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Hair transplant Turkey reviews
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Hair transplant in Turkey: Reviews

When you think about getting a hair transplant in Turkey, reviews are very important just to get first hand information about how the whole process is and what results you can expect. We always recommend first to gather all the possible information about how a hair transplant is performed, how is the surgery procedure, its risks, its side effects, its results... so that you can make a proper decision and choose the best available option.

Therefore, it´s very important to know what patients that already have gone through this experience think about it and about the results they got. At Clinicana we use the latest techniques in hair transplant surgery to provide you with the best hair transplant in Turkey: that´s why we are always keen to share our patients’ opinions, as their testimonials are the best proof of why we are the best valued professionals when people think about having a hair transplant in Istanbul.

TR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Anonymous, Turkey
The Patient Said

I sought out Clinicana after doing much research and having a dear friend of mine have an operation months ago. From the very start, everything was very orderly, professional and hospitable. Hind was very caring as she took the time to answer every question and paid attention to every detail. The doctor and his assistant made me feel at home and very comfortable. Great people! I am more than pleased to have came to Clinicana for my treatment. The surgery itself was rather painless quick and very affordable. Everything about Clinicana was fantastic!

The hospital is five star! Very upscale and clean. Staff was super accommodating. Words can not describe how happy I was to come here. I was a bit skeptical at first coming from a different country and not knowing the region, culture or language. But, thanks to the Clinicana team I was very happy with all of this. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a successful FUE treatment.

BH Patient opinions about the Clinic
Shawgi, Bahrain
The Patient Said

Great FUE hair transplant.
Starting the first day of communication with the clinic all the way until I left with follow up questions , everything was just great.
Staff, Doctors, Nurses, all of them were very helpful. They speak many languages including English (something hard to find in turkey).
Treatment was excellent , you will feel pain during anesthesia which is normal but only for few minutes , other than that you will be wondering what shall i do for 5 hrs. I took a lunch break after 3 hrs then they continued, total time in the first day was only 6 hrs. of course transportation from-to hotel/clinic was arranged by them.
after surgery, i sat down with staff and they explained from A to Z what to do and they provided written instructions with language I prefer , also they gave me meds needed, and nick support for night sleep. not to mention answering questions needed, even after I went to the hotel they still answered my whats app after midnight.

at the same day after surgery you may feel stomach upset but that is normal , it wont last long make sure u have you good rest and sleep straight on your back ( probably this is the hard part for me)

I did my lotion wash early next day because I was leaving the country, I met them right on time, they gave me instructions again and gave me hat for rain and sun protection, they did the wash and explained to me how to be done with shampoo.

Arranged my airport drop with them.

All in all, I was happy with the clinic they are wonderful

Great Experience
Staff, doctors and nurses, and commercial communicating point were excellent, they speak many languages and good English. Even the driver who picked us up from the airport was good too.

They will answer your questions no matter what , they have patient and they trained well. They are professional and helpful.
I would recommend it for anyone who asks,

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Amer, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I had a good experience here at Clinicana. Its what you pay for. the injections were painful and it is a long process but I am hoping its worth it in the end. The aftercare staff were really good at explaining everything to me. The doctor was nice but wasn't really involved too much. Mainly the nurses which worried me at first. However they seemed to know what they were doing

The clinic is really clean. Everything seemed very advanced. Lets see what happens with my progress. But I would come here again

IL Patient opinions about the Clinic
yazan, Israel
The Patient Said

It was very good experience / excellent team / very good hospital they took care FOR all the details

If you want to do hair transplant just I'm advicing you to come over cliicana

SA Patient opinions about the Clinic
Mohamad, Saudi Arabia
The Patient Said

I did my hair transplant treatment at Clinicana and was very happy with the work they do. I was told that they will be able to extract 3000 follicle at my consultation but the team was able to get the maximum at 4700 what a nice surprise. The whole treatment took about 7 hours but it is definitely worth it with minimum to no pain during or after the treatment.

The staff were very nice and friendly. From the time you enter the clinic until the day you leave you will feel at ease. Very clean and modern clinic uses the latest technology in hair transplants. The staff speak many languages so there never is a language barrier. I would recommend this clinic to anyone thinking of doing a hair transplant treatment. Thank you for everything.

US Patient opinions about the Clinic
Sam, United States
The Patient Said

I had very good surgery with no pain at all /friendly staff

Overall was good

ES Patient opinions about the Clinic
Alejandro, Spain
The Patient Said

I did hair transplant because I wanted to repair my front part. I was asking in some other hospitals, but finally, I came to Clinicana. I am very happy with my decision and I would definitely recommend it to my friends. Actually, I will because a couple of them are waiting to see my results.

I chose Clinicana after big research, I looked at many other places and I finally decided Clinicana because I watched the video of Sandro Loez. I know him and he is famous in Spain. Also, I watched the video of Mr Rogelio. And after all that I thought I could trust and I contacted them. The impression when I arrived was I could trust, everything was very professional, the hospital is very modern and tidy.

TR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Anonymous, Turkey
The Patient Said

All the personal in the clinic is very kind and professional

I was looking for the best clinic and i choosed clinicana for all the detailed informationon in heir webpage everythig went just like they said since day one until i left the city it was a great experience and results

DE Patient opinions about the Clinic
Anup, Germany
The Patient Said

Hair Transplantation treatment at clinicana - Overall a good experience.

I just had my Hair Transplantation procedure on 21st of September.
Though I had already had treatment (FUT method) before in another clinic 4 years before, the results were not satisfying.
I was in dilemma whether to consider to undergo a treatment again, but after speaking to Mr. Mulham Attar, all my doubts were cleared and I was convinced that if I were ever want to go for a treatment it must be at Clinicana.

The procedure was completely painless (specially for me who has a phobia towards blood and needle). Only the part where they gave Local anesthesia was a little painful max. 5mins after that procedure was superb and absolutely painless.
The cost for the treatment was 2100 euros, as promised earlier, no additional costs whatsoever, including all the necessary medications and stay at 4* Hotel. I was promised 3000 to 3500 grafts earlier but eventually they implanted 3000grafts in my crown area. By the look of my head it was completely covered by grafts. I am really satisfied with the overall experience and would recommend Clinicana for a very good experience overall.

Last but not the least a special thanks to the Med.Supervisors Mr. Rawad, Manager Mr. Mulham and Ms.Hind for helping me throughout the process.

Treated by: Mr Rawad Attar

TR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Anonymous, Turkey
The Patient Said

My review of my entire treatment from Clinicana was an amazing experience and the service was totally outstanding. I felt so relaxed and comfortable throughout my time time with Clinicana and they made me feel so welcome at all times.The whole staff and facilites provided to me were out of this world!!! I would truely recommend Clinicana to the entire world needing hair transplantation.

The clinic facilities were truely amazing.They were very clean and in everything i seen and everything they used and did within my time here. The hospital is so good it looks like a 7 star hotel. A truely amazing clinic to have the procedure done from/

KW Patient opinions about the Clinic
Fahad, Kuwait
The Patient Said

They transplanted 3000 grafts in my frontal area and i saw the progress after 10 days for my hair line with good density..
i advise all my friends to come here..Clinicana is very professional with great quality..

They pick me up from the airport to the hospital for blood tests and timing was good..
i am so happy with everything..
Thank you all..

AE Patient opinions about the Clinic
Anonymous, United Arab Emirates
The Patient Said

So I had the FUE transplant operation this week and this is my experience and i will try to give details as much as possible. First i arrived at Turkey one day before my operation so that i can have a day to rest and kick out the jet lag. When i arrived at the airport gladly they provided a pickup from the airport. The driver was Syrian and was very friendly to talk with and i had a really nice chat with him about the city where to go and all. we had to make a quick stop in the hospital to make blood tests before i go to the hotel. The process of the blood tests was short and painless.

Arrived at the hotel (Naz City Hotel) checked in and frankly speaking I was astonished by the luxurious way the hotel looked like. The only drawback I want to mention is the staff at the hotel till this point were a little bit messy like for example, they didn't provide me with the info. To how to access the wifi, if there's a breakfast included and at what time is it. I kinda felt they're rushing through the procedures because of the frequently checked in patients. So I took a little rest then kicked off to check the beautiful city and it is quite pretty. I went to taksim square, a place called "sultanahmet" had lunch there and a couple of photos for memories and to post on instagram :).

Next day I was told to be there at 11 am so that we start the op. At that time. Gladly also the hotel is providing shuttle services to and from the hospital and to and from Taksim square also which is really nice (that also makes the process of finding an available shuttle at the time you want a little bit difficult because of the frequent patients staying at the hotel also). Arrived at the hospital met the lady I had speaking to on WhatsApp and she was really nice and friendly. After around an hour I went to the operation room where I'm going to have the transplant. First persons I met in the room were two ladies which I knew later are the nurses or medical technicians who will be doing the whole procedure. Let me stop here to say that at this level no one speaks to you any longer as the nice lady I met outdoors is gone and I went inside the operation room the two ladies who don't speak English at all. then the doctor came in to speak to me and I had a chat with him for around 30 seconds then he vanished from the room and let me alone with the Turkish ladies. At this moment I felt a little bit ignored. After that, we started the op.

First the shave your head then I figured out on my own that they will be taking the grafts at this moment from the back of my head which is a process took approx. 2 and a half hours. About the pain you will feel it for around 15 mins in the start then I just gets easier and all you should do is just lay steady there. Took a little break after that we discussed which areas are we going to plant the grafts in. So the ladies started working again and the doctor is gone again after another 30 seconds chat. Started planting the grafts in the front side of my head and the Turkish chatting is continued between the nurses for another 3 hours. Started at 12 pm I finished around 6:20 pm and then I took off as I was at this point quiet exhausted and wanted to rest.

Let's take another break here and say that till this moment no one told me how many grafts have we planted and what to expect from the OP. I took off to rest using the free shuttle service they provide back to the hotel. Spent the night a little bit rough as I had very noisy neighbours who kept me awake for a while even though I asked the receptionist to talk to them to lower their voice but after three times he told me there's nothing he can do. Anyways went to sleep and woke up the next day with some blood on the mattress and pillow and some pain and headache I took off again to the hospital to remove the bandage covering my donor area. It was short and painless and at this point, I knew that we successfully have planted 3500 grafts and hopefully it will look good after some recovery. We discussed the process of recovery and what to be done exactly after the procedure day by day and that was really nice. As I had to leave on that day back to my home country. Back to the hotel then took some rest then to the airport with the driver.

Overall i like the clinic. They have done a pretty good job and I can feel the results will be good. There's a little bit of ignoring once i stepped in the operation room and the hotel staff could be nicer and more organized but what really matters is what they mastered. Which is cleanliness of the hospital the hospital nurses who are clearly knowing what they're doing and the management staff who helped me through the process from the beginning. So i'm giving it a 4 star and hopefully the results are going to be satisfying. Will update this periodically with my haor condition every once in awhile. Thanks.

ES Patient opinions about the Clinic
Gustavo, Spain
The Patient Said

I did a hair transplant on the hairline and so far the result is good, I am happy to have taken this decision and I think the result will be very good. I'd definitely recommend this treatment to a friend, it is safe and coming here is not a big deal. They pick you up from the airport and all the time you have a car to take you to the hotel/hospital.

The clinic was impressive, is very new and tidy. The staff is very friendly and nice.
I chose Clinicana because of the budget and also because of the experience (they have many patients yearly) and of course the patients' evaluations. The hotel is also really good and has good quality.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Tom, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

I booked a beard transplant here at the clinic to fill gaps in my very patchy beard/stubble. it was excellent value.

I would highly recommend my experience here, the staff were knowledgeable and friendly.very professional.
I had 3000 grafts for an unbeatable price in a pristine clinic, I was looked after the moment i landed in the beautiful city of Istanbul, transfers all taken care of.
any pain i had/have is well managed and i can't compliment the service enough.

AE Patient opinions about the Clinic
Muhammad, United Arab Emirates
The Patient Said

I did FUE hair transplant from Clinicana and it was one of the best decisions. The process is simple, straightforward and result oriented.
A good followup and procedure makes the treatment smooth sailing

The clinic is very organised and well maintained. I would recommend this clinic to everyone and they are very helpful and genuine. Whatever they say on the phone is done precisely.

US Patient opinions about the Clinic
tom, United States
The Patient Said

I felt really uncomfortable but the Doctor came relaxed me and explained why it felt as though the nurse was rushing. In my opinion, its important for the patient to feel comfortable and I think the doctor should be in the operating room more often.
Besides that specific incident, I felt that I was at the right place because of the care that everyone was showing, from the Doctors, the nurses and the secretaries. Very nice people and professional.

My experience of the clinic was great, Professional, clean, high standard. Everyone is always willing to help and very concerned.

GB Patient opinions about the Clinic
Umre, United Kingdom
The Patient Said

This was no doubt the scariest thing I've ever done, but the nurses kept me calm and I was able to continue the procedure. I met other patients in the clinic and we shared our experiences which comforted me, as some of the patients had been here before.

The staff were very professional and kept me calm, they were very friendly and explained every thing. If you want hair this is the clinic to come to, but if your faint hearted the procedure is a bit painful so think wisely before proceeding.

TJ Patient opinions about the Clinic
Nazar, Tajikistan
The Patient Said

My name is Nazar, i had a problem with hair loss since 21 age old. I used a lot of things including the medical treatment but it doesn't had any good effect . In 2016 i went to a Turkey for the vacation and found hair transplantation clinic in Istanbul from the internet. It was very easy to find them because there office(clinic) is based in the new modern building in the center of Istanbul city. I met mr. Eyad Attar who explained in details to my about my situation and how can they help me. So i decided to the operation on next day.They made me transplantation more then 2700 grafts on my forehead.

After operation i felt my self good. The stuff was very professional and kind. Now i hope my hair grow up as soon as it possible !

Treated by: Nazar

FR Patient opinions about the Clinic
Remael, France
The Patient Said

The operation went perfectly well
all the team was ready and concentrate to be quick and top for optimise the result
everything was clear and proffesional
I am happy with this first experience and result

The team is young dinamique and very proffesional
the clinic is modern and very clean/ no worries
all the communications was clear with good addvices

No bad surprise . only good experience
I recommondate / i came from france

SA Patient opinions about the Clinic
Firras, Saudi Arabia
The Patient Said

i had the fue method treatment the procedure wasnt bad at all it is i think the best best method inorder for you to do a hair transplant surgery

i chose this clinic because a friend of mine told me about it and he told me it was one of the best hair transplant places in the country.once i arrived to the place i found the place very professional and clean. the people at the place were very nice and helpful i was very happy with the procedure and the hospitality