinic.

I high recommend Clinicana for the Hair Transplant procedure because they offer not only medical service but also a great customer service.

Treated by: Mr Eyad Attar

UM Patient opinions about the Clinic
Mahmoud, United States Minor Outlying Islands
The Patient Said

Extremely comprehensive treatment. I was provided with everything I needed and the honestly treat you like royalty from the moment you land to the day you leave. The treatment doesnt end once you leave and theyll also follow up with you after you go back home.

I was, naturally, worried to leave to a different country and get my surgery but I was very assured after they contacted me and they continued to reach out and make sure all my questions are answered. in addition, Ive recommended this place to all my friends who are going to get this surgery done. You cant beat the price!!

Extremely modern and very clean clinic. The operations room are very comfortable and they're equipped with a tv.

AU Patient opinions about the Clinic
Semir, Australia
The Patient Said

The treatment at Clinicana has been a great and very professional handled experience.
From the pick up at the airport to the last check up at the Clinic.
I have had my doubts before surgery but was calmed by the the Staff and Nurses throughout the surgery.
The FUE procedure is fairly painless but need to grind your teeth if weak with seeing needles, You can always look away.
You are given an after procedure handle sheet which outlines every important step you need to know and do after surgery, i would strongly suggest you follow the guidelines as it has helped me and is given to you by the professionals at the clinic.

From a skeptic to a very very satisfied client, highly recommend it.

Do not look any further and stay with the best in Turkey and perhaps in the world.
I have done my research prior to my session with not only contacted surgeries in Turkey but throughout the world, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, Canada etc.. I am one happy client and will recommend Clinicana to anyone that is looking to get FUE done.

VERY HAPPY and Satisfied patient.

SE Patient opinions about the Clinic
Firas, Sweden
The Patient Said

I did suffer from receding hairline ever since I can remember and at the age of 23 I decided to do something about it. I went with the FUE method and I felt it was the right choice. In short term it was all worth it. And its something I would do again if needed.

This clinic was really good and the staff greeted me very good. Very informative and explained everything step by step so you dont miss anything important.

KW Patient opinions about the Clinic
azam, Kuwait
The Patient Said

I did hair transplant in Clinicana .

i contacted Dr.Rawad and he was very fast to answer all my questions. He is very professional and they transplant the maximum number of grafts. The team is very helpful, professional and kind. The Clinic is Clean and new not like other clinics. The hotel very relax. every thing is well organized. i am very happy to do the operation in Clinicana and recommend every one who needs hair transplantation to do it in Clinicana.

Treated by: Mr Rawad Attar

US Patient opinions about the Clinic
Ahmad, United States
The Patient Said

I've done the FUE surgery method for my hair/ head on June 26th 2016 went very. It gets irritated being on your back/ stomach for at least 4 hours but that's how it is in every clinic I guess. The first half an hour of the operation you'll feel down..stressed and uncomfortable specially when taking the shots and being pocked in the donor area but it will get easier when you think of the goal and the results. ASK EVERY QUESTION COMES UP TO YOUR MIND PRIOR TO THE SURGERY SO YOU DON'T EXPECT MORE THAN PROVIDED!. LISTEN CAREFULLY TO WHAT BEING SAID AND WRITE NOTES. Overall the customer service, Clinic location, clinic environment/cleanliness, staff and doctors are great. MAKE SURE YOU GET YOU PRP SHOT BEFORE YOU LEAVE BECAUSE YOU MIGHT BE FORGOTTEN

Good reviews even-though it's little more expensive than other clinics but you get what you pay for! so the quality of treatment and work performed is Very good

DK Patient opinions about the Clinic
L, Denmark
The Patient Said

I had a Beard FUE Transplant at Clinicana in Istanbul.

I was very nervous and unsure of the procedure, but felt very safe already at the arrival at the hospital.
Eyad Attar who was my contact person, helped me with all thinkable questions, before, during and after the procedure.
He is very professional as are all the staff in general from nurse to doctors.
Clinicana deserves 10 out of 10.
Truly professional and helpful in all ways.

Still now 1 week after my treatment, they are still helping me 1500 miles away, making sure, that I follow procedure, washing and nursing my face, by phone or Skype.

I have already recommended Clinicana to my cousin, who also wants a procedure done a some months.

My full result will be seen in 6-10 months, but I am very hopeful and pretty sure of a good result.

Treated by: Mr Eyad Attar

AF Patient opinions about the Clinic
Abdul, Afghanistan
The Patient Said

Highly Recommended

Hi Everyone,
I have done my FUE hair transplant with Clinicana on 18 Jul 16, the clinic was well equipped with improved technologies, very clean and having professional doctors and staff. They really care of the patients and very friendly, I recommend everyone, especially my Afghans to choose Clinicana for their hair transplant.
At the end a special thanks from Dr. Rawat , Mr Mulham who was very positive and responsive and all other staff that they helped me during my procedure in clinic.

Treated by: Mr Rawad Attar