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Hair transplant in Turkey: Reviews

When you think about getting a hair transplant in Turkey, reviews are very important just to get first hand information about how the whole process is and what results you can expect. We always recommend first to gather all the possible information about how a hair transplant is performed, how is the surgery procedure, its risks, its side effects, its results... so that you can make a proper decision and choose the best available option.

Therefore, it´s very important to know what patients that already have gone through this experience think about it and about the results they got. At Clinicana we use the latest techniques in hair transplant surgery to provide you with the best hair transplant in Turkey: that´s why we are always keen to share our patients’ opinions, as their testimonials are the best proof of why we are the best valued professionals when people think about having a hair transplant in Istanbul.

US Patient opinions about the Clinic
jonny, United States
The Patient Said

After the initial local pain numbing shots ( lasts about 2 or 3 minutes and is painful) i felt no pain and felt relaxed, i was treated with a warm lunch mid-procedure lunch which helped keep me from getting dizzy. the medication they gave me has been working like a charm, so far so good! i would recommend! Very professional and top rate!

Everyting was on time, in order, clean, and efficient. I was welcomed with smiles and felt safe and calm the through the whole process, I even liked the mid-procedure lunch! I am happy with how i feel.

TR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Guy, Turkey
The Patient Said

I had a 2500 graft FUE treatment on Thursday 17th November 2016. From the moment I entered the clinic, I felt assured and well looked after. The treatment was relatively painfree and the aftercare has been superb. The treatment was excellent value for money. This has been the best medical experience of my life. I felt informed and safe throughout every aspect of this process. The clinic are clearly experienced and would recommend the clinic to any foreigner.

AU Patient opinions about the Clinic
Mohammed, Australia
The Patient Said

I had been thinking about doing a hair transplant for a while now. I had researched strip FUT and FUE hair transplant and decided to go with Fue as it seemed the less invasive procedure. Although early stages at this point as im yet to update you on the results of the hair transplant everything went smoothly and the initial results seem good.

I did want to do the whole top part of the head although when I arrived I had only the option to focus on the front or crown section of the top of the head as they can only safley take 30% from the donner hair area, so I have opted for the front and will need to come back for the back crown if the donner area at the back of the head is okay to do another treatment.

After doing lots of research i found Clinicana from the reviews here. I was very happy with Clinciana service. It was great to be able to speak to someone in english from Australia and we had the same person ( Amal) from the first chat online to when we came to Istanbul for the treatment. She always made herself available to answear any questions and is very professional and knowledgeable. Although the consultation with the doctor was short and only just before the procedure I was very happy with the nurses that did the procedure and it was very comforting to see how many treatments they were doing.

The clinic is very clean and staff are all very professional and do there job very well. They operate out of Acibadem hospital, for those who do not know is a very good and private hospital in Turkey.

I am very excited to see the results and will keep you posted on how everything goes.

I really recommend Clinicana to anyone wanting the treatment,.

NL Patient opinions about the Clinic
Wouter, Netherlands
The Patient Said

FUE Hair transplant at Clinicana Istanbul, looking forward to the result!

Good and clean, everything went smooth from picking up to having the surgery to the hotel. One thing, you should double check everything when Turkish is not your first language.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Geoff, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

The procedure itself was almost painless apart from the Anesthetic injections (though this is ofcourse to be expected). Amal has explained to me in perfect detail how to apply all of the medication. The total I paid was 1750GBP- Compared to the 5000+ I would have to pay in the UK. So I have recieved 3500 Grafts by Clinicana & so far so good. The Hygiene of the clinic, customer service and organisation of the team (Special mention to Amal) has been excellent and I cannot fault anything. The procedure itself was almost painless apart from the Anesthetic injections which you just have to man up for (to be blunt). Having already had one of my friends back home in the UK already have a transplant from these guys, his result is fantastic one year on and this was my sole reason as to why I chose Clinicana, and why I knew it was one of the best, if not the best & most professional place to have a hair transplant in Istanbul. the service I have recieved here has possibly been better as to what I would expect in the UK. Once again, Many thanks to Amal, Mulham Attar, the hotel staff at Naz City hotel & the rest of the clinicana team. exceeded my expectations. 5 stars. Geoff :)

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GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Gerlando, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

This is my second treatment and i am very happy with the results. All of the nurses/doctors are amazing and very professional. The treatment throughout was excellent and i would recommend this procedure and this place to anyone wanting a hair transplant. The clinic is fantastic and very professional. the treatment and service you get at this clinic is 100% satisfaction. I am very happy with everything.

FR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Stephane, France
The Patient Said

I had a hair transplant at Clinicana.
I lost my hair since I turned 32 so I decided that it is time for some action.
That was the right answer to my questions.
The way you look count and the way people look at you count as well.
In all way personnaly and professionally, the service was just perfect.
The hair transplant was not painfull at all, maybe just 1 night.
It is easy and really clean surgery.
The result match perfectly my expectations.
I recommend to not wait and try the FUE Hair transplant.

I started to do my research for the hair transplant and 2 countries come to my mind.
Thailand and Turkey, both countries have a great image and image of profesionalism.
After deeply compare all clinics, facilities and srvices.
Clinicana was my first pick, for the reason of honesty.
All clinics propose more or less the same service and for the same prices.
So it was hard to chose but Clinicana was the one who gives you advices an honest answers.
Living in Hong Kong, Thailand would be the first choice but I decided to trust Clinicana and fly to Turkey.
No regrets at all, from Airport to Airport, Clinicana was really profesional.
All the staffs, doctors were amazing and professional.
The clininc is really clean and with a modern facilities.
From now I have 2 views after my surgery, Clinicana deserves their position of Number 1 clinic and Turkey is a good surprise with professional way of doing things.
Thank you all of you.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Niazi, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

The treatment was fantastic its been 5 days now so far we have received the best service\ I was really comfortable while on the treatment. there was no pain at all.

I have no words to describe the clinic staff and service. the staff were really helpful and I felt like a home guest. we really enjoyed our five days experience with the clinic staff. people in turkey is said that clinicana is number one hair transplant clinic. EYA-MULHAM HIND AMAL ATA are the most helpful staff.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Paul, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Very professional, polite and attentive treatment. Once I first contacted the clinic I was informed about the process at every stage and any questions, pretty much day or night, were answered by Mr Mulham, the administration manager.
The main surgeon, Mr Rawad, assessed my hair and hairline and showed great artistry in deciding what would work best. He estimated 4000 grafts but in the end I had 4700 which of course allowed for better coverage of my bald areas. Be aware that the majority of the actual, incisions, removing grafts form the donor area and transplanting to the receiving area are all done by nurses but they are extremely professional/

Overall this was a very good experience. Any questions were answered, I was put at ease by the professionalism of everybody from the clinic as they are aware that people are nervous/ All facilities are of a very high standard and the clinic has a nice relaxed atmosphere/ I would highly recommend Clinicana for anybody considering a hair transplant.

Treated by: Mr Rawad Attar

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Ibrahim, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

Hi Guys,

I'm a 29 year old lad from England who decided take the plunge and do something about my hair after a good 7/8 years of enduring hair loss. Like many of you out there I hit a brick wall and decided to research hair transplant options quite heavily for the last 9 months online and luckily stumbled upon Clinicana as the clinics back in England were charging an arm and a leg for FUE procedures. Via I found Clinicana and the reviews and testimonials from other people given were first class on there and really helped me make that penultimate decision. So finally I decided to bite the bullet and schedule my HT procedure for the 27th October 2016. The service provided from pick up at airport to to hotel to hospital was second to none. People were really pleasant at Naz City hotel and Mr Mulham and good people of Clinicana did an excellent job in keeping a nervy me calm and collected throughout the whole 7 hour ordeal.

I had 4500 grafts done to cover my crown and improve my hairline and so far I am thoroughly pleased with how its coming along, Hopefully time will tell best and I have been advised that the final/full results could take anything up to 6/12 month. As many of you have stated before the most difficult part of the procedure is the administering of local anesthesia. The injections phase last for only 15 minutes out of the total 6/7 hours so its not a big deal but do brace yourself for it if you are not a needles kinda person. Like they say no pain no gain and I;m hoping the best is yet to come. I can't wait to buy that first tub of hair gel for down the line.

Finally I'd like to say that I would gladly recommend this place to anybody who is looking to get a HT done. Like I said Clinicana arrange everything from Accommodation/Procedure/ Free Transport from the minute to get of the plan to until you back on the aeroplane on your way home.....and all this for 1750GBP which frankly is unbeatable value when you compare it to some of the quote I got from Clinics back in the UK or the US per se which were in the region of 7-12K GBP for the amount of grafts I received. Anyways do not take my word for it fully as look at the many other reviews that speak for this place/ Good luck to all of you who are looking make the HT move and I wish you many a more follicles in the future!

BR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Francesco, Brazil
The Patient Said

I had hair transplant at Clinicana 2 days ago, I got 3500 grafts and got the covering they told me previously. I am really happy I decided to do it, the hospital is fantastic, 5 stars, and the staff gives you first class service. 100% satisfied. The value is really good, I already have many friends from all over the world waiting to see my results and of course I will recommend it to all of them.

I choosed Clinicana after I did a big research online, I checked all the reviews about many places but I was really impressed about the comments and the pictures, also after contacting many hospitals by phone, Mr. Mulham from Clinicana was the one who gave me the best feeling of professionality and security.
I am Italyan but live in Brazil, I came a very long way just to do it in Clinicana, and I am very happy I did it. I'd definitely recommend Clinicana to anyone who wants to do hair transplant, you will never go wrong and will have 100% satisfactory results. Great experience.

NO Patient opinions about the Clinic
Biniam, Norway
The Patient Said

I am surprised with the professionalism and the routines of the hospital/ Every step you get someone who doesn't want to make you feel lonely, They are very friendly. Every procedure is being told beforehand.
The treatment is generally ok. Although one has to expect a little bit sticking pain/ Well, as they say *no pain no gain*. The only thing I might wish to mention is that the nurses who pull out the grafts before the plant them again talk a bit too much with one another during the surgery. The mouth+bind shall cover both mouth & nose too!

All in all my experience with the clinicana hospital was top. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to take the treatment.
Special thanks to the Manager Dr. Mulham & the secretary Cian!!!

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
David, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I chose Clinicana based on positive online reviews, and also being able to speak on the phone to a couple of guys from the UK who had already visited.
I had FUE treatment for a receding hairline, a thinning crown. and a thin patch just in front of my left ear.
I'm now a year on since the treatment, and would happily recommend it to others.
It's definitely good value for money - you pay an agreed price for your treatment, regardless of the actual number of grafts that end up being required, whereas in the UK you have to pay per graft. The price for the hair transplant, hotels and flights came to about a fifth of what it would have cost me in the UK :)

I'm happy to concur with others that I was well looked after and treated professionally.
You've really got to be patient in waiting for your results, I'm afraid!
After the initial elation of seeing my new hairline just after the operation, there was quite a barren period between weeks 3-10, when the transplanted hair temporarily shed, and I was longing like crazy to see some new growth!
It did eventually start growing back at around week 10, but I had to wait till about 6-7 months down to line to feel like I was getting some kind of a result.

I definitely recommend taking a week off work after the operation - I wasn't really in pain, but my face was quite swollen and I ended up with a full on black eye, because of the anaesthetic. Plus, it takes about 10 days for the grafts to become fully secure, so if you get some kind of scrape during that time, you could potentially lose some.

Anyway, 1 year on I feel that it was definitely worth doing, and overall things have improved. In all honesty, there's some room for improvement - my trasnplanted hair is a little lacking in density and perhaps not fully up to speed yet, but there are many online comments about it taking anything up to 18 months to see a full result. Hopefully I'll return then to give a definitive review. I'm particularly pleased that Clinicana were willing to address the thin patch in front of my left ear - it had been that way for years, even before my main hairline started receding. As you can hopefully see from the photos, that has been a definite improvement.

FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction Before - Istanbul - FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction at Clinicana Esthetic & Hair Transplant CenterFUE - Follicular Unit Extraction After - Istanbul - FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction at Clinicana Esthetic & Hair Transplant CenterFUE - Follicular Unit Extraction Before - Istanbul - FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction at Clinicana Esthetic & Hair Transplant CenterFUE - Follicular Unit Extraction After - Istanbul - FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction at Clinicana Esthetic & Hair Transplant CenterFUE - Follicular Unit Extraction Before - Istanbul - FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction at Clinicana Esthetic & Hair Transplant CenterFUE - Follicular Unit Extraction After - Istanbul - FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction at Clinicana Esthetic & Hair Transplant Center

CA Patient opinions about the Clinic
Qamar, Canada
The Patient Said

I just finished my hair transplant here at Clinicana and let me share my honest experience as I travelled from Canada (Calgary) to Istanbul for this reason. My decision to chose this clinic was a worth of 3 months search and then made my decision to travel with a lot of hesitation, nervousness and ofcourse little discomfort but this Clinic truly amazed me with a lot of qualities

Super friendly environment, I yet to witness this type of Hospital in All over North America because this seems like a 5 star hotel, certainly someone have to see it to believe it.

There was certainly some injections pains but overall fully satisfied with care provided to me by these professional folks, I heard so many stories of fake transplants done at house or apartments but I must admit this Clinic is super professional and truly genuine.

Everything went as I planned before coming from Canada, and I am leaving with big smile on my face.

If I have to refer anyone to anywhere then this is the place to be for your hair transplant.

US Patient opinions about the Clinic
Al, United States
The Patient Said

I came in for hairline restoration after reading about all the positive reviews. I was not balding very much but my hairline was somewhat asymmetrical and I did have a growing widow\s peak.

I got a 1700 graft FUE transplant. The anesthetic injections to the back and front of my head were like being stung by a bee and they brought a couple of tears to my eyes. That painful episode lasted around 10 minutes broken in 2 sessions (back, then front) and there was no pain after that.

I will update this review after I see what the results of the treatment are in 6 months or so. That is the most important thing afterall. Until then, all I can vouch for is the way I was treated and the way I was treated was most excellent! Assuming the grafts take and the result is good, I would recommend this clinic in a heartbeat.

I was picked up at the airport and the clinic customer service was first class throughout. I was treated very well and I was even accommodated when I missed my early morning appointment I arrived at my hotel at 3 AM. 6 stars out of 5.

The hotel I picked (cheapest option. (naz city) is nice and very close to the clinic. The clinic is pretty and shiny and modern and in the middle of a shiny and modern hospital center. Nothing shady here. These are very nice facilities.

full disclosure. they gave me a laptop to write this review after my 2nd appointment when I got my hair washed so that explains the number of reviews. Its clever. I would have done the same if this were my clinic. However since everything I just said is true I don't mind.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Andrew, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I had fue he front of my head to replace a retreating hairline.
I am very happy with the result. I now have my original hair line.

All the staff were very friendly make you feel comfortable.
I would be very to recommend Clinicana to anyone.
Thank you.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Anonymous, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I went to Clinicana for a FUE treatment in October following 8 months of research and correspondence. The questions I raised with the team were answered in a prompt and enthusiastic manner/

Nothing could of prepared me for the begging of the operation. The anaesthetic was the worst pain I ever experienced so be warned/ following that though it was plain sailing, I couldn't feel a thing nd could only hear the incisions being made which was a little stomach turning but apart from that everything was great and the nurses were amazing with me, The Naz City Hotel is literally a stones throw away and they have a driver who takes you back and forth,

it is now three days following the operation, there is thank fully no pain however I do have a swollen face which I believe is normal, the hardest thing of this whole process is having to sleep on my back not moving this may sound trivial but after a major operartion been stuck in one position is difficult.

I was recommended Clinicana by a friend and can safely say already that I believe I made the right choice.

The linic is part of a major hospital group which you do not realise until you arrive, Facilities and the team here are all five stars, now lets hope it grows properly,

SA Patient opinions about the Clinic
abdullah, Saudi Arabia
The Patient Said

It was very good experience and very luxury hospital . I want to thank Clinicana team and also Dr rawad for everything .. it was excellent experience ... staring from the airport ....

Treated by: Mr Rawad Attar

TR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Anonymous, Turkey
The Patient Said

The hospital perfect and the team was perfect and everything for sure.. and the difference is this full buildind hospital not only clinic . and I wanted to thank dr rawad for all my questions and I want to thank clinicana team

Treated by: Mr Rawad Attar

TR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Arion, Turkey
The Patient Said

I had decided to take FUE Hair Transplant as a result of my frontal balding areas. FUE was more convinient as it was the highest rated one and had the quickest recovery time.

Clinicana has been one of the best experienced here in Istanbul. They have organized everything from airport pickup and up to the smallest details possible. The surgery went well, they have a very professional team that answers all questions in the best way possible.

I have had 3300 graphs transplanted. So far so good, very happy and awaiting for the new hair to grow.

One of the best things about Clinicana is the post op customer care they provide. In fact, they are available at anytime through Whatsapp or in person. It is simply amazing, and made me feel relieved as a patient just by the fact of knowing that they are there and they care!

Thank you so much to Doctor Eyad and Clinicana team! Keep up the impressive work

Treated by: Mr Eyad Attar